Marine Life

The Lunar sea

New tool to visualize marine life

Red tides not random, can be predicted

Exploring ecological marine units (EMUs)

Tiny sea creatures hold secrets to Earth's climate

One scientist's quest to scan every species of fish

Some fish quickly adapt to lethal levels of pollution

Complete skin regeneration system of fish unraveled

Observing life near the ocean's surface with satellites

Tiny marine shells reveal past patterns in ocean dynamics

A tiny swimmer generates rapid, far-reaching signals in water

Conserving marine diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction

From Darwin to the census of marine life: marine biology as big science

Solar powered sea slugs shed light on search for perpetual green energy

NASA, French space laser measures massive migration of ocean animals

New study brings us one step closer to understanding how tidal clocks tick

Navy gains a competitive edge with research into biological ocean swarms

Marine biodiversity and biogeography - regional comparisons of global Issues

Two ocean studies look at microscopic diversity and activity across entire planet   

Larval transport and dispersion in the coastal ocean and consequences for population connectivity

Global synopsis of large marine ecosystems and the open ocean science and transboundary management

New study sets oxygen-breathing limit for ocean's hardiest organisms 

Marine Life Census    Census Maps    UN (Analysis Report)    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Biogeography of Deep-Water Chemosynthetic Ecosystems - The ChEss Collection

Protecting international marine biodiversity : international treaties and national systems of marine protected areas

Conserving marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction: co-evolution and interaction with the law of the sea

Fish populations revealed through seawater analysis   Specialized life forms abound at Artic methane seeps

Integrated marine research for sustainable ocean development   

Billions of juvenile fish under the Arctic sea ice

Fish in schools can take it easy 

In the ocean, clever camouflage beats super sight

The role of nearshore ecosystems as fish and shellfish nurseries

Sea life 'facing major shock'   Sealife faces risk of large-scale extinctions

Weeds take over kelp in high CO2 oceans    Kelp forests under threat from acid seas

Multiple Ocean Stresses Threaten 'Globally Significant' Marine Extinction

Atom-by-atom growth chart for shells helps decode past climate

Gulls feasting on whales? In Argentina, yes    Whales are ecosystem engineers

Listening for whales and fish in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean   In search of whales

Keeping whales safe in sound    Western Gray Whale Report    Southern Right Whales

Fossils reveal origins of filter feeding in baleen whales

Dolphins can remember each other after 20 years of separation

The endling: watching a species vanish in real time

Whales have conscious control of their heart rate

New genetic research shark, human proteins stunningly similar

Sizing up giants uder the sea    True facts about the octopus     Octopus feeding and mating

Make like a squid and transform    Aciidifying oceans could spell trouble for squid

New study examines how ocean energy impacts life in the deep sea

Global study reveals new hotspots of fish biodiversity

Dinosaur-era crab fossil reveals new branch in the tree of life

Grand challenges in marine ecosytem ecology    The ocean's senstive skin

How fish won the oxygen war    Life-limiting nutrients    Ocean fish acquire more mercury at depth

Epic ocean voyages of coral larvae revealed    Rapid, long-distance dispersal by pumice rafting

Short circuit in the food web    Greenhouse gas likely altering ocean food chain

Stirred not mixed: how seawater turbulence affects marine food webs

The overlooked commotion of particle motion in the ocean

How small marine particles affect our climate

Seashells for sale: a new souurce of sustaiable biomaterials

Marine carbon sinking rates confirm importance of polar oceans

Migrating animals add new depth to how the ocean "breathes"    Feast or famine on the abyssal plain

A mile deep, ocean fish facing health impacts from human pollution

Life found in the sediments of an Antarctic subglacial lake for the first time

Arctic study shows key marine food web species at risk from increasing CO2

Tropical marine ecosystems most at threat from human impact

New gene catalog of ocean microbiome reveals surprises

New research offers insight into marine life's ability to adapt to climate change    

Warm water is mixing up life in the Arctic    Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats

Ocean heat content reveals secrets of fish migration behaviors

Suffering in the heat: the rise in marine heatwaves is harming ocean species    

Ocean oases: how islands support more sea-life    How seashells get their strength

Submarine canyons: hotspots of deep-sea benthic abundance and biodiversity

Motion, Commotion, and Biophysical Connections at Deep Ocean Seamounts

Barnacles explain life at the extremes    NASA discovers unprecedented bloom of ocean plant life

Seagrasses can store as much carbon as forests   

Marine algae can sense the rainbow    Algae to cope well in climate change

Why cryptophyte algae are really good at harvesting light

Ocean slime spreading quickly across the Earth    Underwater drones map ice algae in Antarctica        

Genetic maps of ocean algae show bacteria-like flexibility    Microorganisms duke it out within algal blooms

Newly discovered marine viruses offer glimpse into untapped biodiversity

Clear link found between warming climate and rise in ocean-borne bacteria illnesses

Iron-oxidising bacteria found on Mid-Atlantic Ridge    Ocean bacteria get 'pumped up'

Methane seeps of the deep sea: a bacteria feast for lithodid crabs     

Scientists find evidence of microscopic life scavenging for oxygen deep in oceanic crust   

Bacteria in the world's oceans produce millions of tonnes of hydrocarbons each year

Tiny ocean organism has big role in climate regulation    Big questions about tiny bacteria    

Newly discovered bacterial partnership changes ocean chemistry

New 13-year study tracks impact of changing climate on key marine food source

Ocean data shows 'climate dance' of plankton    Reading ancient climate from plankton shells

Rising water temperatures and acidification affect important plankton organism

First atlas of oceanic plankton    Ocean life triggers ice formation in clouds

Ocean acidification may cause drammatic changes to phytoplankton

Ocean acidification weighs heavily upon marine algae

Marine bacteria boost growth of tiny ocean algae

Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed

Proteomics method measures carbon uptake of marine microbes

Proteomics reveals ocean's inner workings

Variations in phytoplankton community structure

Phytoplankton like it hot: warming boosts biodiversity and photosynthesis in phytoplankton

Plankton network linked to ocean's biological carbon pump revealed

Turbulence causes swimming algae to congregate in dense patches

Tiny phytoplankton have big influence on climate change    Giant plankton gains long-due attention

A glimpse into the future composition of marine phytoplankton communities

Interactive effect of temperature and CO2 increase in Arctic phytoplankton

Ocean phytoplankton declines in Northern Hemisphere


Laser-guided herds of sea monkeys show how zooplankton migrations may affect global ocean currents

Octillions of microbes in the seas: ocean microbes show incredible genetic diversity

Coralline red algae have existde for 300 miion years longer than previously presumed

Deep biosphere harbors active, growing communities of microorganisms

Genetic survey sheds light on Ocean's lean, mean microbial machines

Closer look at microorganisms provides insight on carbon cycling

Oceanic microbes behave in synchrony across ocean basins

Professor discovers how microbes survive at bare minimum

Vast differences in polar ocean microbial  communities


Limits of microbial life in undersea volcanoes defined

Scientist discover nearly 200,000 kinds of ocean viruses

Small organisms could dramatically impact world's climate

Genetic switch lets marine diatoms do less work at higher CO2

Fueling a deep-sea ecosystem    

Streamlining a common survival strategy in marine microbes

Tiny sea creaturs are heading for extinction, and could take local fisheries with them

Grazing snails rule the waves     Tiny grazers play key role in marine ecosystem health

Carbon-sequestering ocean plants may cope with climate changes over the long run

Salmon fishing clashes with endangered gray whales

A global assessment of salmon acquaculture impacts on wild salmonids

Study confirms link between salmon migration and magnetic field

Warm blood makes opah an agile predator    The covert world of fish bioflouresence

Small fish can play a big role in the coastal carbon cycle    Baby fish 'steer by the sun'      

Sea star wasting disease likely caused by virus    Cetacean stranding

Scientists peek into hidden sea worm's light    

Hidden among sea anenomes: the first comprehensive phylogenic reconstruction of the Order Actiniaria reveals a novel group of hexacorals

Global trends show seabird populations dropped 70% since 1950s 

Climate 'causing huge changes in ocean life'

Marine reserves enhance resilience to climate change

Global cooling as a significant as global warming    Profiting from climate change

Global investigation reveals true scale of ocean warming    Acid trap

Jurassic records warn of risk to marine life from global warming

Troubled waters: the future of global fisheries   Untold fish catches revealed

A war without end - with Earth's carbon cycle held in the balance

Uncovering the secret world of the plastisphere     Living cables explain enigmatic electric currents  

Brain-wide mapping of neural activity controlling zebrafish exploratory locomotion       

Assessing impact of noise from offshore wind farm construction may help protect marine mammals   

Jellyfish 101    Massive Outbreak of Jellyfish Couls Spell Trouble for Fisheries   Jellyfish Gone Wild! 

Ocean chemistry:

Deep ocean carbon sinks

The ocean's living carbon pumps

The silicon cycle impacted by past ice sheets

Miigrating animals' pee affects ocean chemistry

Researchers study vast carbon residue of ocean life

Algae-killing viruses spur nutrient recycling in oceans

Flowing electrons help ocean microbes gulp methane

Study offers solution to Ice Age ocean chemistry puzzle

Ice sheets of the last ice age seeded the ocean with silica

Could the humble sea urchin hold the key to carbon capture?

Manganese nodules as breeding ground for deep-sea octopuses

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading

Study shows iron from melting ice sheets may help buffer global warming

Marine nitrogen fixers mediate a low latitude pathway for atmospheric CO2 drawdown

Evolutionary issues:

The far-future ocean:  warm yet oxygen-rich

Study reveals patterns in globally important algae

Life in earth's priordial sea was starved for sulphate

Mass extinction led to many new species of bony fish

Scientists reveal why life got big in the Earth's early oceans

How Jurassic plankton stole control of the ocean's chemistry

The end-Cretaceous extinction unleashed modern shark diversity

Oxygen-starved oceans held back life's recovery after the 'Great Dying'

A new theory emerges for where some fish became four-limbed creatures

Chalking up a marine blooming algae: genome fills a gap in the tree of life

Fossils help identify marine life that may be at high risk of extinction today

Ocean biology experienced dramatic evolutionary shift 170 million years ago

Blind cavefish offer evidence for alternative mechanism of evoluionary change


Project GLoBAL: India - West Indian Ocean

Urgent need to study the impacts of biomass burning and haze on marine ecosystems in SE Asia

The Discovery of New Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Communities in the Southern Ocean and Implications for Biogeography

Major shift in marine life in the Southern Ocean occurred 33 million years later

Sustainable management of krill resources in the Southern Ocean

Marine plankton brighten clouds over Southern Ocean 

Australia: Take a bite at the Bight - and its deep ocean ecosystem

Australia's vast kelp forests devastated by marine heatwave

Twenty new freshwater fish species uncovered in the Kimberley

Sydney: fish only a mother could love

US West Coast study emphasizes challenges faced by marine organisms exposed to global change

Shallow-water corals in Florida are not related to their deep-water counterpart

Tracking sargassum's ocean path could helppredict ocean inundation events 

Study outlines threat of ocean acidification to coastal communities in the US

Sea change: oysters dying as US Pacific NW coast is hit hard

Researchers wire the kelp forests off California coasts

The ecological costs of removing California's offshore oil rigs

Northeast Shelf record high SST

Coccolithophoro distributions of the North and South Atlantic Ocean

Conservation Status of the Marine Fishes of the Mediterranean Sea

Great white sharks in Mediterranean made 'wrong turn'

Comparing reconstructed past variations and future projections of the Baltic Sea ecosystem - first results from multi-model ensemble simulations

Salt stratification determines the fate of fish stocks in the Baltic Sea