A time lapse world map of every Covid-19 death 

- World Health Organization

- UN Covid-19 Data Hub

- John Hopkins University

- Worldometer

- Germ Tracker

- NASA's Earth Observing Dashboard

- Coronavirus Government Response Tracker

- Dashboards, GIS, Covid-19 and the UN SDGs

History of pandemics:

Virologist Professor John Oxford charts the spread and impact of the 1918-19 flu Episode 1     Episode 2

Mario Possamia speaks with Michael McKay regarding OSHA experiences with SARS 2002/3

Summary of pandemics, and are we ready for the next pandemic? (Peter Piot KCMG 2018)

She discovered coronaviruses decades ago - but got little recognition

What is a virus? First of six virology lectures at Columbia University

How scientists could stop the next pandemic before it starts

Escaping Pandora's Box - another novel coronavirus

Geographic perspective on infectious disease

Pandemic 1: the first modern pandemic

Another decade, another coronavirus

On the hunt for the next deadly virus

Visualizing the history of pandemics

536 AD the worst year in history

Animals, humans, disease

How pandemics end

Origins of Covid-19:

Viruses explained in 9 images

Why do bats have so many viruses?

Patient zero: why it's such a toxic term

The animal origins of coronavirus and flu

Wuhan: the beginning of coronavirus Covid-19

A novel coronavirus from patients with pneumonia in China, 2019

A novel coronavirus emerging in China - key questions for impact assessment

Wuhan coronavirus hunter Shi Zhengli speaks out    Her reply to Science magazine

Early transmission dynamics in Wuhan, China, of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus as an agent of emerging and reemerging infection

Spike mutation pipeline reveals the emergence of a more transmissible form of SARS-CoV-2 

From trafficking in endangered species to a worldwide pandemic, the roots of Covid-19

SARS-CoV-2 looks like a hybrid of viruses from two different species

Did a mink just give the coronavirus to a human in The Netherlands?

Natural history of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection

Mathematics & Modelling of pandemics and Covid-19:

The effect of travel restrictions on the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to 'flatten the curve'

Breaking down Covid-19 models - limitations and the promise of machine learning

Feasibility of controlling Covid-19 outbreaks by isolation of cases and contacts

Supercomputer modeling shows how Covid-19 spreads through populations

The effect of larrge-scale anti-contagion policies on the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 restrictions should be eased gradually, researchers recommend

Researchers study how transport model could help predict virus spread 

On the fallibility of simulation models in informing pandemic responses

A discussion of exponential growth and how to visualise it

Covid-19 pandemiic modeling is fraught with uncertainties

How to understand - and report - figures for 'Covid death'

Coming to grips with Covid-19 's data quality challenge 

Perspectives on herd immunity - Prof Knut Wittkowski

Covid-19 has a data governance problem

Modeling the spreading risk of Covid-19

A race against time to model Covid-19

Can we predict who will get Covid-19?

The infection tree of global epidemics

Exponential growth and epidemics

Flattening the coronavirus curve

Modelling the pandemic

Simulating an epidemic

Breaking the wave

Free software

Detection of Covid-19:

A new app can help detect the coronavirus

Lost sense of smell may be peculiar clue to infection

Scalable and robust SARS-C0V-2 testing in an academic center

JRC develops new control material for more accurate Covid-19 testing

The computer algorithm that was among the first to detect the coronavirus outbreak

Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus

Covid-19 risk assessment tool: dual application of risk communication and risk governance

Initial impacts of global risk mitigation measures taken during the combatting of the Covid-19 pandemic 

SARS-CoVid-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of Covid-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls 

Covid-19 Symptoms:

Inside the body, the coronavirus is even more sinister than scientists had realized

Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms

The coronavirus is new, but your immune system might still recognize it

Many Covid-19 patients lost their sense of smell - will they get it back?

Dozens more cases of neurological problems in Covid-19 reported

Why Covid-19's weirdest symptoms are only just emerging now

The global phophorylation landscape of SARS-CoV-2 infection

A list of good news and bad news about the coronavirus

Mini organs reveal how the coronavirus ravage the body

Why do asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 ever happen?

Sewerage could be early warning system for Covid-19

How long does the coronavirus last inside the body?

The emerging spectrum of Covid-19 neurology 

Neuropathological features of Covid-19

How Covid-19 can damage the brain

Can you catch the coronavirus twice?

Contact Tracing apps:

Introducing contact tracing

Coronavirus: is mass surveillance here to stay?

Covid-19 contact tracing apps attracting hackers

Contact tracing for Covid-19 will be the most complex health investigation ever

Contact tracing apps - a framework for evaluating the various options and legal concerns

Covid-19 Therapeutics:

Structural basis for potent neutralization of betacoronaviruses by single-domain camelid antibodies

Treatment with interferon-a2b speeds up recovery of Covid-19 patients in exploratory study

Neutralizing nanobodies bind SARS-CoV-2 spike RBD and block interaction with ACE2 

Meet Winter, the 4-year-old llama whose blood may hold a treatment for  Covid-19

The chloroquine chronicles: a history of the drug that conquered the world

Observational study of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized Covid-19 patients

The urgency of care during the Covid-19 pandemic - learning as we go

What you should know about experimental therapies for coronavirus

Regenerating the body's healing mechanisms for Covid-19 patients

'Breakthrough' treatment slashes cooronavirus death risk 

AI uncovers a potential treatment for Covid-19 patients

Audiio: Capitalizing on immune resonses to Covid-19

Can interferons stop Covid-19 before it takes hold?

Audio: Studying potential Covid-19 therapies

Blood stagnation "the silent killer"    Slides

The tree that changeds the world map

Covid-19 Rx: treatment simulations

Coronavirus good news

Severe Covid-19

Hospital resources - Ventilators, PPE, etc:

Western 'science' on mask wearing

Saving your health, one mask at a time

The race to build coronavirus ventilators

To use a ventilator, or not - Stewart Brand, 81

Covid-19  could be starving patients of oxygen

What face masks actually do against coronavirus

As virus advances, doctors rethink rush to ventilate

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Covid-19

Personal Protective Equipment and Covid-19 feedback 

Nonmedical masks reduce aerosols spread by coughing

Which mmasks work best? Coughing and sneezing filmed

Localized models give hospitals flexibility in Covid-19 response

Covid-19 Vaccines:

How close is a Covid-19 vaccine?

Developing Covid-19 vaccines at pandemic speed

The people with hidden immunity against Covid-19

Coronavirus maynever go away, even with a vaccine

Oxford vaccine is safe and induces immune response

Here's how we'll know when a Covid-19 vaccine is ready

Why a coronavirus vaccine could take longer than a year

Why antibodies may not be the key to beating coronavirus

Chinese firms uses workers to 'pre-test' vaccine in global race 

Why those most at risk of Covd-19 are least likely to respond to a vaccine

Rapid decay of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 anti-bodies in persons with mild Covid-19

Can an effective SARS-CoV-2 vaccine be developed for the older population

We'll have a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of the year, says EU research chief

Oxford vaccine enters final phase of Covid-19 trials. Here's what happens now

Thailand races to create a Covid vaccine, eyes possible medical tourism boost

From Oxford to an Italian lab, one race for corona vaccine virus is gaining backers

Horseshoe crab blood is key to making a Covid-19 vaccine - but the ecosystem may suffer 

Here are the Covid-19 vaccine prospects that have made it to phase three trials and beyond

The inside story of the Oxford vs Imperial race to develop the world's first coronavirus vaccine

Risk, uncertainty and fear of failure: why scientists aren't celebrating a coronavirus vaccine yet

Accelerating development of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines - the role for controlled human infection models

Covid-19 in the aging population, and possible newly emerging conditions:

Covid-19 risks and age

New-onset diabetes in Covid-19

Covid-19 and immunity in aging populations - a new research agenda

The unique toll of Covid-19 on children and adolescents:

Why children are not immune to Covid-19

Here's what Covid-19 does t a child's body

A Covid-19 related syndrome in children and adolescents

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in US children and adolescents

Childhood Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome - a new challenge in the pandemic

Covid-19 in pregnancy:

Covid-19 outbreak and decreased hopitalisation of pregnant women in labour

Covid-19 in pregnancy (PregCoV-19LSR)

Confused by Covid-19 research?

The toll of Covid-19 on patients without Covid-19:

The untold toll - the panemic's effects on patients without Covid-19

Practical advice:

How to obtain a nasopharyngeal swab specimen

Gargling for coronavirus? What science can tell us

Here's the best way to clean your face mask

Universal masking in the Covid-19 era

5 tips for safely reopening our office

Know your riisk dduring Covid-19

Something practical

Virus transmission through breathing, coughs, sneezes & pets:

Reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Why this coronavirus is not cause for alarm

This 3D simulation shows why social-distancing is so important

Transmission of Covid-19 through microdroplets when speaking

Scientists say WHO ignores the risk that coronavirus floats in air as aerosol

What is the aerodynamical equivalent for running of 1.5m social distancing for walking?

The science of airborne viruses: how particles move and what you can do to protect yourself

Mechanistic transmission modeling of Covid-19 on the Diamond Princess demostrates aerosol transmission

Visualizing the effectiveness of face masks in obstructing respiratory jets

Aerodynamic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 in two Wuhan hospitals

Will we all need to wear facemasks against Covid-19?

Transmission of Covid-19 in domestic cats

Surfaces likely to carry coronaviruses:

Researchers rush to capture human interactions with 3D data on surfaces likely to carry Covid-19 

Human coronavirus 229E remains infectious on common touch surface materials

Self-cleaning anti-viral handrails and door knobs are coming to kill Covid-19

Covid-19 lockdown and its effects on CO2 emissions & air pollution:

Air pollution can worsen the death rate from Covid-19

Exposure to air pollution and Covid-19 mortality in the US

CO2 emissions responded rapidly to coronavirus measures

Blue-sky thinking: how cities can keep air clean after coronavirus

Incidents of Covid-19 and connections with air pollution exposure

Reduction in air pollution and attributable mortality due to Covid-19 lockdown

The world is on lockdown, so where are athe carbon emissions coming from? 

Other links between Covid-19 and Nature, environment & ecology:

The coronavirus is never going away

How will Covid-19 change our cities?

Global green recovery: what it requires

Covid-19: losing battles or winning the war? 

Why Covid-19 will end up harming the environment

Covid-19 and climate change: the planet's twin crises

The role of climate in in Covid-19 mitigation strategies

From Covid-19 crisis comes opportunity to rethink risk

US states warn that the virus may doom climate projects

'Promiscuous treatment of nature' will lead to more pandemics

Testing for the coronavirus in sea spray near the US-Mexican border

Earth Day in a time of pandemic: our planet as a missing stakeholder 

Coronavirus global slowdown is cleaning the skies. How long will it last?

Nature's dangerous decline 'unprecedented'; species extinction rates 'accelerating'

Why nations must prepare for natural disasters amid the current Covid-19 pandemic

Looking for another perspective on the Covid-19 pandemic? Earth science might help

Global quieting of high-frequency seismic noise due to Covid-19 pandemic lockdown measures

A multi-hazard earth science perspective on the pandemic: potential for concurrent & cascading crises 

Covid-19 measures to save lives, protect livlihoods, safeguard nature, reduce risk of future pandemics

Global platforms to improve detection & response to future pandemics:

The injustice of Covid-19: we need a moral constitution for our planet's health

Make science evolve into One Health approach to improve health and security

Integration mechanisms in human and animal health surveillance systems wrt global heath security threats

The post-pandemic world:

The pandemic depression

The coming post-Covid anarchy

The Great Transformation begins 

Covd-19 will reshape globalisation

The future of travel after the coronavirus pandemic

Welcome to the muti-speed world of regional disparities

Research efforts to defeat Covid-19: 

Here's what the Nobel Prize winner for medicine has to say about the Covid-19 pandemic

Genome-wide association and HLA region fine-mapping studies identify susceptibility loci for infections

Global in reach, local in practice: the mixed picture on Covid-19 research collaboration

Comparative ranking of global research funding for Covid-19, as of May 2020 

Open source repository for Covid-19 drug-delievry simulation data launched

Lab-grown airway cells: breathing new life into respiratory disease research

Research illuminates the behavioral chasm between SARS and Covid-19

Launch of the billion molecules against Covid-19 JEDI Grand Challenge

Biodiversity research and the impacts of a global pandemic response

Natural medicine and supercompuuting team up to combat Covid-19

How a 2018 BBC documentary helped advance Covid-19 research

NIH launches massive initiative for Covid-19 patient data analytics

Health and economic crisis threaten Arab funding for research

Can AI spedd up the hunt for Covid-19 research results?

World's physics instruments turn their focus to Covid-19

How AI is accelerating drug development for Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic leads to flood of 'useless' science

US DoE's virtual national lab to counter coronavirus

Supercomputers delve into Covid-19 spike protein

Covid-19 research goes public through new portal

R&D response to Covid-19 pandemic

XSEDE Covid-19 HPC consortium

It takes a world to end a pandemic

EU launches new 122m Euro corona virus funding call

EU Coronavirus R&D gateway

EPFL call for collaboration


GEO community response to Covid-19

The New England Journal of Medicine

The Lancet Covid-19 Resource Centre

Frontiers Covid-19 Knowledge Hub

Coronavirus Resource Hub

Covid-19 intelligent insight

National Geographics

Geospatial World


Covid-19 and Education:

The Covid-19 outbreak is also an education crisis

Universities prepare for the new post-pandemic world

Can Covid catalyze a transformation in graduate medical education?

Covid-19 and ethics:

A cure at what cost?

Pandemic threatens the world's poor, compunding their misery


All epidemiology is local

The pandemic and political order

Covid-19 regional safety assesment

McKinsey facts & figures re Covid-19

Which countries do best in beating Covid-19?

Why most Cvid-19 deaths won't be from the virus

How to measure your nation's response to  coronavirus

Strategic preparedness and response plan to the coronavirus

Top 10 changes to the business world caused by coronavirus

Emergency legislation and measures around the world for Covid-19

A pandemic primer on excess mortality statistics and their comparability across countries

Covid-19: rethinking risk - a commentary on the following global, regional, national models

Greater risk of severe Covid-19 in Black, Asian and Minority ethnic populations is not yet explainable 

Global, regional, national estimate of increased risk for severe Covid-19 due to underlying health conditions


China finds heavy coronavirus traces in seafood, meat sections of Beijing food market

The experiences of health-care providers during the Covid-19 crisis in China: a qualitative study

Air pollution reduction and mortality benefit during the Covid-19 outbreak in China

Four fifths of Covid-19 cases are asymptomatic: China figures indicate

Clinical features of 85 fatal cases of Covid-19 from Wuhan

Time to spatialise epidemiology in China


RIKEN researchers start imagining a post-Covid future

Aboard the Diamond Princess, a case study in aerosol transmission 

South Korea:

How South Korea prevented a coronavirus disaster - and why the battle isn't over

Local government's response to Covid-19 in Korea

Research in the time of pandemic - S.Korea


A look inside Thailand, which prevented cooronavirus from gaining a foothold

Thailand and the pandemic: lessons in containment


Vietnam's success in containing Covid-19 offers roadmap for other developing countries


Response to Covid-19 - Pune, India

Response to Covid-19 - Karnataka, India

Air pollution drrops in India following lockdown

India's pandemic lockdown turns into a human tragedy

Contectualising geographical vulnerability to Covid-19 in India

India has more then one million coronavirus cases - how did it get there?

The Covid-19 toll in India: displaced workers, falling wages, disappearing jobs

A vulnerability index for management and response to the Covid-19 epidemic in India: an ecological study 


The potential impact of Covid-19 in refugee camps in Bangladesh and beyond

Middle East:

Covid-19 response in the ME and north Africa: challenges and path forward


Limiting the spread of Covid-19 in Africa: one size mitigation strategies do not fit all countries

Leveraging Africa's preparedness towards the next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic

Can Nigeria contain the Covid-19 outbreak using lessones from previous epidemics?

Covid-19 preparedness in Malawi: a national facilities-based critical care assessment

Africa Covid-19 Community Vulnerability Index

The South Africa response to the pandemic


Coronavirus is killing the Dutch mink industry

Science advice cannot solve political dilemmas

European Mortality Monitoring Project (EuroMoMo)

Spain: catalonia locks down area of 210,000 people

Research to get more money in a revised EU budget

Air pollution remains low as Europeans stay at home

Europe split over approach to virus contact tracing apps

Review of State sponsored help for European companies

Why Germany's low Covid-19 death rate might be a mirage

What's the Covid-19 reentry plan? Europe's trcky road ahead

A surge in coronavirus cases jolts France after aquiet summer

France has won the R-nmber battle, but the Covid battle rages on

It's better to admit 'I don't know' than to speculate during a pandemic

The epidemiologist  behind Sweden's controversial coronavirus decision

Why is Germany able to test for coronavirus so much more than the UK? 

Pandemic boosts progress in digitising and sharing health research data

How Angela Merkel's science background gives her an edge against coronavirus in Germany 


UK - a sustainable exit strategy

UK suffers second-highest death rate from coronavirus

Lockdown a week earlier could have 'halved UK death toll'

UK Govt launches 1B GBP package to rescue tech start-ups

Scientists criticise UK government's  'following the science' claim

Growing evidence that minority ethnic groups in England may be at higher risk of Covid-19

Virologist Prof John Oxford Pandemic charts the spread and impact of the 1918-19 flu in the UK


Iceland reopens with confidence


Switzerland's response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19: is the Swiss government engaged in false news and not doing its job?


Characterstics of persons who died with Covid-19 .... US February 15th - May 18th, 2020 

Seattle: Early detection of Covid-19 through a citywide pandemic surveillance platform

Why the US still doesn't have control of Covid-19, 6 months after pandemic began

Estimating the infection fatality risk of Covid-19 in NYC, March 1-May 16, 2020

The growth rate of coronavirus cases in the US by state peak date, visualized

Hidden outbreaks spread through US cities far earlier than Americans knew

July 17, 2020: Where in the US coronavirus cases are growing & declining

America's face-mask culture is changing. And their meaning changes too

Army Corps uses maps and models to create surge hospital capacity

Trump administration strips the C.D.C. of control of coronavirus data

Multi-ystem Inflammatory Syndrome in US children and adolescents

Former Stanford President Donald Kennedy dies at 88 of Covid-19

The regional distribution of Covid-19 cases in the US, visualized

What 5 US coronavirus models say the next month will look like

Where coronavirus cases are growing and declining in the US

What the coronavirus models can't see about the US reality

US National Coronavirus response: a roadmap to reopening

The tragic data gap undermining the US pandemic response

Covid-19: Tempe tests wastewater to provide early warnings

The pandemic could actually strengthen the US food system

Where cases are growing and declining as of July 4, 2020

Covid-19 testing solutions group - Rockefeller Foundation

How scientists know Covid-19 is way deadlier than the flu

Modeling of Covid-19 epidemic in the USA with GLEAM

Model ouputs from GLEAM for the USA as of 15 April

US CDC Covid-19 pandemic planning scenarios

America should prepare for a double pandemic

Understanding social distancing in America

New model shows peak for each US state

Here's how to stop the virus from winning

Authorative map of Covid-19 testing sites

Tracking economic impact of Covid-19

Projections of US impact of Covid-19

Coronavirus and the Navajo nation

US cause of death daily histagram

CDC Covid-19 forecasts

An incalculable loss

Cuba & Uruguay:

How Cuba & Uruguay are quashing coronavirus as neighbours struggle


Mario Possamia speaks with Michael McKay regarding OSHA experiences with SARS 2002/3


100 days of the coronavirus

Suppressing the epidemic  in NSW

The one  Covid-19 number to watch 

How Australia got on top of Covid-19

Charting the Covid-19 spread in Australia

How did Australia flatten its coronavirus curve?

The Covid-19 economic crisis is accelerating the demise of fossil fuels

How Australia can build a green economy from the Covid-19 wreckage

The calculus of death shows the Covid lockdown is clearly worth the cost

Sweden vs Australia's hard lockdown policy

New Zealand:

NZ has 'effectively eliminated' coronavirus. Here's what they did right