Systems Thinking, Holistic Initiatives, Environmental Regeneration

Participatory modelling is of benefit to all. In particular, developments of the environment ideally should be debated, discussed and disseminated to the affected population well ahead of execution    

UNISDR call for action and integration of efforts

Tackling society's big problems with systems theory

Thinking beyond sectors for sustainable development

Making space for science-humanitarian policy dialogue

Nature-based solutions to  address global societal challenges

World's largest climate research site pilots integrated modeling    

Navigating social-ecological systems: building resilience for complexity and change

Instituting Integration: an integrated management approach to surface water, groundwater and river flows

A framework for a new generation of socioeconomic scenarios for climate change impact, adaptation, vulnerability, and mitigation research

Conditions for survival: global warming - response to a creeping crisis

Environment and Development Initiatives: the imperative to act

The case for a digital ecosystem for the environment

The count - up to 2052: an overarching framework for action

Planetary regeneration

UNFCCC Technology Roadmaps re Climate Change

SDGs, DDR and CCA: potential for strengthening linkages

Towards a 'solar-energy - based solar energy based society' full of vibrant life

Tools for culture design: toward a science of social change

Famous theory of the living Earth upgraded to 'Gaia 2.0'

Sustainable development and planetary boundaries

Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology

The new working program for the Club of Rome

ICSU Strategic Plan II, 2012-2017     ICSU Annual Report 2013    

Creating a research agenda for the ecological implications of synthetic biology

Achieving higher value chain efficiency through product life cycle analytics    

What's the carbon footprint om my favorite product?    Vertical integration

Omega Global Initiative Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Future Earth    Future Earth strategic research agenda 2014    ISDE Vision 2020     

The US National Global Change Research Plan    EarthCube

US scientists back 'significant broadening' of climate research amid tight budgets

DoE: IMPACTS: On the threshold of abrupt climate changes 

Baby X - spatial cognitive journeys into a child's mind   

ESCAP: the Asia-Pacific adopts a 5-year plan of action for the application of space technology for disaster risk reduction and sustainable development

Infrastucture Strategy for the European Earth System Modelling Community 2012-2022   

Europe is in need of a "RESCUE" revolution    Earth System Science Partnership  

Europe: FuturICT Flagship Proposal      NZ: weather teams wasting resources

New institute will advance the interdisciplinary study of networks

Schwarzenegger calls for 'Hip, Sexy' environmentalism 

XSEAD: a community platform for art-science integration

On the interface of creativity at the edge of a dream

Mark Anderson: the future of the world

Frontiers in Earth System Science