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Natural disasters since 1900: over 8 million deaths and 7 trillion USD damage

The WEF Gobal  Risks Report 2020

The role of insurance after disaster strikes

Businesses step up for disaster preparedness

Averting a collision course with climate change

Costs of natural disasters are increasing at the high end

Reducing the fiscal and economic impact of disasters    Covering the cost of natural devastation

Towards disaster-risk sensitive investments: the disaster risk-integrated operational risk model

New insurance solutions to protect states particularly vulnerable to climate

Insurance industry taking action in addressing climate change ,although external hurdles remain

Climate change and the insurance industry: taking action as risk managers and investors   

Pipeline of investable opportunities and sufficient data needed to scale up green investments 

The stakeholder landscape in extreme events and climate risk management

An integrated approach to managing extreme events and climate risks

Not a silver bullet - is insurance a distraction from real solutions

Disaster risk finance analytics    Disaster risk financing

Climate insurance and water-related DRM 

Developing new insurance risk products

Why all development finance should be risk-informed

G7 InsuResilience for more resilient societies

Megacities: pushing the  boundaries of the insurance industry 

The stakeholder landscape in extreme events and climate risk management

Financial instruments for managing disaster risks related to climate change

Defining loss and damage: the science and politics around one of the most contested issues within UNFCCC

Risk modeling for appraising named peril index insurance products   

Global risk landscape   Under insurance of property risks: closing the gap

Dull Disasters? How planning ahead will make a difference

New partnerships between the public and private sectors to finance disaster risks

Building community cyclone resilience academic and insurance industry partnership

A comparative review of country-level and regional disaster loss and damage databases

Loss and damage to communities, despite coping and adaptation: evidence from the front lines of climate change

Environmental, social and governance factors in country risk management - a new horizon

DRR and international catastrophe risk insurance facility    Global reinsurance: strengthening DRR

Forestry insurance: a largely untapped potential    Risk insurance and adaptation: managing urban risk

Using probabilistic models to appraise and decide on sovereign disaster risk financing and insurance 

Developing an institutional framework to address loss and damage    Counting the cost of calamities

Disaster microinsurance: an innovation for transformation    Resilience and risk financing mechanisms

New guidance for policymakers on supporting farmers through satellite-based crop insurance

A calculated risk: how donors should engage with risk financing and transfer mechanisms

Building disaster-resilient communities and economies     The rise of interconnected risks

Harnessing the full potential of the insurance industry in disaster risk management

Insurance industry will respond with new tools to growing disaster risk

Insurers' contribution to disaster reduction - a series of case studies 

Effectiveness of insurance for DRR and climate change: challenges and opportunities   

Climate change challenges insurance sector    Loss and damage: climate reality on the 21st century

Traditional approaches 'increasingly fail' insurance industry in time of climate change

Insurance industry paying increasing attention to climate change

'It's important to look at the broader picture' of climate change

Weather-related loss and damage rising as climate warms

Insurance gains clout as climate change solution for the poor

Tropical Cyclones to Cause Greater Damage

Sustainable infrastructure - weathering the storms (Marsh)

Warming of the oceans and implications for the (re)insurance industry

Financial protection against natural disasters    The financial management of flood risk

FM Global Resilience Index    FM insurance testing video    The FM Global Research Campus

Global risk investment may RISE with UN Willis-backed initiative

Geneva Association calls on governments to act on disaster risks

Guy Carpenter microinsurance facilities   Lloyds global underinsurance report 

Lloyd's City Risk Index shows $4.6 trillion GDP is at risk across 301 cities

Annual Disaster Reports & Statistics:

Aon: Weather, climate & catastrophe insight  2020 

Munich Re tropical cyclones causing billions in losses dominate nat cat picture of 2019

Munich Re natural catastrophes in the first half of 2019    Relevant loss events worldwide Jan-June 2019

Disaster 2018: year in review

Counting the cost: 2018 a year of climate breakdown    AON weather, climate & catastrophe insight 2018

Munich Re: the natural disasters in 2018    Loss map 2018 worldwide    2018 natural catastrophes in $

Munich Re: Fewer severe natural disasters in tthe first half of 2018: overall losses below average

Allianz Risk Barometer 2018    The WEF Global Risks Report 2018

Natural disasters 2017: lower mortality, higher cost

Swiss Re: Global insured losses from disaster events in 2017 were the highest ever

Weather, climate and catastrophe insight - 2017 Annual Report Aon Benfield

Natural disasters over the first semester of 2017

Swiss Re: Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2016

Aon: 2016 Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report

Munich Re: Natural catastrophes 2016 

Munich Re: El Nino curbs losses from natural catastrophes in 2015

Munich Re: Natural catastrophes 2015 - analyses, assessments, positions

Aon: Global catastrophe recap - January 2016    World Disasters Report 2015

Disasters in Asia and the Pacific: 2015 in review    2015 Disasters in Numbers

Swiss Re: Natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2015: Asia suffers substantial losses     

2014 annual global climate and catstrophe report    Disasters in Asia and the Pacific: 2014 year in review

Ceres: 2014 US insurer climate risk disclosure survey report and scorecard

Preliminary sigma estimates: global disaster events cost insurers $34B in 2014

2014 Natural Hazards Risk Atlas    Zurich: Xaver tested flood defences severely

Comapratively few major natural catastrophe losses in first half-year 2014     Swiss Re H1 2014

Maplesoft: climate change and lack of food security multiply risk of conflict and civil unrest in 32 countries

Munich RE: review of natural catastrophes in 2014 - lower losses from weather extremes and earthquakes

Floods dominate natural catastrophe statistics in first half of 2013

Loss events in 2013   2103 disaster losses lower than decade average - reinsurers

Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2013    2013 Annual global climate and catastrophe report

2013 preliminary losses: natural catastrophes and man-made disasters cost insurers worldwide $44 Bn

Natural disasters pproduced $192bn global economic loss in 2013, while insurers face $45bn bill

Overall picture of natural catastrophes in 2013 dominated by weather extremes in Europe and Haiyan

Maplecroft's Natural Hazard Risk Atlas 2013     UN says natural disasters cost $2.5 tn since 2000

Weather cost the world $85 billion so far this year. Only 1/4 of that was insured

People displaced by disasters: global estimates 2012    China: natural disasters leave 1338 dead in 2012

Sigma: natural catastrophes and man-made disasters in 2012    Global Risks 2012 (WEF)

A review of natural disasters in 2012 - the year of recurring disasters

Disasters displaced over 32 million people in 2012, rising trend forecast

Munich Re: Topics GEO - Natural catastrophes 2012   Part 1     Part 2

NOAA: Peliminary info on 2012 US $ billion extreme weather/climate events

Natural catastrophe statistics for 2012 dominated by weather extremes in the USA

Sigma preliminary estimates for 2012: total losses US$140 billion of which $65 billion re/insured

The year that shook the rich: A review of natural disasters in 2011

Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2011 - the numbers and trends 

WorldRiskReport 2011    Global Risks 2011 - An Initiative of the Risk Response Network (WEF)

Extreme events and insurance: 2011 annus horribilis       MunichRe: Natural catastrophes 2011

Heavy disaster losses for insurance companies in 2011    GFDRR Annual Report 2011

Munich Re: Review of Natural Catastrophes in 2011:Earthquakes result in record loss year

2010's world gone wild: Quakes, floods, blizzards

Europe faces $2.2bn economic loss from December wind storm    

Annual Disaster Statistical Review 2010 - the numbers and trends

2010: Swiss Re’s new sigma study reveals that natural catastrophes and man-made disasters caused economic losses of USD 218 billion and cost insurers USD 43 billion

Regional Specific:

North America:

North America most affected by increase in weather-related natural catastophes 

Options for managing flood costs of Canada's highest risk residential properties

US: Overwhelming risk - rethinking flood insurance in a world of rising seas

State of Florida hurricane/storm surge/coastal flooding risk assessment

The most expensive natural disasters in the US since 1980, visualized

Coastal, riverbank homeowners brace for US flood insurance hike

Risky busines: US insurance industry inaction on climate change

More than 6.8 million US homes at risk of storm surge in 2016

Climate change threatens US mortgage market

New study asks: is flood insurance viable in Canada?

Insuring against natural disaster risk in Mexico

US Natural catastrophes    

Latin America & Caribbean:

Natural disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean 2000-2019

The property protection gap in Latin America


EU guidelines for recording and sharing disaster damage and loss data

Insurance instruments and disaster resilience in Europe

Real estate climate risks: how will Europe be impacted?

Study outlines EU approach to loss databases

Reflection on the current debate on how to link flood insurance and DRR in the EU

Insurance, public assistance and household flood risk reduction: a study of Austria, England and Romania    
UK Home Flood Insurance


Insuring against Asia's natural catastrophes


Austraila & New Zealand: expect te unexpected    Rapid rising insurance premiums in Northern Australia