Quantum Computing

Is the age of silicon computing at its end?    The quest for quantum    Quantum computing for everyone

Toward achieving 1 million times increase in computing efficiency    The quantum revolution is a step closer

Computer with previously unimaginable power are finally within reach

A new law to describe quatum computing's rise?

Scientists pinpoint the singularity for quantum computers    Quantum computer in a nutshell

Defining Quantum Computing (UNSW Video)    WTF is quantum computing? A 5-minute primer

The case against quantum computing    The case against 'the case against quantum computing'

Quantum computers to clarify the connection between the quantum and classical worlds

Electron-photon small-talk could have big impact on quantum computing 

The Quantum Computer is Growing Up    Quantum computing moves forward

A new law to describe quantum computing's rise?   

Quantum computing expert explains one concept in 5 levels of difficulty

Finally, a problem that only quantum computing will ever be able to solve

Quantum chemistry as a benchmark for near-term quantum computers

Graphene surprises again - this time for quantum computing

Hyperion tackles elusive quantum computing landscape

Graduate student solves quantum verification problem

The argument against quantum computers

Quantum bugs, meet your new swatter

New analysis eliminates a potential speed bump in quantum computing

Quantum computing vs. our 'Cavemen Newtonian Brain' 

IEEE approves standards project for quantum computing definitions

The future of quantum information processing        

Crucial hurdle overcome in quantum computing   Upgrading the quantum computer

Unlocking the gates to quantum computing    Computing with time travel

Next important step toward quantum computer    Breakthrough in bid to create first quantum computer

Paving tthe way for a faster quantum computer     

Designer materials with components random structures might enable quantum computing

New chip architecture may provide foundation for quantum computer

Scientists achieve critical steps to building practical quantum computer

Superfast computers a step closer as a silicon chip's quantum capabilities are improved

Next step to the quantum computer     

New method to detect prize particle for quantum computing    

Contextuality puts the 'magic' in quantum computing    

Quantum engineers make a major step towards a quantum computer    A piece of the quantum puzzle

Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing

Trust is good, proof is better

One step closer to quantum computing    

Einstein's 'spooky action' common in large quantum systems, mathematicians find

Yale scientists move one step closer to quantum supercomputing

Playing quantum tricks with measurements

If God were to simulate reality, would he prefer it quantum?   

Dirac electrons found in unique material

Sharpening Occam's Razor with Quantum Mechanics

Retrospective test for quantum computers can build trust

Counting Qubits:

A new way to count qubits    The 'dressed qbit' is a breakthrough in quantum state stability

200 times faster than ever before: the speediest quantum operation yet

Chinese scientists set record for quantum entanglement

Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions

New world record for silicon quantum computing

Quantum state world record smashed

Precison atom qubits achieve milestone

Further improvement of qubit lifetime

Physicists record 'lifetime' of graphene qubits

Rewriting quantum chips with a beam of light

A new kind of quantum bits in two dimensions

Modelling & Simulating Quantum Computers:

Characteristics of a universal simulator

Quantum simulator reduces memory storage

350-'Qbit' quantum simulator shatters records

World record: quantum computing with 46 qubits simulated

0.5 petabyte simulation of a 45-qubit quantum circuit 

Scientists conduct first quantum simulation on atomic nucleus

World's fastest quantum simulator operating at the atomic level

Quantum RAM: modelling the big questions with the very smal

Major quantum computing advance made obsolete by teenagerl

D-wave breakthrough demonstrates first large-scale quantum simulation of topological state of matter

Error Correction:

Seeking a robust home for qubits

Toward stable quantum computing

Advance in quantum error correction 

Error-free into the quantum computing age

Quantum computation: fragile but error-free

Improved stability of electron spins in qubits

Opening the gate to robust quantum computing

Digital quantum simulations can be astonishingly robust

Computer program developed to find 'leakage' in quantum computers

NIST demonstrates how losing information can benefit quantum computing

Japan scientists develop more error-tolerant approach to quantum computing

Extremely accurate measurements of atom states develped for quantum computing 


Quantum 'sealed envelope' system enables 'perfectly secure' informatiom storage

Quantum of encryption    Quantum Computing Holds Key to Perfect Cloud Security

Security and quantum computing: planning next generation cryptography

Surprising hidden order unites prime numbers and crystal-like materials


To invent a Quantum Internet

Improved interface for a quantum Internet 

Control on shape of light opens the way to 'Quantum Internet'

Milestone experiment proves that quantum communications reallly is faster

Quantum experiment in China breaks through distance barrier in optic fibres

Tiny camera lens may help link quantum computers to network

Atoms que up for quantum computer networks

Quantum communication controlled by resonance in 'artificial atoms'


Quantum chemistry on quantum computers

Quantum computer coding in silicon now possible

A quantum linear system algorithm for dense matrices

Paper offers 'proof' of quantum advantage on some problems

Silicon provides means to control quantum bits for faster algorithms

Data structures influence speed of quantum search in unexpected ways

Researchers bolster development of programmable quantum computers

How to turn a quantum computer into athe ultimate randomness generator

New quantum computer, based on five atoms, factors numbers in a scalable way

Quantum computer factorizes efficiently

Quantum Technologies:

Quantum computing scale-up

A step towards quantum electronics

Ultra-thin wires for quantum computing

Quantum compoting with graphene plasmons

In quantum computing, light may lead the way

Diamonds are a quantum computer's best friend

Majorana qubits for topological quatum computing

Quantum computers counting on carbon nanotubes

Researchers demonstrate an artificial quantum system

Gate teleportation for device-scale quantum computing

Quantum computing toolkit with mixed-atom logic operations

Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough

How an accident sparked a quantum computing breakthrough

Generating high-quality single photons for quantum computing

A multi-purpose silicon chip created for quantum information processing

Scientists send light through 2D crystal layer in quantum computing leap 

Millisecond coherence time in a tunable molecular electronic spin qubit 

Another step forward on universal quantum computer

Universal holonomic quantum gates over geometric spins qubits with polarized micrpwaves

A little light interaction leaves quantum physicists beaming    Giant step forward in generating optical qubits

Photonic quantum computers: a brighter future than ever    Toward optical quantum computing

Semiconductor quantum transistor opens door for photon-based computing

Topological insulators and quantum computing

Topological materials are highly promising for quantum computer

Scientists provide 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies

A new class of materials could realize quantum computers

Nonlinear light-generating zero-index metamaterial

Stable quantum bits can be made from complex molecules

Researchers report inventing a new 'flip-flop' qubit technology

New step towards silicon-based quantum computer 

New silicon structure opens the gate to quantum computers

Quantum computer made from standard semiconductor material

Researchers design architecture for a quantum computer in silicon

Australian scientists closer to building silicon-based quantum computer

Silicon qubits plus light add up to new quantum computing capability

Rice-sized laser, powered one electron at a time, bodes well for quantum computing

Diamond defect boosts quantum technology    Superconducting-silicon qubits

New technique for creating NV-doped nanodiamonds may be boost for quantum computing

Quantum devices:

Quantum hard drive breakthrough    Possible read head for quantum computers

Quantum computing closer as first quantum data bus emerges    Bus service for qubits

Researchers develop data bus for quantum computer    Data highways for quantum information 

Quantum data storage breakthrough

Single-atom light switch    New 'switch' could power quantum computing

Creating a new generation of computing device   

New device lengthens the life of quantum information

Single-photon transmitter could enable new quantum devices

Exploring defects in nanoscale devices for possible quantum computing applications 

Cooling Quantum Computers:

UCLA physicists technique for cooling molecules may be a stepping stone to quantum computing

Researchers reduce quantum information processing errors by artificially cooling quantum devices

Building Quantum Computers:

Quantum computing with recycled particles    

Technique unveiled to mass produce quantum computers

Physicists discover a new approach for building quantum computers

Researchers demonstrate new building block in quantum computing

New, better way to build circuits for world's first useful quantum computers

Quantum scientists demonstrate woorld-first 3D atomic-scale quantum chip architecture

Large-scale quantum chip validated     Putting a quantum computer on a chip    Towards quantum chips

Physicists Demonstrate the Quantum von Neumann Architecture, a Quantum Processor, and a Quantum Memory on a Chip

Vendor Specific:

Quantum upstart: IonQ sets sights on challenging IBM, Rigetti, others

Fujitsu harnesses quantum-inspired digital annealer technology

D-waves path to 5000 qubits; Google's quantum supremacy claim

How D-Wave could make-or-break quantum computing

Quantum computing is real, and D-Wave just open-sourced it

D-Wave partners with U of T to move quantum computing along

D-Wave brings quantum compuuting co-processing to supercomputing    Vern Brownell CEO interview   

D-wave introduces 2000Q quantum computer

D-Wave breaks new ground in quantum simulation

D-Wave systems breaks 1000 qbits quantum computing barrier

D-Wave system previews next-gen platform; debuts Pegaus topology, targets 5000 qubits    

Cybersecurity firm buys next-gen quantum machine

D-Wave update at SC'16    Quantum computing startup raises $64M in funding

D-Wave Entangles With USC and Lockheed at New Quantum Computing Center

Lockheed Martin, Uni of Maryland to develop next-gen quantum computer

Google's first quantum computer will build on DWave's approach

How Google's quantum computer could change the world

Google chases quantum supremacy with 72-bit qubit processor

Google charts two-dimensional quantum course

Google and NASA tackle quantum supremacy

IBM quantum update from CES'19

IBM achieves highest quantum volume to date, establishes roadmap for reaching quantum advantage

IBM exppands quantum computing network    IBM breaks ground for complax quantum chemistry

IBM and quantum computing    IBM touts hybrid approach to quantum computing

Researchers reverse the flow of time on IBM's quantum computer

IBM launches commercial quantum network with Samsung

Microsoft wants to speed quantum development

Microsoft, Purdue tackle topological quantum computer

Microsoft 'doubles down' on quantum coputing hardware focus

Intel bets big on 2-track quantum strategy

Intel delivers 17-qubit quantum chip to European research partner

Intel touts silicon spin qubits for quantum computing

Intel starts testing smallest 'Spin Qubit' chip for quantum computing

Honeywell's big bet on trapped ion quantum computing

Rigetti eyes scaling with 128-qubut architecture

Rigetti's pursuit of quantum advantage

STAQ(ing) the quantum computer deck

Volkswagen optimizes traffic flow with quantum computers

 AT&T Foundry, Caltech form alliance for quantum technologies

Quantum Supremacy:

Quantum suprenacy is coming: here's what you should know about it

Quantum Supremacy is coming. Here's what you  should know

Google and IBM clash over quantum supremacy

Why I called it 'quantum supremacy'

Institutional Research:

NSF invests $15M in quantum STAQ

US House passes $1.275B National Quantum Initiative

The world's most powerful quantum computer is now online st USC

The DoE is gving Berkeley Lab $3M annually for quantum computing research

Quantum computing at USRA     NASA Quantum AI Lab

Use of Japan prototype quantum computer opened up to outsiders

Japan invents loop-based quantum computing

Chicago Quantum Exchange launched

EU launches 1 billion Euro quantum megaproject in bid to leapfrog progress in US and China