Quantum Computing

Is the age of silicon computing at its end?    The quest for quantum

Quantum computing is real, and D-Wave just open-sourced it

0.5 petabyte simulation of a 45-qubit quantum circuit

Electron-phooton small-talk could have big impact om quantum computing

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World's fastest quantum simulator operating at the atomic level

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Topological materials are highly promising for quantum computer

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Creating a new generation of computing device

Stable quantum bits can be made from complex molecules    Further improvement of qubit lifetime

New device lengthens the life of quantum information

The 'dressed qbit' is a breakthrough in quantum state stability

Physicists discover a new approach for building quantum computers  

New, better way to build circuits for world's first useful quantum computers

Exploring defects in nanoscale devices for possible quantum computing applications 

A step towards quantum electronics    Quantum computer coding in silicon now possible

New technique for creating NV-doped nanodiamonds may be boost for quantum computing

Researchers reduce quantum information processing errors by artificially cooling quantum devices

The future of quantum information processing    Advance in quantum error correction

Crucial hurdle overcome in quantum computing   Upgrading the quantum computer

Quantum computing closer as first quantum data bus emerges    Characteristics of a universal simulator

Unlocking the gates to quantum computing    Quantum computing toolkit with mixed-atom logic operations

New quantum computer, based on five atoms, factors numbers in a scalable way

Researchers design architecture for a quantum computer in silicon

Quantum computer made from standard semiconductor material

Improved stability of electron spins in qubits    Computing with time travel

A little light interaction leaves quantum physicists beaming    Giant step forward in generating optical qubits

Next important step toward quantum computer    Breakthrough in bid to create first quantum computer

Paving tthe way for a faster quantum computer     Quantum computer factorizes efficiently

New chip architecture may provide foundation for quantum computer

Scientists achieve critical steps to building practical quantum computer

Superfast computers a step closer as a silicon chip's quantum capabilities are improved

Millisecond coherence time in a tunable molecular electronic spin qubit     

Towards quantum chips    Atoms que up for quantum computer networks

Improved interface for a quantum Internet     Control on shape of light opens the way to 'Quantum Internet'

Next step to th quantum computer     Diamonds are a quantum computer's best friend

Possible read head for quantum computers     Quantum hard drive breakthrough

Rice-sized laser, powered one electron at a time, bodes well for quantum computing

New world record for silicon quantum computing    Quantum computer in a nutshell

New method to detect prize particle for quantum computing    The quantum revolution is a step closer

Quantum state world record smashed   How D-Wave could make-or-break quantum computing

D-wave introduces 2000Q quantum computer    Cybersecurity firm buys next-gen quantum machine

D-Wave brings quantum compuuting co-processing to supercomputing    Vern Brownell CEO interview

D-Wave systems breaks 1000 qbits quantum computing barrier    IBM and quantum computing

Google's first quantum computer will build on DWave's approach

Quantum computing startup raises $64M in funding

Researchers bolster development of programmable quantum computers

Contextuality puts the 'magic' in quantum computing    Quantum computation: fragile but error-free

Quantum engineers make a major step towards a quantum computer    A piece of the quantum puzzle

New 'switch' could power quantum computing   Ultra-thin wires for quantum computing

New analysis eliminates a potential speed bump in quantum computing

Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing

Lockheed Martin, Uni of Maryland to develop next-gen quantum compute

Diamond defect boosts quantum technology    Superconducting-silicon qubits

Nonlinear light-generating zero-index metamaterial

NIST demonstrates how losing information can benefit quantum computing

Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions

Toward stable quantum computing   Quantum computing at USRA     NASA Quantum AI Lab

In quantum computing, light may lead the way       Trust is good, proof is better

Quantum 'sealed envelope' system enables 'perfectly secure' informatiom storage

Large-scale quantum chip validated     Putting a quantum computer on a chip

New step towards silicon-based quantum computer      Quantum computing for everyone

Photonic quantum computers: a brighter future than ever     Single-atom light switch

Data highways for quantum information     Quantum data storage breakthrough

Scientists provide 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies

One step closer to quantum computing    Topological insulators and quantum computing

Einstein's 'spooky action' common in large quantum systems, mathematicians find

UCLA physicists technique for cooling molecules may be a stepping stone to quantum computing

Australian scientists closer to building silicon-based quantum computer

Yale scientists move one step closer to quantum supercomputing

Toward achieving 1 million times increase in computing efficiency    350-'Qbit' quantum simulator shatters records 

The Quantum Computer is Growing Up    Quantum computing moves forward  

Defining Quantum Computing (UNSW Video)     Playing quantum tricks with measurements

Quantum computers counting on carbon nanotubes

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Data structures influence speed of quantum search in unexpected ways

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Quantum computing with recycled particles    Dirac electrons found in unique material

UCSB Physicists Demonstrate the Quantum von Neumann Architecture, a Quantum Processor, and a Quantum Memory on a Chip

Seeking a robust home for qubits   Bus service for qubits    Rewriting quantum chips with a beam of light

Single-photon transmitter could enable new quantum devices  

Sharpening Occam's Razor with Quantum Mechanics    D-Wave update at SC'16

D-Wave Entangles With USC and Lockheed at New Quantum Computing Center

IBM touts hybrid approach to quantum computing

Quantum communication controlled by resonance in 'artificial atoms'