Space Tourism, Law, Exploitation, Colonization, Health, Debris

Space tourism:

Apollo in realtime

The new space age

Where does outer space begin?  

Countdown to a new era in space

First space tourist flights could come in 2019

Space tourism to accelerate climate change?

Cataloguing other worldly landscapes on Earth

A brief history of humans in space:1961-present

Is space tourism travelling faster than space law?

Launchspace training catalog for space professionals

A brief look at the history (and future) of humans in space

'Passengers' and the real-life science of deep space travel

NASA counting on humanoid robots in deep space exploration

Space tourism for the people: become a virtual reality astronaut

AI, space, and humanity's future - a conversation with David Brin

World's first space hotel will have artificial gravity and open in 2025

NASA taps student teams to simulate human exploration of other worlds

Propulsion systems:

Riding the booster with enhanced sound 

How rto start the massive F-1 rocket engine

Laser propulsion market-creating innovation

New thruster design increases efficiency for future spaceflight

Demonstration proves nuclear fission system can provide space exploration power

Navigation systems:

GPS in space: research brings autonomous interplanetary travel closer to reality

Colonizing the Moon:

How to build a moon base

The toxic side of the Moon

Astronauts maje concrete in space for the first time

SpaceX announces new plan to send tourist around Moon

Japanese billionaire businessman revealed s SpaceX's first Moon traveler

Moon 2069: lunar tourism and deep space launches a century on from Apollo?

Colonizing Mars:

NASA's Journey to Mars

Making Mars mutiplanetary

Colonizing Mars means contaminating Mars

NASA wants people on Mars within 25 years

First to red planet will become Martians: Canada astronaut 

Study may help humans colonise Mars and hunt for alien life

NASA reveals winners of 3D-printed Mars habitat competition   

Mars base camp: an architecture for sending humans to Mars

Who owns Mars? Mining puts spotlight on out of this world property claims

First Mars mission from UAE aims to inspire a new generation of space scientists

Sorry Elon Musk, but it's now cllear that colonising Mars is unlikely - and a bad idea

A trip to Venus:

High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC)

NASA wants to send humans to Venus - brilliant idea!

Interstellar exploration:


Interstellar: crossing the cosmic void

Will Starshot's interstellar journey succeed

Alpha Centauri: our first target for interstellar probes?

Interactive virtual space travel:

Space Engine

Interactive visualization of our stellar neighborhood

Europe creates universal 'language' for space science

The question of aliens:

Detecting DNA in space

Eavesdropping on aliens

A new strategy to search for aliens

Space Economy and Space Law:    

The economic development of Low Earth Orbit

Reshaping space policies to meet global trends             

Future looks bright for private US space ventures

NASA lends Galaxy Evolution Explorer to Caltech

Current position of the International Space Station

Putin unveils $50 billion drive for space supremacy

NASA says competition is key to private space race 

NASA turns 55: an Ars Technica tribute to space flight 

International code of conduct for outer space activities

International cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space

A $20 trillion rock could turn a start-up into the Earth's richest company 

Who owns space? US asteroid-mining act is dangerous and potentially illegal

Collisions in space:

The day NASA's Fermi dodged a 1.5 tin bullet

Space debris expert warns of increasing CubeSat collision risk

Why satellite mega-constellations are a threat to the future of space

Health Hazards in Space:

Stop aging in space

The human body in space

The 'omics' of space travel    

Anticipating the dangers of space

Spaceflight consistently affects the gut

How to protect astronauts from space radiation

The radiation showstopper for Mars exploration 

Scientists quantify deep-space radiation hazards

How spacefllght ages the immune system prematurely

Cellular responses of human postural muscle to Dry Immersion 

Researchers find space radiation is increasingly more hazardous

A self-replicating radiation shield for human deep-space exploration

Study finds cosmic rays increased heart risks among Apollo astronauts

Apollo astronauts experiencing higher rates of cardiovascular-related deaths

Melatonin is a potential drug for the prevention of bone loss during space flight

Dry Immersion as a ground-based modeel of microgravity physiological effects

Herpes virus reactivation in astronauts during space flight and its application on Earth

Stress related shift toward inflammaging in cosmonauts afetr long-duration space flight

Microgravity changes brain connectivity: what happens to the human brain in weightlessness

Galactic Cosmic Radiation (GCR) in the interplanetary space through a modern secular minimum

New concerns for neurocognitive function during deep space exposures to chronic, neutron radiation 

Re-entry from space:

ESA reentry expertise

Space Debris:

Lattest report on space junk

Space junk enters Earth's atmosphere

Swiss aim to launch first space cleaner

SST: signed, sealed and ready for delivery

Space debris: On collision course for insurers? 

A blueprint for clearing the skies of space debris 

What India's anti-satellite test means for space debris

Ugly truth of space junk: orgital debris to triple by 2030

US lawmaker seeks to partner with Russia to clean up space 

Space debis from from satellite explosion increases collision risk for space craft

Space Computing:

How SGI and Apolllo Computers are used in space

NASA advances human mission to Moon with supercomputer