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Culture is a group's characteristic way of perceiving its environment    Culturomics2.0    Catalogues of culture

Anthropologist Wade Davis on disappearing world cultures    Cyber-archaeology at UC San Diego

Mapping a world of human activity    Cultures and disasters: understanding cultural framings in DRR

Responsible innovation: the role of ethics in an increasingly complex world

8,000 years ago, 17 women reproduced for every one man

Mining events with declassified diplomatic documents

First signs: unlocking the mysteries of the world's oldest symbols

Satellite-based damage assessment of cultural heritage sites

Anthropologists Wade Davis on disappearing world cultures

Scientists believe they may have discovered the disease that wiped out 80% of Aztecs 

The astonishing Paracus (Peru) elongated skulls 

The complexity of cultural evolution 

Stewart Brand proclaims 4 environmental 'heresies'   


Language alters our experience of time

A Turkish origin for Indo-European languages

World's languages traced back to single African mother tongue


Interview Marc Prensky - achievment based education    An interview with James Burke  

Why should physicists study history?    Science and storytelling     NOAA's Science on a Sphere    

MIT report on the future of libraries    GEODE   

The role of TV in our understanding of Nature    Mars webcam goes pro

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STEM education: tips from STEM experts    Math scares everyone, even physicists 

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers: K12 and beyond      

Opening the instructional doors to computer science and IT - finally

Grade-school students teach a robot to help themselves learn geometry

Robot model for infant learning shows bodily posture may affect memory and learning

The Zero Project    The Zero Project - Inclusive Education and ICT    Equinox Communique

A global assessment of market accessibility and market influence for global environmental change studies

World context and implications for higher education systems and institutions

Knowledge-based participatory action research    Women's leadership in resilience

Teaching the teachers    How to make a good teacher

Fire and emergency services educational resources



Dispersals and genetic adaptation of Bantu-speaking populations in Africa and North America

Middle East:

Egypt unearths 7,000-year-old lost city

Cosmic-ray particles reveal secret chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid    ScanPyramids 2017

Ancient mummy DNA reveals surprises about genetic origins of Egyptians

Anger as Iran bans women from universities



Increasing computer literacy with the BBC micro:bit

North America:

USA: Internet Trends, Education and Immigration

The indigenous lands of North America and historical treaties - interactive map

New DNA evidence provides unprecedented insight into the mysterious Chaco culture

A new Silicon Valley narrative    US open-source textbook initiative

Asia Pacific:

Education disrupted: disaster impacts on education in the Asia Pacific region in 2015

Cash Kao: China's tutors earn fortunes online

An ethereal forest where Japanese commit suicide

Australia: new school education pages focus on early intervention