Moving toward climate-resilient transport 


Swiss 'Solar Impulse' begins its 19-hour flight from Moffett Field CA to Phoenix AZ without fossil fuel 3 May 2013. Photo credit -  © Graham Cameron.

Solar-powered plane takes off for flight around the world

Solar Impulse website



Swiss solar-powered MS Tûranor PlanetSolar (designed in New Zealand) - the largest solar powered boat afloat - in front of the Statue of Liberty, 20 June 2013. Photo credit - © PlanetSolar / Anthony Collins 

Urban transportation:

Technology driving safer transport 

A winning vision for the future of urban mobility

The challenge of energy-efficient transportation

Partnership on sustainable low carbon transpor

A move towards more sustainable transportation

Greater potential for transport in climate mitigationt

Clean vehicles as an enabler for a clean electricity grid

What can we learn from smart urban mobility technologies

Air-train of the future    

Hyperloop concept closer to becoming a reality    Hyperloop levitation

Rail line disruption set for dramatic increase as sea-levels continue to rise    

Trade-offs between costs and greenhouse gas emissions in the design of urban transit systems

Evacsys: a cloud-based service for emergency evacuation 


Mobile mayhem    Green cars ranking website

How Rudolf Diesel's engine changed the world 

Study of vehicle emissions will aid urban sustainability efforts

World gears up for electric cars despite bumps in the road    Six reasons EVs make sense

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040

Breakthrough CO2 technology eliminates vehicle exhaust fumes at the source

Gasoline worse than diesel when it comes to some types of air pollution

Car and van makers continue to meet EU CO2 emission targets ahead of schedule

Infrastructure and automoble shifts: positioning transit to reduce life-cycle environmental impacts for urban sustainability goals

Ultrasound can now monitor the health of your car engine

What Elon Musk did - and did not - do when he "opened" Tesla's patents

Tesla: All our patents belong to you!    Tesla is a battery company!

Understanding electric car 'range anxiety' could be key to wider acceptance

Understanding the life of lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles

Electric-car battery material could harm key soil bacteria

How to make electric vehicles that actually reduce carbon

Campaigning for the use of low-noise tyres    

Smart vehicles in the urban traffic of the future    On the road toward 2050    

Trucks & Buses:

Electric buses in cities: driving towards cleaner air and lower CO2

Electric buses are coming, and they're going to help fix 4 big urban problems

CO2 capture from internal combustion engine exhaust using temperature swing adsorption

Self-Driving Vehicles:

Somebody's watching you: the surveillance of self-driving cars

Driverless cars: who gets protected?    Self-drive trucks 'future of Europe's busy highways'

Our autonomous future: how driverless cars will be the first robots we learn to trust

Self-driving cars coming sooner than you think    How a driversless car sees the road 

Our autonomous future: how driverless cars will be the first robots we learn to trust

AVs require socio-political acceptance  -  reflections on moral decision making

Graph databases lie at the heart of $7 trillion self-driving car opportunity

Massive autonomous vehicle sensor data: what does it mean?

Vehicle telematics: the good, bad, and ugly

Just  one autonomous car will use 4 TB of data per day

Tougher US rules needed on autonomous cars: advocate

Pedestrians may run rampant in a world of self-driving cars

Stody purs cold water on AI driving algorithms

How software architects drive connected vehicles

Automobile 2.0: reformulating the automobile as an IT system 

The automobile as the next smart device    Driverless platoons

5-things to know about the future of Google's self-driving car company: Waymo 

A virtual twin: can virtual drivers resembling the user increase trust in smart cars?

Taking back control of an autonomous car affects human steering behavior

US House subcommittee approves self-driving legislation pre-empting State regulations

World's first integrated driverless technology trial launched in Austlralia 

Roadways & Infrastructure:

Millions of planned roads shouldn't be built

Road map aims to cut environmental impact

Can Norway win the global race to build a 'floating tunnel'?

Bike-sharing programs hit the streets in over 500 cities worldwide

Could moving walkways be the key to car-free cities of the future? 

Flood risk in road networks    Roads could help rather than harm the environment

The global macroeconomic burden of road injuries: estimates and projections for 166 countries

Fuel Cells:

Is fuel-cell technology the new holy grail?

Hydrogen cars quickened by Copenhagen chemists

Managing the transition to hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles

SUN-to-LIQUID produces solar kerosene from sunlight, water and CO2 

Catalyst advance could lead to economical fuel cells

Fuel cell advance a breath of fressh air for future power alternative 

Discovery adapts natural membrane to make hydrogen fuel from water

How hydrogen power can help us cut emissions and drive further between refills

This company may have solved one of the hardest problems in clean energy 

Is hydrogen the future of the car?    Hydrogen may prove fuel of the future

Are fuel cells environmetally friendly? Not always!

A new strategy for efficient hydrogen production

New fuel cell technology runs on solid carbon  

Electronic entropy enhances water splitting

New water-splitting method could open path to hydrogen economy

New, inexpensive production materials boost promise of hydrogen fuel

One-step process to convert CO2 and water directly into renewable liquid hydrocarbon fuels

New technique for turning sunlight into hydrogen

Solar Fuels - photocatalytic hydrogen generation

Towards liquid fuels from carbon dioxide   

Researchers split water into hydrogen, oxygen using light, nanoparticles 

Scientists discover quick recipe for producing hydrogen

Impact of a future H2-based road transportation sector on the composition and and chemiistry of the atmosphere - Part 2: Stratospheric ozone 

Four-stroke engine cycle produces hydrogen from methane and captures CO2



Can jet fuel grow on trees?

NASA Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market study   

Civil aviation, air pollution and human health 

Designing the fuel-efficient aircraft of the future

In a warming world, keeping the planes running

First-ever global deal struck on airline CO2 emissions

Cathay Pacific to cut emissions with switch to biofuel

Air traffic growth set to outpace carbon reduction efforts

Liquid hydrogen may be way forward for sustainable air travel     

It's time to wake up to the devastating impact flying has on the environment

Uncovering the 'myths' behind technological solutions to aviation's climate change crisis

Can cockpit automation cause pilots to lose critical thinking skills? Research says yes

X-57 Maxwell electric propulsion aircraft fuselage arrives at NASA in California

'Concept to reality': NASA marks milestones in development of electric X-57

NASA's magnetic materials lab moves evolution of energy coversion forward

NASA's X-48 project completes flight research for cleaner, quieter aircraft

Why electric airplanes are about to take off    Electroflight

Research could save commercial airlines billions in new era of aviation

Subscale glider validating new wing design method    

The Swiss aviation ecosystem

Radiation hazards from flying

Marine Transport:

Maritime industry shifting to more efficient electric propulsion    

Optimizing hydrogen-powered passenger ferries   

Ahoy! Crewless ships are just over the horizon


A Warming World Could Add Billions to Shipping Costs

International shipping should cut air pollutants and green house gases together

World shipping industry agrees to halve carbon emissions by 2050

Ships going slow to reduce their NOx emissions

Satellites paint a detailed picture of maritime activity

New shipping route shows China's Arctic ambitions   

Worldwide ship traffic up 300% since 1992    

Global ship traffic seen from space

Marine traffic website


North America:

Fuel cell buses in US transit fleets: current status 2018

Potential Impacts of Climate Change on US Transportation    

US transportation energy futures - project overview and findings     

US transportation energy futures points to deep cuts in petroleum and emissions     

High-speed rail with emerging automobiles and aircraft can reduce environmental impacts in California’s future

California: addressing climate change adaptation in regional transportation plans

NYC: Ride sharing could cut cabs' road time by 30%

Electric buses - Oregon State report 


The cost of extreme weather to the European Transport System

Reducing the 45 billion euro health cost of  air pollution from lorries

Decarbonizing urban transport in European cities: four cases show possible high co-benefits

1000 electric buses to spearhead Paris goal of 100% zero emisions public transportation

EU Impact Assessment: high capacity vehicles     EU NEMO Project

Adaptation of transport to climate change in Europe

Cargo bikes: pedal power the rise of cargo bikes in Germany

Hydrogen-powered vehicles in Switzerland

Germany, world champion in car-sharing

Germany rolls out world's first hydrogen train 


Japan now home to more electric vehicle charging stations than gas stations

Toyota rolls out world's first mass market fuel-cell car

Chinese bike-sharing start-up aims global with new model

Environmental impact of EVs in China? It depends on how they are charged

The Urgent Need for “Smart Urban Transport” to Combat Climate Change in the People’s Republic of China

Shanghai's maglev high-speed train

UT Researchers Find China’s Pollution Related to E-Cars May Be More Harmful than Gasoline Cars

Asia: Changing Course in Urban Transport: an illustrated guide

South Korea tests "electric road" for public buses


Australia sees big opportunity in hydrogen energy

Dutch team win Australian solar car race

South Australia's hydrogen action plan