General Commentary:

Physics, fracking, fuel and the future    Energy pick n'mix: are hybrid systems the next big thing?

The long goodbye to fossil fuel: what's the best strategy for renewable energy?

From coal to gas: how the shift can help stabilize climate change

Global energy growth is outpacing decarbonization

Global fossil fuel subsidies remain large

Harnessing the sun for fuel

Solar and wind are now the cheapest powersource

Storage requrements and costs of shaping renewable energy toward grid decarbonization

Linking science, innovation, and policy to transform the world's energy systems    Free Electrons

Burning all fossil energy would raise sea-level by more than 50 meters - and eliminate all ice of Antarctica

Green energy choices: the benefits, risks and trade-offs of low-carbon technologies for electricity production

Next generation wind and solar power - from cost to value    New fabric uses sun and wind to power devices

Move over, solar: the next big renewable energy source could be at our feet

Technology to harness energy from mixing of freshwater and seawater now available

Renewable energy and jobs : annual report 2018

Achieving 100% renewable energy production

100% clean and renewable wind, water & sunlight all-sector energy roadmaps for 139 countries

IEA report: perspectives for the energy transition - investment needs for a low-carbon energy system

Below zero: carbon removal and the climate challenge    NREL 2016 Annual Technology Baseline (ATB)

Researchers create citywide building energy model for Boston    Turning wastewater into power

Designing successful energy demonstration projects    Asian markets have renewable energy edge

A nanophotonic comeback for incandescent bulbs?

Narrowing the emissions gap: contributions from renewable energy and energy efficient activities

New technique both enhances oil recovery and sequesters carbon dioxide

'Hydricity' concept uses solar energy to produce power round-the-clock

Saudi's role in global energy markets is changing   World Oil Outlook 2015

America's increasing refliance on natural gas: benefits and risks of a methane economy

US moves up to second most attractive renewables market afte China 

US Western Region: renewable energy in the 50 States

Energy usage in the US for 2018 - visualized

Climate change and the US energy sector - regional vulnerabilities and resilent solutions

Deep decarbonization in the US NE states and expanded coordination with Hydro-Quebec

A global natural gas boom alone won't slow climate change

Scientists push boundaries to find new energy

World's energy systems at risk from global warming

Our high-energy planet    Full Report     From peak oi to energy abundance 

World energy outlook 2014    2014 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Net energy analysis should become a standard policy tool   Considering future energy options

Assessment report from the GCEP Workshop on energy supply with negative carbon emissions

Bringing variable renewable energy up to scale - options for grid integration using natural gas and energy storage

Where you live could mean 'greener' alternatives do more harm than good

Case studies natural gas and renewable energies
Stranded on a low-carbon planet: implications of climate policy for the phase-out of coal-based power plants

Coal plants will emit 300 billion tons of future CO2    Ditching coal a major step to climate goal

Affective influences on energy-related decisions and behaviours    The power of salt

Cooled coal emissions would clean air and lower health and climate-change costs

The great transition: from fossil fuels to renewable energy    

Open source energy video    The grand challenge of the energy transition

A tipping point for fossil fuels    The base-load myth     Waste-to-Energy Plants

Thermodynamic analysis of a novel thermoelectric generator in the built environment

Extreme energy, extreme implications    How to fry a planet   Climate change: Effects on our energy

Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation

Scientists devise new, lower cost method to create more usable fuel

Nuclear, coal power face climate change risk-study

Nuclear power as climate change solution

Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets 

Carbon dioxide 'sponge' could ease transition to cleaner energy

Nano-spike catalysts convert CO2 directly into ethanol

More clean energy does not mean less dirty energy    A revolutionary fuel process

Can a divestment campaign move the fossil fuel industry?   Can coal ever be clean?

Climate change could put $6 trillion in fossil fuel reserves at risk

Global inequality in energy consumption from 1980 to 2010

Blueprint and 'golden rules' for increasing sustainable electricity in developing countries

$674B annual spend on 'unburnable' fossil fuel assets signals failure to recognise huge financial risk

The world is locking itself into an unsustainable energy future which would have far-reaching consequences

Technology funding makes climate protection cheaper    Renewable Energy Technology Cost Review

New report raises concern about electricity and water

Cap and Trade programs do not provide sufficient incentives for energy technology innovation

Global energy network and information systems   UN emissions market needs urgent reform

The ACEEE 2012 International Energy Efficiency Scoreboard   

Trends, Persistence & Volatility in Energy Markets

Oil, gas giants could waste trillions in a 2C world 

Energy independence is nothing but an illusion in the modern world   

The Energy Commons     Could we harness power from a black hole

Study is first to measure global population/energy relationship?

Size-energy relationships in ecological communities

How the shape and structure of nanoparticles affects energy storage

National perspectives: 

US/Saudi oil play is economic warfare    US energy policy is "all wet" when it comes to hidden costs

US: New data shows carbon emissions falling as shale gas debate is rising

Most energy execs indicate potential for US energy independence by 2030, some say 2020

US Survey: "Partisan Divide" On Energy Issues Is a Myth, Strong Bipartisan Support Seen For Shift To Cleaner Energy

Americans See High Energy Costs Ahead But Bullish That Advanced Energy Can Solve Problems, Strengthen Economy

US energy solutions project    Americans continue to use more renewable energy sources

US: drought, water and energy - a national survey of attitudes

Study shows how to power California with wind, water and sun

Asia's energy challenge

Towards a water and energy secure China    China wants to make a splash in ocean energy   

China urges global energy cooperation   China's energy industrial revolution

Percentage of electricity from renewable resources in 2012

Japan boasts top growth in 2013 clean energy

How is 100% renewable energy possible in Japan by 2020?    Japan extracts 'fire ice' gas from seabed

How is 100% renewable energy possible in South Korea by 2020?

A comprehensive, up-to-date indication of key electricity trends in Australia

Australia's untapped 'solar superpower' potential

Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan

Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all Australian coal, oil and gas within two decades

Australia: Energy, climate and poverty - time to broaden the conversation

The economic argument for adopting a zero emissions energy policy in Australia

The EU energy challenge - can innovation fill the gap?

Huge renewable energy growth this decade, if EU countries meet projections

German Village Achieves Energy Independence … And Then Some

How is 100% renewable energy possible in Turkey by 2020? 

Delivering clean, reliable, and affordable power in the devloping world

North Sea power-to gas platform     Why lithium-ion batteries fail


The future of coal


Peak Oil solved: but climate will fry - BP report    Crude oil ‘far from depleted’

Researchers discover a new method to boost oil recovery

Cash, carbon, crude: how to make oil fields bury emissions

Closing Oil Stock Levels in Days of Net Imports     Americans using more fossil fuels     

Taking Control of Oil: Managing Dependence on Petroleum Fuels in the Pacific 

How Effective are Oil Funds? Managing Resource Windfalls in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

China gets massive deep-water rig     Models will enable safer deepwater oil production

Fossils point the way to black gold

New microwave method converts used motor oil into fuel

New device recreates oil reservoir on a chip    Every Chromatogram Tells a Story

List of oil refineries in the US    Harvey's toll on energy industry shows a Texas vulnerability     

New contaminents found in oil and gas wastewater

Promising approaches to the purification of soils and groundwater from hydrocarbons 

Tar Sands:

Oil sands environmental impact unknown: Canada audit    

Newfound threrat to oilsand project     Canada's oil sands photographs

Mining tar sands produces much more air pollution than we thought  

How much will tar sands oil add to global warming?

Historical trends in greenhouse gas emissions of the Alberta oil sands (1970-2010)


Fracking explained: opportunity or danger?    The fracking fallacy    Physics, fracking, fuel and the future

Fracking pprmpts gobal spike in atmospheric methane 

A new model for capillary rise in nano-channels offers insight into improved fracking

Major class  of fracking chemicals no more toxic than common household substances

Fracking production 'outstrips scientific knowledge'     Hydraulic fracturing defined

Fracking requires a minimum distance of at least 0.6km from sensitive rock strata

Hydraulic Fracturing: the state of the science    The Hard Facts about Fracking

Hydraulic fracturing and water resources: separating the frack from the fiction

CAPP members establish new Guiding Principles for Hydraulic Fracturing

Fracking operations grow thirstier with time

Little revolution, big fracking consequences     

Fracking Fluids, Contamination:

The intensification of the water footprint of hydraulic fracturing

Review finds environmental impact and toxicity of biocides used in fracking still largely unknown

Methane contamination of drinking water accompanying gas-well drilling and hydraulic fracturing

Fracking plays active role in generating toxic matal wastewater    Tracking fracking pollution

Shallow fracking raises questions for water in new research

Water used for hydraulic fracturing varies widely across US

Fracking will poison New York's drinking water, critics warn

New tracers can identify fracking fluids in the environment

Earthquake issues:

Injection wells can induce earthquakes miles away from the well

Wastewater injection spurred biggest earthquake yet, says study

Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater

Earthquake Hazard Associated With Deep Well Injection

Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors

Fracking UK shale: understanding earthquake risk

Avoiding fracking earthquakes: expensive venture

Oil Shale & Natural Gas:

A look at the US shale industry with David Hughes     The shale gas revolution: is it already over?

Science finds new way to upgrade natural gas   What is coal seam gas?    The state of shale

A few 'problem wells' source of greenhouse gas at unexpected stage of natural gas production

The natural gas boom could accelerate climate change    Preventing natural gas crises

An introduction to shale gas    OPEC could collapse as shale gas pops peak oil myth

Using the energy in oil shale without releasing carbon dioxide in a greenhouse world 

Assessing the Real and Perceived Consequences of Shale Gas Development

MEPs exempt shale gas from strengthened environmental impact rules

Analysis shows greenhouse gas emissions similar for shale, crude oil

Shale-gas extraction faces growing public and regulatory challenges

Shale gas production: potential vs actual greenhouse gas emissions

Caution needed with new greenhouse gas emission standards

Additional radioactive materials found in gas-well drill cuttings

Methane on Tap: Study Links Pollution to Gas Drilling

Assessing the greenhouse impact of natural gas

Cheap asphalt provides 'green' carbon capture

Shale offers freedom and security - but it could be a trap

The golden age of gas, possibly: interview with the IEA

Largest ever US shale oil deposit identified in Texas

Shale pits environmental versus economic interests

Horizontal Drilling and Shale Exploration

The false promise of natural gas

Regional issues:

US DOE Shale Gas Production Subcommittee    

Tighten fracking regulations, scientists urge US officials

Can fracking help the US move away from fossil fuel consumption

Contaminated water in two US states linked to faulty shale gas wells

Considering Shale Gas Extraction in North Carolina: Lessons from Other States

Simple scaling theory to better predict gas production in Barnett shale wells

Increased stray gas abundance in a subset of drinking water wells near Marcellus shale gas extraction

Evaluation of microbial biofilm communities from an Alberta oil sands tailings pond

Environmental impacts of shale gas extraction in Canada

Europe's resilience of natural gas networks during conflicts and crises

Environmental impacts of shale gas in the UK: current situation and future scenarios

Gas quakes anger Dutch farmers but relieve state coffers

China's synthetic natural gas plants will have heavy environmental toll


Big hydro uncertainties

Hydropwer continues steady growth

2014 US Hydropower Market Report    Hydropower in 2013

Climate impact of hydropower: enormous differences among facilities over time

A global boom in hydropower dam construction    Better dam planning strategies  

Sustainable Hydropower website    Hydropower climate resilience guide

Quantifying the hidden environmental cost of hydroelectric dams

Social and environmental costs of hydrpower ar underestimated

Large-scale initiative for ecologically compatible hydropower

Policy issues plague hydropower as wind power backup

Oroville Dam: what made the spillway collapse?

An index-based framework for assessing patterns and trends in river fragmentation and flow regulation by global dams at multiple scales   

New stream-reach development resource: a comprehensive assessment of hydrpower energy potential in the US

Ten years of the Three Gorges Dam: a call for policy overhaul    Three Gorges Dam video

Hydropower poses a threat to Shanghai water 

Proliferation of hydroelectric dams in the Andean Amazon and implications for Andes-Amazon connectivity

Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from future Amazonian hydroelectric reservoirs

Peru: the unintended consequences of the juxtaposition of hydroeletricity and mining

Columbia's disaster-ridden hydropower project runs second largest river dry

West Africa hopes new hydropower dams will cut poverty, climate risk

Poison in Arctic and human cost of 'clean' energy   

Geothermal Energy:

36 countries launch world alliance for geothermal energy

Could the heat of the Earth's crust become the ultimate energy source?

Engineered geothermal systems have wide potential as a renewable energy source

Geothermal sweetspots identified in a volcanic lake integrating bathymetry and fluid chemistry 

The most extreme geothermal plant in the world

Why support geothermal energy?      Geothermal energy: more exciting than the media thinks

GOCE halps tap into sustainable energy resouces

Indonesia passes law to tap volcano power 

Geothermal technology packs one-two punch against climate change

Taking the temperature of deep geothermal reservoirs

New fluid makes untapped geothermal energy cleaner

Geothermal industry leads the way towards a more sustainable 2012

Fukushima disaster paves the way for new geothermal plants

First Google.Org-Funded Geothermal Mapping Report Confirms Vast Coast-to-Coast Clean Energy Source

Geothermal power in 2013       Geothermal industry ends 2012 on a high note. 

Geothermal: International Market Overview Report 2012

GEA International Showcase 2012 highlioghts US leadership in geothermal global market

GEA releases 2012 Policy Priorities

Realizing the geothermal electricity potential—water use and consequences

Geothermal power facility induces earthquakes, study finds

Geothermal exploration causes quake in Switzerland

Pinpointing geothermal energy's water needs

Life cycle analysis of geothermal power generation with supercritical CO2

Converting geothermal knowledge into megawatts 

Making a difference through geothermal energy   Indonesia to tap its geothermal supply

Lessons from Pohang: solving geothermal energy's earthquake problem

Oceanic Steam Engines:

20,000 megawatts under the sea

Blue energy: how mixing water can create electricity

Nuclear Fission Energy:

Balancing nuclear and renewable energy    Nuclear power plant operating experience

World nuclear energy generation down 5% since 2006    ESI Launches Nuclear Specialist Website

The US nuclear energy enterprise: a key national security enabler

US nuclear power plants weren't built for climate change

The future costs of nuclear power using multiple expert elicitations    Pandora's Promise - a film

New technique could set new course for extracting uranium from seawater

Advances in extracting uranium from seawater   

DOE's advanced nuclear reactor program deemed ineffective

The future costs of nuclear power using multiple expert elicitations: effects of R&D and elicitation design

Simulation of atmospheric krypton-85 transport to assess the detectability of clandestine nuclear reprocessing

Radioactive waste - where to put it?    Nuclear waste solution seen in desert salt beds

A new method to help solve the problem of nuclear waste    Nuclear waste smolders in sites across the US

Rock salt for isolating nuclear waste not as capable as thought

Nuclear waste repository WIPP evacuated after rockfall

Bury nuclear waste down a very deep hole, say scientists

Breakthrough offers greater understanding of safe radioactive waste disposal

Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools in the U.S.: Reducing the Deadly Risk of Storage

Cold War's nuclear wastes pose challenges to science, engineering, society

Volume of nuclear waste could be reduced by 90 per cent says new research

Researchers crack 50-year-old nuclear waste problem, make storage safer

Radioactive matter migrates more quickly through fractured carbonate rock

This dome in te Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste- and it's leaking

Early experiments to store nuclear waste deep in Greenland and Antarctic ice

Nuclear threats in US  worse than previously known

Radioactive contamination streading in shuttered Hanford site nuclear plant

A statistical analysis of nuclear power accidents and incidents

Exit from nuclear power is affordable – but entering a new energy system is challenging  

74 nuclear reactors in tsunami-risk areas    Floating nuclear plants could ride out tsunamis

Volcanoes threaten nuclear plants, but eruption predictions difficult

Japan reactor near active volcanoes called unsafe

Recommendations for enhancing reactor safety in the 21st Century

Promoting Virtual Engineering to Ensure Safety of Nuclear Power Plants    

Nuclear and radiological emergency guidelines    Nuclear Accident ABCs

Research could improve nuclear power plant safety - and stop your kettle furring up

Probability for contamination from severe nuclear accidents is higher than expected

How seawater could corrode nuclear fuel    Prepare for unanticipated nuclear accident

An objective nuclear accident magnitude scale for quantification of severe and catastrophic events

Safety Approach to Nuclear Operations  Global risk of radioactive fallout after major nuclear reactor accidents

New mapping tool shows how severe nuclear accident could look in the US

Fukushima accident underscores need to act on nuclear plant hazards

How Fukushima challenged a core tenet of US nuclear safety: an expert's view

Renewing licenses for US nuclear power plants    NRC rules on future US nuclear licenses     

Economic analysis of tthe Columbia Generating Station

Texas A&M physicist sees energy solutions in green nuclear power technology

Central and Eastern US Seismic Source Characterization for Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear scare at Navy submarine base after 'unbelievable' failures

Seismic Activity Near Major Canadian Nuclear Facilities

 A Radical Kind of Reactor    Is Thorium the answer?    Thorium shows promise for nuclear power

Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium   

China to lead in new nuclear reactors?    China to start building 3rd generation nuclear reactor

China's firist meltdown-free nuclear plant gets core component

Australia seeks to boost uranium sector

European nuclear decommissioning market map             

ENSI issues directives for the EU Stress Test   EU Stress Test: Swiss National Report

Belgium plans to phase out nuclear power     Austria leaders hail EU decision on nuclear power subsidies

Ground-based remote sensing profiling and numerical weather prediction model to manage nuclear power plants meteorological surveillance in Switzerland

Swiss search for strategy on nuclear

UK Government needs to correct its short sighted approach to nuclear power

South Korea finds forged nuclear reactor safety documents

South Africa to push ahead with nuclear plans    Bangladesh signs deal for first nuclear plant 

Earthquake concerns over Iranian nuclear plant 

Nuclear Fusion Energy:

Fusion: a giant step for energy

Fusion's path to practicality     A commercial path to fusion  

World's largest nuclear fusion experiment clears milestone

10 facts you should know about fusion energy    Fusion power explained

AI accelerates efforts to develop clean, virtually limitless fusion energy

Scientists inch closer to fusion energy with discovery of a process that stablizes plasma

Compact steady-state tokamak performance dependence on magnet and core physics limits 

A faster, cheaper path to fusion energy

New path suggested for nuclear fusion   Powerful physics

Model predicts scenarios for power generation using nuclear fusion

New testing of model improves confidence in the performance of ITER

ITER disputes DoE's cost estimate of fusion project

Discovered: a quick and easy way to shutdown instabiliities in fusion devices

Improving the magnetic bottle that controls fusion power on Earth 

The first experimental proof of the propogation of plasma turbulence

Scientists create first laboatory generation of high energy shock waves that accelerate astrophysical particles

International Thermal Experimental Reactor (ITER)    EU reaffirms support for 'challenging' fusion project

ITER nuclear fusion project reaches halfway mark

Scientists discuss progress towards magnetic fusion energy

Scientists move step closer to solving fusion plasma dilemma

Scientists propose a solution to a critical barrier to producing fusion

New feedback system could allow greater control over fusion plasma

Scientists help test innovative device to improve efficiency of tokomaks

Explaining a mysterious barrier to fusion known as 'density limit'    A turbulent solution to a growing probleam

New breakthrough enables scientists greater control of fusion energy

From Germany comes a new twist for fusion research

Using radio waves to control destiny in fusion plasma

An enhanced new model of the source of a mysterious barrier to fusion known as the 'density limit'

Seeing where energy goes may bring scientists closer to realizing nuclear fusion

Major next steps for fusion energy based on spherical tokomak design

Fusion reactor designs with 'long legs' show promise

Simulations indicate efficiency of an innovative fusion start up technique 

Troubled ITER nuclear fusion project seeks new path    100M degree fluid key to fusion     

How long is the fuse for fusion?    US senators request investigation of international fusion experiment

Plasma experiment demonstrates admirable self-control   Lifting fusion power on an (optimized) pedestal

Tiny grains of lithium can dramatically improve the performance of fusion plasmas

Giant structures called plasmoids could simplify the design of future tokamaks

Compressing turbulence to improve inertial confinement fusion experiments

Scientists make breakthrough in understanding how to control intense heat bursts in fusion experiments

Researchers confirm novel method for controlling plasma rotation to improve fusion performance

Researchers advance understanding of plasma turbulence that drains heat from fusion reactors

The long and short of plasma turbulence    Discovery of new confinement state of plasma

Scientists propose an explanation for puzzling electron heat loss in fusion plasmas

An improvement to the global software standard for analyzing fusion plasmas

Breakthrough in superconducting materials opens new path to fusion

New super H-mode regime could greatly increase fusion power    

A small, modular, efficient fusion plant    Compact fusion R&D

German physicists see landmark in nucear fusion quest

Monitoring material changes in the hostile environment of a fusion reactor    Fusion foe lends a helping hand

Hot lithium vapors shield fusion facility walls    Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (LIFE)

Giant leap for nuclear fusion as lasers blast new route to ultimate energy source    

Laser fusion experiment yields record energy at LLNL's National Ignition Facility

NIF to shift emphasis after the facility's failure to achieve ignition

Work starts on UK nuclear fusion facility

Solar Energy:

Physics, photosynthesis and solar cells    Funneling the Sun's energy

New hybrid device can both capture and store solar energy

Researchers create worldwide solar energy model

Solar PV power potential is greatest over croplands

Beyond sprawl: a new vision of the solar suburbs of the future

Window film could even out the indoor temperature using solar energy

Global prediction of photovoltaic field performance differences using open-source satellite data

Bringing the social costs and benefits of electric energy from photovoltaics vs fossil fuels to light

To encourage solar power, researchers developmethod to automatically estimate rooftop potential

A study of very large solar desert systems with the requirements and benefits to those nations having high solar irradiation potential

Solar energy storage by by molecular norbornadiene-quadricyclane photoswitches

Reshaping the solar spectrum to turn light to electricity    Optimizing solar cells

Multimodal imaging shows strain can drive chemistry in a photovoltaic material

Spectroscopy probes the energy-level landscape of solar cells

In world first, ultra-cheap printable solar panels are launched in Australia

Scientists develop 'liquid fuel' to store solar energy up to 18 years

Dual-layer solar cell sets record for efficiently generating power

Solar cell defect mystery solved after decades of global effort

Maximizing solar power: not only a matter of cell efficiency

More efficient solar cells imitate photosythesis

NREL detaills great potential for floating PV systems

Review and comparison of different solar energy technologies

Revealing the microscopic mechanisms in Perovskite solar cells

Supersizing Perovskite solar cells: researchers show that technology works at larger scale

Storing solar power increases energy consumption and emissions

Sponge creates steam using ambient sunlight

An effective and low-cost solution for storing solar energy

Study tallies the environmental and public health benefits of solar power

Breakthrough solar cell captures CO2 and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

Scientists learn how to capture unseen light for solar energy conversion 

Printable solar cells just got a little closer 

A good first step toward nontoxic solar cells  

New fabrication technique leads to broader sunlight absorption in plastic solar cells 

Bio-based solar cell    Organic solar cell breakthrough    Organic solar cells set remarkable energy record

Study could lead to paradigm shift in organic solar cell research   

Energy from sunlight: further steps towards artificial photosynthesis    

Solar cells as light as soap bubbles     Solar energy that doesn't block the view   

Peel-and-stick solar panels   

Inspired by art, lightweight solar cells track the sun    Butterflies heat up the field of solar research    

Scientists move closer to 'two for one deal' on solar cell efficiency

Electron 'spin' key to solar cell breakthrough       

Energy breakthrough uses sun to create solar energy materials    Major leap toward graphene for solar cells

How graphene and friends could harness the Sun's energy

HCPVT collaboration aims to harness the energy of 2000 suns

Japan set to become world's solar revenue market in 2013 as installations boom in Q1       

Major advance in using sunlight to produce steam without boiling water    Solar water heaters

Using rust and water to store solar energy as hydrogen     

Concentrating solar power: its potential contribution to a sustainable energy future

China's solar pwer boom, visualized

NREL report firms up land-use requirements of solar    Solar energy's land-use impact

Scientists help make deserts into solar-energy hubs    Morocco seeks to be green energy leader

Now you can determine the solar efficiency of your roof

US Q3/Q4 2017 Solar industry update

Unlocking solar for US low-and-moderate income residents    

CCNY’s Solar Roof Pod Showcases Innovative Technology

Why rising US electricity costs highlight need for solar energy

California on course for renewable energy    Stanford scientists build the first all-carbon solar cell

Caifornia becomes the first US state to order solar on new homes  

Warm countries launch sun-energy alliance    Australia's rising solar power 'revolution'

European PV status report 2012    A new dimension for solar energy    

Parametric analysis of coupled PV and thermal concentrating Solar Collector for electricity generation

Harnessing solar and wind energy in one device could power the 'Internet of Things'

Solar nano grids light up the homes and businesses in Kenya

Air pollution throws shade on India's solar success 

Lunar-based self-replicating solar factory

Wind Energy:

Powering the 21st Century by wind energy - options, facts & figures

Boosting wind farmers, global winds reverse decades of slowing and pick up speed

Wind farms can provide a surplus of reliable clean energy to society    

Rethinking wind power    Superconducting wind turbine chalks up first test success

Vertical axis wind turbines can offer cheaper electricity for urban and suburban areas

Computer models show clear advantages in new types of wind turbines

Night vision for bird & bat-friendly offshore wind power.   The other side of wind power   

New insights into fluctuations of wind energy, with implications for engineering and policy

Upwind wind plants can reduce flow to downwind neighbors

Annual wind power market report confirms technology advancements, project performance, eneregy prices

The evolution of windpower in 2017   2017 publications demonstrate advancements in wind energy research   

2016 Wind market reports    2016 Wind technologies market report

2016 wind power market report confirms technology, project performance, and low wind energy prices

Recognizing health concerns in wind energy development a key recommendation in new study 

Wind could meet world's total power demand - and then some - by 2030

Enabling the SMART wind power plant of the future through science-based innovation

Wind power - even without the wind    Wind Power Without the Blades

Wind turbines a risk to birds living as far as 100 miles away   

Policy issues plague hydropower as wind power backup

Various wind turbine technologies   New wind technology    New technology could reduce wind energy costs   

Siting wind farms more quickly. cheaply    When the wind blows

Researchers Find Wind-turbine Placement Produces 10-fold Power Increase 

Ways to minimize power grid disruptions from wind power    

Fires are major cause of wind farm failure    Gales send turbines into overdrive

An experimental study on the effects of relative rotational direction on the wake interferences among tandem wind turbines  

Offshore use of vertical-axis wind turbines gets a closer look    Why go offshore?

Potential climatic impacts and reliability of large-scale offshore wind farms

Giant concrete spheres: new form of energy storage for offshore wind farms

Floating axis wind turbines for offshore power generation—a conceptual study

Turbid wakes associated with offshore wind turbines observed with Landsat 8   

Active power controls from wind power: bridging the gaps     Wind farm management software

Atmospheric stability affects wind turbine power collection     

Wind energy: on the grid, off the checkerboard    Super-large-scale flow visualization with snow

Spatial and temporal patterns of global onshore wind speed distribution

The modification of wind turbine performance by statistically distinct atmospheric regimes

Energy high in the sky    High altitude off-shore wind sails    Airborne Wind Energy

Using machine learning to predict wind turbine power output    

Variability of interconnected wind plants    Wind Super Modelling

Cold climate wind energy showing huge potential

Windpower: lessons for the future     Upwind Report

2010 Wind Technologies Market Report

Are local wind power resources well estimated?

Blowing Down the Barriers to Wind Energy

Localized wind power blowing more near homes, farms & factories

Evidence on wind farms and human health released for public comment

New wind farm study a load of hot air     

Can you actually hear 'inaudible' sound?    Noise research to combat 'wind turbine syndrome

Structure-borne sound and vibration from building-mounted wind turbines 

Studies show wind turbines killed 600,000 bats in 2012 in North America

In situ observations of the influence of a large onshore wind farm on near-surface temperature, turbulence intensity and wind speed profiles

Assessing possible climatic impacts of large wind farms using satellite data

The effect of giant wind farms on precipitation in a regional climate model

Impacts of wind farms on land surface temperature

Long term wind speed changes due to climate change

Wind surpasses nuclear in China    Integrating wind into China's coal-heavy electricity system  

Survey of offshore wind farm projects in the EU and their connecting grid systems

Denmark sets world record for wind power production

UK MOD deems wind towers a national security threat.

Short-term ecological effects of an offshore wind farm in the Dutch coastal zone; a compilation

Opportunities and challenges in assessing climate change impacts on wind energy—a critical comparison of wind speed projections in California

Iowa State engineers study how hills, nearby turbines affect wind energy production

Researchers find wind and solar power have greatest health and climate benefits in Eastern States

US engineers enlist weather model to optimize offshore wind plans

Quantifying the hurricane risk to offshore wind turbines

Wind farms can tame hurricanes    Taming hurricanes

Enhancing positive social outcomes from wind farm development in Australia

Keepers of the wind in the Pacific Northwest   Lawrence Livermore Ramps Up Wind Energy Research

Berkeley Lab study shows significantly higher potential for wind energy in India than previously estimated

Mitigating Wind Development’s Impacts on Wildlife in Kansas

GE Sandia discover pathway to quieter, more productive wind turbines

Wave Energy:

Wave energy: nostalgic ramblings, future hopes and heretical suggestions

Ocean wave power    Wave energy integration costs should compare favorably to other sources

Pioneering research offers new insight into improved wave energy testing

A technique designed to predict how much energy waves will be bringing

Ocean Renewable Energy study - Australia 2015-2050   Wave tests prove successful   

Marine energy doubled by predicting wave power    Predicting wave power could double marine-based energy

Tidal energy and grid balancing    Wave technology could provide thousands of households with energy


Unraveling the science behind biomass breakdown

Scientists harness CO2 to consolidate biofuel production process

Novel approach for photosynthetic production of ccarbon neutral biofuel from green algae

Wind in the willows boosts biofuel production    Electricity from trees

Modeling biofuel expansion effects on land use change dynamics

Scientists model a win-win situation: growing crops on voltaic farms

Direct climate effects of perennial bioenergy crops in the United States

Bioenergy Project Development & Biomass Supply   Fuelling the Future

Estimates reduce amount of additional land available for biofuel production

Map identifies potential areas for boosting biofuel crop yield    Bioenergy from surplus land

Expansion of energy production from biomass requires careful consideration    Sustaingas

Production of bioenergy crops in the Midwest US     Study offers insight into converting wood to bio-oil

Large-scale bioenergy from additional harvest of forest biomass is neither sustainable nor greenhouse gas neutra

New study suggests EU biofuels are as carbon intensive as petrol    Bioenergy - chances and limits

China Turns to Biogas to Ease Impact of Factory Farms    Biogas aids Ugandan cattle-herders

Chemists settle longstanding debate on how methane is made biologically

Teaching Algae to make Fuel     Warning issued for modified algae

Algae to crude oil: million-year natural processes takes minutes in the lab

Marine microalgae, a new sustainable food and fuel source

Engineered bacteria make fuel from sunlight     What green algae are up to in the dark

Large-scale production of biofuels made from algae poses sustainability concerns

Iowa State University scientists genetically increase algae biomass by more than 50 percent

Scientists Identify New Microbe-Produced Advanced Biofuel as an Alternative to Diesel Fuel

Working together: bacteria join forces to produce electricity    Teaching a microbe to make fuel

Towards effective small scale microbial fuel cells for energy generation from urine

Generating electricity with tomato waste

Hydrogen Fuels: 

Hydrogen from water and Sun

Solar-powered hydrogen fuels a step closer

Record solar hydrogen production with concentrated sunlight

Researchers create hydrogen fuel from seawater

New catalyst could cut cost of making hydrogen fuel

Punching holes in graphene to boost hydrogen production     

Hydrogen fuel from sunlight    Clean energy from water

Harvesting clean hydrogen fuel through artificial photosynthesis

Power for seaports may be the next job for hydrogen fuel cells

Producing hydrogen from water with carbon/charcoal powder

Cheaper, less toxic and recyclable light absorbers for hydrogen production

Researchers find cost-effective method for hydrogen fuel production process

Controlling molecular vibrations to produce hydrogen

An attosecond view of electron-nuclear coupling

Research gives new ray of hope for solar fuel

The 'green grass' of home 

Batteries and other Energy Storage Devices:

Rethinking energy storage

New battery gobbles up CO2

Plugging into a battery-powered future

A new way to find better battery materials

Water-based battery offers large-scale energy storage

Carbon fibre can store energy in the body of a vehicle

Water-based battery developed for storing solar and wind energy

Organic Mega Flow battery transcends lifetime, voltage thresholds

Material scientists uncover source of degradation in sodium batteries

Scientists discover how a pinch of salt can improve battery performance

Super cheap earth element to advance new battery tech to the industry    

Chemically storing solar power    Turning background room temperature heat into energy

Discovery opens door to efficiently storing and reusing renewable energy

Long-lasting flow battery could run for more than a decade with minimum upkeep

New device could increase battery life 100x 

Rechargeable lithium-ion cell state of charge and defect detection by in-situ inside-out MRI

X-rays uncover a hidden property that leads to failure in a lithium-ion battery material 

New flow battery offers lower-cost energy storage    New materials for sustainable, low-cost batteries       

High storage batteries from sodium ion batteries     Making sodium-ion batteries that last

Glow-in-the-dark dye could fuel liquid-based batteries    New 3D design for mobile microbatteries

Scientists create stretchable battery made entirely out of fabric

Researchers peer into atom-sized tunnels in hunt for better battery

Ultra-thin solution to primary obstacle in solid-state battery development 

Battery's hidden layer revealed    MRI provides real-time 3D look inside battery

Tesla unveils battery to 'transform energy infrastructure'       

Tesla is a battery company!    Tesla starts battery cell production at gigafactory

These 9 slides put the new Tesla Gigafactory in perspective

The stunning numbers behind success of Tela big battery  

Scientists build bacteria-powered battery on a single sheet of paper

Exploding smartphones: what's the silent danger lurking in our rechargeable devices?

Next generation smartphones battery inspired by the gut    Turning brewery wastewater into battery power

Giant battery set for testing in the Australian outback

Outback's success points to bright future for battery storage

Techno-economic performance evaluation of compressed air energy storage in the Pacific Northwest

A wide arnge of testing results on an excellent lithium-ion cell chemistry to be used as benchmaks for new battery technologies