Fresh Water

The renaissance of hydrology

Water was plentiful in the early universe    

The cosmic chemistry that gave rise to water

Hit-and-run heist of water by terrestrial planets inthe early Solar System

UN 2018 World Water Development Report  - Nature based solutions for water

Groundwater and SDGs - analysis of interlinkages    World water development report 2018

Shifts in global water systems - markers of a new geological epoch: The Anthropocene

Water footprint assessment: evolvement of a new research field 

Water and peace: made in Switzerland  

WMO Bulletin Vo 67 (1) - Special Issue on water    CDP global water report 2018

Assessment of the state of hydrological services in developing countries

Water scarcity hotspots travel downstream due to human interventions in the 20th-21st centuries

Discrepancies between satellite and global model estimates of land water storage

Improving water resouces management from the ground 

Earth's freshwater future: extremese of flood and drought

Radical desalination approach may disrupt the water industry

Argonne's powerful X-rays key to confirming water source deep below Earth's surface

Changing the history of the Earth: the role of water in The Anthropocene   

Water & Food in the 21st Century    Green water    Water and the Green Economy

All the water on Earth    Water maps spark concern about 'liquid gold rush' 

How much water is there on, in, and above the Earth    Water is destiny   No water, no life   WaterWideWeb

The water footprint of humanity    Water as a global system   Global Water Partnership - how can we adapt?

Growing calls for water to be prioritised   Water, a global priority   The precious commodity of water

Global freshwater consumption crossing its planetary boundary    The Blue Planet's new water budget

Groundwater governance: key challenges in applying the Global Framework for Action

The global water crisis: addressing an urgent security issue    Water: Prepare to face shocks

Water security and the global water agenda   World confronts serious water crisis   Water Innovation Summit

World's Water Resources Face Mounting Pressure   The Impact of Global Change on Water Resources

Is physical water scarcity a new phenomenon? Global assessment of water shortage over the last two millenia

Four billion people facing severe water scarcity    World has not woken up to water crisis    

More tha 500 million people might face increasing water scarcity    Water and disaster risk 

Human water consumption intensifies hydrological drought worldwide  

Population growth could outpace water supply by mid-Century 

The potential for atmospheric water harvesting to accelerate household access to safe water      

Declining snowpacks may cut many nations' water    The coming blue revolution

The potential for snow to supply human water demand in the present and future  

Water for development: charting a water wise path         

Where does water go when it doesn't flow?    A new global warming culprit: dam drawdowns   

Water Science Software Institute: agile and open source software development

The new system that uses sound to alleviate water shortage

Freshwater resources and terrestrial ecosystems    

International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA)     

Successful rainwater harvesting systems combine new technology with old social habits

New solar technology could produce clean drinking water for millions in need 

Water monitoring & management programs:

Monitoring Framework for Water    New insights into managing our water resources

Water for a sustainabale world    The role of engineering in sustainable water management

Earth observation for water resource management

Improving water resource management with satellite data    

Integrated water resources management: balancing views and improving practice

Science-based Transboundary Water Management    Risk of water wars rises with scarcity 

Progress report on GEO inland and near-coastal water quality remote sensing working group   

Managing waters shared across national boundaries    Measuring transboundary water cooperation

Checklist for contingency planning for accidents affecting transboundary waters

Transboundary waters: sharing benefits, sharing responsibilities

UN World Water Development Report WWDR4

Wastewater, the untapped resource: UN World Water  Development Report 2017

Water and jobs: UN world water development report 2016

WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation

UN: a global synopsis of groundwater science and transboundary management    UN: analysis

Deep words, shallow words - an initial analysis of water discourse in 4 decades of UN declarations

Experts mull global system to monitor water resources    Interview with Ben Braga - UN  Water Activities

Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking Water GLAAS 2012   UN Water Policy Brief 

Short-term water management decisions: user needs for improved climate, weather and hydrologic information

Optimization framework for operation and design of systems with different alternative water sources 

Virtual water transfers unlikely to redress inequality in global water use   State of watershed payments - 2012

Scientists can predict water storage beyond 2-5 years over global semiarid regions

Water treatment methods may unintentionally generate harmful chemicals

A global water supply reservoir yield model with uncertainty analysis 

Water & climate change:

Climate change is wild card in water security

Impact of fires on water quality 

Climate change, water and adaptation - some fundamental reflections

Web technologies help to tackle climate change effects on water resources

Human impacts on terrestrial hydrology: climate change versus pumping and irrigation

Protecting people, infrastructures, economies, and ecosystem assets: water management in the face of climate change

Adapting Urban Water Systems to Climate Change    Water: Climate Risk Knowledge

Handbook on climate change and disaster resilient water, sanitation and hygiene factors

Dialogs for Water and Climate Change: Call to Action

Water: the connecting link to climate change adaptation

Water in the city:

World's largest cities depend on evaporated water from surrounding lands

Megacity precipitation sheds reveal teleconnected water security challenges 

Water in the city    One in four of world's big cities water-stressed

It takes a village - and much more - to quench megacity water demands

Water and urbanization    Simple soil mixture reverses toxic stormwater effects

Cities face dramatic increase in water treatment spending when watersheds are developed

Anti-fouling graphene-based membranes for effective water desilination

Sustainable cities water index    Water for sustainabale development

Cleaner & safer water: 

Fruit peel may help millions get safer water    Bacteria in drinking water are key to keeping it clean 

New way for removing phosphorous from wastewater   Leveraging bacteria in drinking water to benefit consumers

Safe water and healthy water services in a changing environment    Water are more polluted than tests say  

Contamination source determination in water distribution networks

Human activities trigger hypoxia in freshwaters around the world

Space radar helps track underground water pollution risk

Leaf-mimicking device harnesses light to purify water

Septic tanks aren't keeping poo out of rivers and lakes 


Laser reveals water's secret  life in soil

Vital groundwater depleted faster than ever

Satellites reveal major shifts in global freshwater

Calculating recharge of groundwater more precisely

New technology will provide super-precise groundwater models

Groundwater fate and climate change    Groundwater for Emergency Situations

Ground water depletion driving global conflicts    Blue Gold: the coming water wars

Assessment of transboundary aquifers of the world - vulnerability arising from human water use

Artificial groundwater recharge    What are the prospects for sustaining high-quality groundwater?

Origins and bioavailability of dissolved oorganic matter in groundwater

Breakthrough provides picture of underground water   Scientists discover vast undersea freshwater reserves

Electricity for groundwater use: constraints and opportunities for adaptive response to climate change

Instituting Integration: an integrated management approach to groundwater, aquifers, surface water and river flows

Reusable water:

Is effluent the water of the future?    Reduce, reuse, recycle: safe for water?

Scientists reveal key insights into emerging water purification technology


UN warns of rising levels of toxic brine as desalination plants meet growing water needs

3D electron microscopy uncovers the complex guts of desalination membranes

A carbon neutral solution for desalination? Maybe so by tapping into geothermal

Chemists work to desalt the ocean for drinking water, one nanoliter at a time

Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Freshwater from saltwater using only solar energy


South & Central America:

Advanced technology leads to new discovery of how an ancient Central American civilization conserved water

Satellite remote sensing for water resources management: sustainable development in data-poor regions

The demise of the Mayan civilization: water shortage can destroy cultures

The ancient Peruvian water mystery solved from space

Mexico City, parched and sinking, faces a water crisis

North America:

The importance of water to the US economy    USGS: water budgets    Managing freshwater across the US

The US water data gap - a survey of state-level water data platforms to inform a national water portal

US commitments to action on building a sustainable water future

A  comprehensive analysis and approach to US watershed management

Groundwater depletion in semiarid regions of Texas and California threatens US food security

Groundwater loss and aquifer system compaction in San Jaoquin Valley during 2012-2015 drought

The California drought is just the beginning of a national water emergency

Benefits and economic costs of managed aquifer recharge in California

Why 96, million black balls are inside this Los Angeles reservoir

Two major US aquifers have high levels of natural uranium

How climate change will affect Western US ground water

A new map of the US created from where we get our water

Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off US Northeast

US Water Utility Climate Alliance    Groundwater depletion in the US 1900-2008

USGS details effects of climate change on water availablility in 14 US river basins

Influence of basin characteristics of US interbasin transfer water problems: displacing a problem

Trends in stream nitrogen concentrations for forested reference catchments across the USA

EPA Adaptive response framework for drinking water and wastewater utilities

America's water risk: water stress and climate variability   Time is now for a new revolution in urban water systems

Sectoral contributions to surface water stress in the coterminus US

Water use for electricity in the United States: an analysis of reported and calculated water use information for 2008 

Informing water policy with large-scale, high fidelity simulation

Warmer spring causing loss of snow cover throughout Rocky Mountains   

Say goodbye to Phoenix and the American West

Clearing up confusion on future of Colorado River flows     California water dynamics

The unprecedented water crisis of the American Southwest

Mapping water availability, projected use and cost in the western US

Where the water goes - story of the Colorado River

Recent events hilghight the the need to get the US dams in line  

NASA opens new era in measuring western US snowpack    Thirsty for Answers

Water, climate change, and sustainability in the Southwest US

Satellites show 'total' California water storage at a near-decade low  

Amid California drought, Cadiz plans to pump desert water

Canada's Water InfoStream    


Asia, US plains facing water extraction crisis

Massive groundwater pumping in Asia may poison millions

Metaguidelines for water and climate change - for practioners in Asia and the Pacific

Water problems in Asia's future    Asian water development outlook 2013   

The impact of water on business in Singapore

Sun-powered desalination for villages in India

Towards a water and energy secure China

China plans 1000-km tunnel to take Brahmaputra water to Xinjiang

China's South-to-North water diversion project delivers first water    China's hidden water footprint

New risk model sheds light on arsenic risk in China's groundwater  

Eco-Compensation for Watershed Services in the Peoples Republic of China

Small dams on Chinese river harm environment more than expected, study finds

Chinese government sees its own refelection in water criisis

Modeling Beijing's water crisis

Climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessment of water resources systems in developing countries: a generalized framework and a feasibility study in Bangaladesh


Water's role in the rise and fall of the Roman Empire    

Chemical pollution of European waters is stronger than anticipated

More than half of EU surface waters below 'good' ecological status

Water resources in Europe in the context of vulnerability

Water in Europe: nutrient and heavy metal pollution 'decoupling' from growth

Water management in Europe faces rising challenges as ecosystems weaken

Assessing climate Impacts on the quality and quantity of water (ACQWA)

Swiss water supply assured despite shrinking glaciers

Whaley Bridge dam collapse is a wake-up call: concrete infrastructure will not last forever without care

Middle East:

Middle East has lost a Dead Sea's worth of water

Ancient water underlies ancient Egypt

Aquifer discovery in Iraq - a water wizard for the planet

Maplecroft index identifies Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as world’s most water stressed countries


Water Development in the Drylands of the Horn of Africa   Kenya aquifers discovered in dry Turkana region

CDP Water disclosure South Africa Report 2011 - assessing the value of water

Wars of Water (South Africa)

Implementing Zonal Management Approach to Urban Water Supplies 

How satellite images could improve water management in Africa

Toward evaluating the effect of climate change on investments in the water resources sector: insights from the forecast and analysis of the hydrological indicators in developing countries

'Sand dams' bank water for dry season in semi-arid Kenya    Rural Kenya harvests water from fog

The urban-rural water interface: a preliminary study in Burkina Faso


Drought and climate change are driving high water prices in the Murray-Darling Basin

Indigenous Australians are excluded from managing water on their own land 

Climate change adaptation and the Australian Urban Water industry

Ensuring Australia's water supplies under climate change