2016 World's worst pollution problems    Top ten toxic threats 2013

Manmade pollutants may be driving Earth's tropical belt expansion

Key to cleaner environment may be right beneath our feet!

Global patterns of nitrate storage in the vadose zone

Environmental Pollutants Lurk Long After They "Disappear" 

The impacts of endocrine disrupters on wildlife, people and their environments

Exposure to environmental contaminants today can influence behavior generations later

The dilemma in prioritizing chemicals for environmental analysis: known versus unknown hazards  

Transgenerational actions of environmental compounds on reproductive disease and identification of epigenetic biomarkers of ancestral exposure

New paints break down nitrogen oxides    Study finds flame retardent pollutants at far-flung locations

Global prevalence and distribution of genes and micro-organisms involved in mercury methylation

Higher lead levels may lie just below surface    High tunsten levels increase stroke risk 

Research finds maganese concentrations higher in residential neighborhoods than industrial sites, levels vary by region 

Oregon chemists moving forward with tool to detect hydrogen sulphide

Air Pollution:

WHO releases country estimates on air pollution exposure and health impact

Air pollution reduces global life expectancy by more than one year

Mortality and burden of disease from ambient air pollution

NOx: traffic dramatically underestimated as major polluter

Technical opportunities to reduce global anthropogenic emissions of nitrous oxide

Scientists discover unexpected side effect to cleaning up urban air

Alpine ecosystems struggle to recover from air pollution

Advanced satellite tracks air pollution in extraordinary detail

How NASA keeps tabs on air pollution from space    Tracking pollution from outer space

Scientists eye Chinese satellites to monitor world air pollution

Researchers pinpoint how trees play role in smog production    Clear the air

Detecting black carbon in the Arctic atmosphere    Scientists scrutinize Arctic gas flaring pollution

Billions in savings in health costs through reduction in air pollution    Airborne pollutants lead a double life

A story about air quality   Impact of mega-cities on air pollution and climate

Megacity emissions and lifetimes of nitrogen oxides probed from space

3 things to know about the benefits of reducing mercury emissions

Elusive intermediate compound in atmospheric chemistry spotted

Use of climate-forcing F-gases underline need for innovation

Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone    

Groundbreaking air-cleaner saves polluting industrials    Report to Congress on Black Carbon

Newly discovered 'blue whirl' fire tornaado burns cleaner for reduced emissions

Small, portable sensors allow users to monitor exposure to pollution on their smart phones    

Urban air pollution - what are the main sources across the world?    Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Worldwide increase of air pollution    Climate change and air quality   Air pollution and climate change

Global premature mortality due to anthropogenic outdoor air pollution and the contribution of past climate change 

Contributions to cities' ambient particulate matter (PM): a systematic review of local source contributions  at global level

Researchers pinpoint how trees play a role in smog production    Wood burning is a source of dioxins

Effects of 'business-as-usual' anthropenic emissions on air quality     Clean air technologies

Roadside air can be more charged than under a high voltage power line    Looking for a clean air revolution

Breakthrough CO2 technology eliminates vehicle exhaust fumes at the source 

Natural bacterial communities serve as quantitative geochemical biosensors

Trash burning worldwide significantly worsens air pollution

The last decade of global anthropogenic sulfur dioxide: 2000–2011 emissions

More people die from air pollution than malaria and HIV/AIDS combined

Air pollution in Peru from 500 years ago discovered

Air pollution may boost potency of airborne allergens

Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk

In situ study of the mechanical properties of airborne haze particles

New approach could reduce human health impacts of electric power generation

Upper atmosphere facilitates changes that let mercury enter food chain

ORNL research reveals new challenges for mercury cleanup    Where does urban mercury come from?

New instrument to monitor atmospheric mercury developed

Response of air stagnation frequency to anthropogenically enhanced radiative forcing

Land & Freshwater Pollution:

Land-based pollution sources    Plastic polltion statistics   

How the plastic bottle went from miracle container to hated garbage

Coal-Tar-Based pavement Sealcoat and PAHs: Implications for the environment, human health, and stormwater management

Impacts of atmospheric pollution on aquatic ecosystems

New tracers can identify coal ash contamination in water

Long-term study shows acid pollution in rain decreases with emissions

New technique allows frequent water quality monitoring for suite of pollutants

Major breakthrough could help detoxify pollutants

Only half of drugs removed by sewerage treatment   Streams stressed by pharmaceutical pollution

Ecological consequences of amphetamine pollution in urban streams

Scientists discover tiny microbes with potential to cleanse waterways

Antibacterial agent used in common soaps found in increasing amounts in freshwater lakes

Nitrogen from humans pollutes remote lakes for more than a century  

Novel device removes heavy metals from water

Chemists find new way to recycle plastic waste into fuel    A step toward biodegradable plastics

Wastewater treatment plants significant source of microplastics in rivers

Microplastic pollution in St. Lawrence River sediments

An estimated 10,000 metric toneof plastic enter the Great lakes every year 

Urban stream contamination increasing rapidly due to road salt

Improving detection of radioactive material in nuclear waste water

Is radioactive hydrogen in drinking water a cancer threat 

Mercury from gold mines accumulates hundreds of miles downstream

Cleaning up decades of phosphorous pollution in lakes

Ocean & Lake Pollution:


Mercury is altering gene expression

Mercury in the world's oceans on the rise

Pollution triples mercury levels in ocean surface waters

Researchers warn of legacy mercury in the environment

Mercury in coastal fog linked to upwelling of deep ocean water

New low-cost nondestructive technology cuts risk from mercury hot spots

Toxic mercury, accumulating in the Arctic, springs from a hidden source

Antarctic sea ice may be source of mercury in Southern Ocean fish and birds

Global models offer new insights into Great Lakes mercury pollution

Dead zones are a global water pollution challenge - but with sustained effort they can come back to life


Reconsideration of the planetary boundary for phosphorous


Ammonium source in open ocean tracked

Other ocean pollution:

The grand challenges in marine pollution research

Evidence of oceanic 'green rust' offers hope for the future

Nutrient pollution of coastal rivers, bays, and seas

Inventor harnessing waves to clean up the seas

Ocean Plastic:

The global footprint of plastic

How dangerous is microplastic?

A passive ocean cleanuo begins

Plastic particles now infest the Arctic

Plastics designed with recycling in mind

How plastic waste moves in the environment

Researchers develop plastic from seawater algae

Scientists engineer plastic-eating enzyme that could help fight pollution

Just 10 rivers may be to blame for millions of tonnes of ocean plastic

Wastewater treatment plants as a source of microplastics in river catchments

Levels of microplastics in the Baltic have remained constant for 30 years

Breaking down BPA and similar pollutants with sunlight, nanoparticles and graphene

Plastic pollution in the world's oceans: more than 5 trillion plastic pieces weighing over 250,000 tons afloat at sea

Plastic in the ocean    The sea as a rubbish tip    A global inventory of small floating plastic debris

An ocean of plastic    Plastic pollution   Pacific plastic soup grew 100-fold

Plastic litter taints the sea surface, even in the Arctic

There's a lot of trash in the ocean - here's how to help

Plastic mirofibre ingestion by deep-sea organisms

Microplastics in the aquatic and terrestrial environment 

Microplastic from the washing machine    'Lost' 99% of ocean microplastics to be identified with a dye? 

Microplastics in the ocean: biologists study effects on marine animals

A step toward biodegradable plastics    Fragmentation of plastic waste

New study quantifies microplastic pollution    Microplastic particles threaten fish larvae

Modeling marine surface microplastic transport to assess optimal removal locations

A plastic planet    Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made

Degrading plastics revealed as source of greenhouse gases

New catalysts remove 99% of BPA from water


For the first time physicists observed and quantified tiny nanoparticles crossing lipid membrane

New tests for determining health and environmental effects of nanomaterials

Silver nanoparticles may adversely affect environment

Tracking technology:   

Model shows how façade pollutants make it into the environment

Turning smartphones into personal, real-time pollution monitors

Maths formula leads researchers to source of pollution

New predictive method pinpoints arsenic hotspots


NASA finds sea ice driving Artic air pollutants    Arctic ozone levels in never-before-seen plunge

High level of lead found in Indian Ocean    The result of slow degradation  

Black carbon aerosols over Manora Peak in the Indian Himalayan foothills: implications for climate forcing

Europe's cities still suffering from harmful air pollution

Europe: industrial pollution has high economic cost 

European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR)

EMEP/EEA air pollution inventory guidebook 2013     Air pollution still harming health across Europe

EU meets most international air pollution emissions limits, further cuts possible

EU to extend coastal pollution fines to 200 nautical miles   Monitoring chemical pollution in Europe's seas

Newly found health effects of air pollution call for stronger EU air policies

Real-time EU air quality data    EU: The clean air policy package    Coal dust kills 23,000 per year in EU

EU meets most international air pollution emissions limits, further cuts possible

Europe clears the air    Many Europeans still exposed to harmful air pollutants    Noise in Europe 2014

Nitrogen oxide emissions still a major problem in Europe   Traffic pollution still harmful to health in Europe

New study links air pollution and early death in the UK

UK rivers heavily contaminated with microplastics   

European Reference Materials website

Contamination of La Selva geothermal system in Girona, Spain

Human impact on the transport of terrigenous and anthropogenic elements to peri-alpine lakes (Switzerland) over the last decades

Setting Limits: Using Air Pollution Thresholds to Protect and Restore U.S. Ecosystems

Half of all children will be autistic by 2025 because of Rundup, MIT scientists

US Flint  water crisis: what's in that contaminated water?

Coal ash ponds found to leak toxic chemicals

Satellite Confirms Sharp Decline in Pollution from U.S. Coal Power Plants       BenMAP

NIST Releases Two New SRMs for Monitoring Human Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Insecticides similar to nicotine widespread in US Midwest

The Portland US moss and air quality study

North American regional action plan for mercury - close out report

Changes in the frequency and return level of high ozone pollution events over the eastern US following emission controls

Seabirds study shows plastic pollution reaching surprising levels off coast of US Pacific Northwest

Influence of future climate and emissions on regional air quality in California

Nitrogen pollution changing Rocky Mountain National Park vegetation

Asian emissions can increase ground-level ozone pollution in the US West

Lead isotopes yield clues to how Asian air pollution reaches California

Made in China for us: air pollution as well as exports

EPA issues first national standards for mercury pollution from power plants

US National Atmospheric Deposition Program    Flexibility for the Future

2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from large facilities now available

Eastern US 48-hour Air Quality Forecasts (12 km horizontal resolution) 

Engineers conduct residential soils study, one of few such U.S. studies ever done

A new look at air pollution sources and atmosphere-warming particles in South Asia

First infrared satellite monitoring of peak pollution episodes in China

Pollution in China    China arms itself for difficult 'war on pollution'

China is hot spot of ground-level ozone pollution

Fighting air pollution in China with social media

Air pollution is pushing wind speed into a regulator of surface solar irradiance in China 

China to slow GDP growth in bid to curb emissions    China offers reward to 6 regions to fight air pollution

Household fuels exceed power plants, cars as smog source in Beijing 

China has made strides in monitoring air pollution, and setting goals

Finnish team to pilot air quality monitoring technologies in China

China launches new measures to tackle air pollution   China's smog suffocating agriculture?  

Mechanisms for the formation of the Jan 2013 heavy haze pollution episode over central and eastern China

Home cooking, traffic are the sources of key air pollutants from China  

Innovative study estimates extent to which air pollution in China shortens human lives

Light shed on key component of China's pollution problem   Cadmium poisoning from China plant kills 26

Assessing economic impacts of China’s water pollution mitigation measures through a dynamic computable general equilibrium analysis

Australian shipping emissions identified

Bangaladesh: LLNL helps find link to arsenic-contaminated groundwater

Arabian Sea Tropical Cyclones Are Intensified by Air Pollution,

The impact of African air pollution - A global chemistry climate model study

Scientists warn of the risk from air pollution over the megacities of West Africa 

Climate and Air Pollution Modelling in South America with Focus on Megacities

Peru industrial pollution feeds conflict