Planetary Health

We are at a time of considerable threat to human health as we go forward

Sir Andy Haines 

Planetary Situation:

Planetary health: a new science for exceptional action    The need for a global health ethic

Human and planetary health: toward a common language    UNDP Planetary Health

WHO, governments and health agencies commit to advancing global health security

Framing planetary health: arguing for research centred science

Measuring mortality from non-communicable diseases

Health as the pulse of the New Urban Agenda

The global health community needs innovation and reform

Researchers find that Earth may be home to 1 trillion species   

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)    Access to medicine and healthcare    

International classification of disease   Taking the 'neglect' out of neglected global diseases

Sustainable discovery and development of antibiotics - is a nonprofit apprach the future? 

The antimicrobial resistance: an urgent need for a planetary and ecosystem approach    

A comprehensive assessment of universal health coverage in 111 countries

Recent trends in life expectancy across high income countries

Public Health in Low Income Countries

UNICEF state of the world's children report 2016

Towards a healthier world    Atlas of the Human Planet

Diverse dimensions of health:    

Human Cell Atlas    Bodily maps of emotion    

Circadian rythms and metabolism    How circadian clocks differ from sleep

The body's clock offers a rythmic target to viruses    How the body's trillions of clocks keep time

Mechanisms underpinning the link between emotion, physical health and longetivity

Combatting the sedentary workplace    The era of personalized medicine

The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life: the new sleep science 

Universal sanitation underestimated in efforts to reduce child mortality

Safeguarding human health in the Anthropocene era

Effects of intermitten fasting on health, aging and disease  

Could inflammation be the cause of myriad chronic conditions  

How to diagnose systemic infections much more quickly and reliably

Being surrounded by green space in childhood may improve mental health of adults

2500 year old Pythagoras theorem helps to show when a patient has turned a corner

Bacteria in the human body are sharing genes, even across tissue boundaries

Global monitoring of AMR based on metagenomic analysis of urban sewage         

Newly discovered antibiotic kills pathogens without resistance    Ditch the term pathogen   

Viruses - you've heard the bad; here's the good

Viruses have a secret, altruistic social life

Viruses find a new way to hijack cells

Viruses can scatter their genes among cells and reassemble

Pathogen genomics in public health

How to permanently end diseases 

Health, climate change & extreme weather events:

The climate crisis and clinical practice

2018: The Lancet countdown on health and climate change

Tackling climate change: the greatest opportunity for global health

The health and economic benefits of climate mitigation and pollution contro

Health benefits far outweigh the costs of meeting climate change goals

Climate crisis and health    The effect of climate change on disease

We're melting the Arctic, and reviving deadly germs in the process

The imperative for climate action to protect health    The adaptation gap in health reports

Scientists warn of new health threat caused by global warming    Heat-induced heart attack risk on the rise

Is climate change affecting human health?   Managing the health effects of climate change

Large storms can flood aging sewer systems with harmful bacteria, viruses

Public health adaptation to climate change in OECD countries

Climate change will make us sicker and lose work hours

Climate crisis could spread dengue fever through most of Southeast US

Effects of environmental stressors on daily governance

Assets for health: linking vulnerability, resilience and adaptation to climate change

Climate change will widen the social and health gap     Atlas of health and climate

As Earth warms, the diseases that lie within permafrost become a bigger worry

Public health benefits of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Researchers tackle link between climate change and public health

Adapting to health impacts of climate change: a study of UNFCCC

Estimating the health-related costs of 10 climate-sensitive US events during 2012

Extreme heat episodes and risk of preterm birth in California, 2005-2013

Global disease outbreaks associated with the 2015-2016 El Nino event

When a hurricane strikes, diseases know no borders

Are algae blooms linked to Lou Gehrig's disease?

Health & the environment:

More trees on your street means fewer health problems    The health benefits of trees

Nature's contributions to human health: A missing link to human health care?

Environment, health and wellbeing: a systemic approach

Health and environment data to be linked for the first time

Predicting disease outbreaks using environmental changes

Nature and mental health: an ecosystem service perspective

Planetary health as a laboratory for enhance evidence synthesis

Human Exposome Project to decode how environmental factors damage health

Forest conservation: a potential nutrition sensitive intervention in low & middle-income countries

Air pollution:

ADHD air pollution link 

Toxic airborne pollutants linger long after the smoke clears  

Understanding air pollution from biomass burners used for heating    

New atmospheric compound tied to climate change and human health issues discovered

Global and regional trends in particulate air pollution and attributable health burden over the last 50 years

Negative air ions and their effects on human health and air quality improvements

Exposure to air pollution during childhood and risk of developing schizophrenia

Interaction between residential greenness and air pollution mortality

Climate change, enironmental change, and development triggers disease:

Allergy sufferers beware the next 100 years! 

Effects of climate change on West Nile Virus

Is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

Climate conditions help forecast meningitis outbreaks

Infectious disease: the invisible danger of climate change

Sustainable development must account for pandemic risk

Climate change leads to rapid emergence of infectious diseases

Climate change said affecting global spread of infectious disease

Cholera-like disease 'piggybacking' on El Nino to reach new shores

Infectious diseases and climate change intersect with no simple answers

Impact of climate change on parasite infection depends on host immunity

The influence of global environmental change on infectious disease dynamics

Spatial scale modulates the strength of ecological processes driving disease distributions

Modelling the effects of global climate change on Chikungunya transmission in the 21st century 

Parasitic infections:

Unusual discovery leads to fascinating tuberculosis theory

Why snails kill 200,000 people every year

A new way to diagnose malaria

Pain management:

New study provides key insights into aspirin's disease-fighting abilities    Aspirin, take two

Newly discovered organ may be lurking under your skin

30 small neurons join forces against pain

What we know about pain

Mental illness:



Aging may be as old as life itself

Semantic activity analytics for healthy aging

Aging: new study valdates longetivity pathway

A photographic treatment for people with dementia

Is aging inevitable? Not necessarily for sea urchins

Research identifies key genetic link in the biology of aging

Declining trends of healthy life years expectancy (HLYE) in Europe

Physics meets biology to help defeat aging    US causes of death

An aspirin a day of no benefit for fit and healthy elderly, study finds

Lifespan is increasing in people who live to 65, regadless of socio-economic factors

Health & sun

Researchers correlate incidences of rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis with solar cycles 

Can solar events trigger birth defects on Earth?    Sun may determie life span at birth

Link between Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and autism traits discovered

Solar storms and the pineal gland - riding the power wave


Killing cancer with viruses

A 'key' to metastasis formation

Cancer treatment on a cellular level

Researchers develop method to map cancer progression

Shape of tumor may affect whether cells can metastasize

Legions of nanorobots target cancerous tumours with precision

New technology tracks carcinogens as they move through the body

Early cancer detection through fine-print mapping of blood vessel growth

New microfluidic device offers means for studying electric field cancert therapy

Global taskforce calls for research into everyday chemicals that may cause cancer

Estimate of incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in 2018: a worldwide analysis

Global burden of cancer attributable to infections in 2018: a worldwide incident analysis

Scientists suggest a mathematical model for the selection of the optimal treatment of cancer

Technology and medicine:


Perfect genetic knowledge

Gene drives spead their wings

Human gene editing gets green light

How heathy is genetically modified soybean oil?

Analyzing genetic tree sheds new light on disease outbreaks

CRISPR makes it clear: the US needs a biology strategy, and fast

Molecular map reveals genetic origins of 21 autoimmune diseases

Geneticists are concerned transhumanists will use CRISPR on themselves

Precision medicine integrating whole-genome sequencing, comprehensive metabolomics, and imaging


Smartphone medicine

Do-it-yourself sensors

How medicine will change with digital technology

How wearable computing is shaping digital health

Improving healthcare with interactive visualization

Computing infrastructure for global malaria eradication project 

A look at how new tech is giving patients more control over their health

Smart phones could improve skin cancer detection in developing countries

Tracking physiomes and activity using wearable biosensors reveals useful health-related information


Using satellites to improve public health

Satellites help scientists track deadly parasites

Scientists combine satellite data, machine learning to map poverty


GIS technology helps health care industry save lives


Extermely high-resolution MRI

State of the art in Medical Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Deep medical image computing in preventative and precision medicine

Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have inflated false-positive rates

Stem Cells:

Stem cells in the treatment of disease

Other Tech in Medicine:


Cold plasma for a safer world

The Cuban biotech revolution

Thermal microscopy of single cells

Subtracting gravity from Alzheimers 

Unwrapping the many gifts of graphene

Cochlear implants and electronic hearing

A new weapon in the war against superbugs

Antarctic sponge extract can help kill MRSA

Risk of pulmonary embolism from ultrasound

Gauging blood hemoglobin with a photograph

2017 Nobel Prize in cryo-electron microscopy

3D-printed heart-on-a-chip with integrated sensors

An army of microrobots can wipe out dental plaque

How do powerful magnets react to the iron in our blood?

Exact receptor for DEET that repels mosquitos discovered

New sensor to detect tiny individual nanoparticles developed

Molecular nano-spies to make light work of disease detection

HERMES public health modeling software released for public use

Scientists speed up human tissue regeneration with supermolecule

New technique for rapidly killing bacteria using tiny gold discs and light

mHealth spectroscopy of blood hemoglobin with spectral super-resolution

Implantable 'neural dust' enables precise wireless recording of nerve activity

Tiny electronic device may allow doctors to peer inside the heart and its arteries

'Nanomotor lithography' answers call for affordable, simpler device manufacturing

Health Risk Factors:

Introduction of risk size in the determination of uncertainty factor UFl in health risk assessment

Tackling urban risk       

Study shows air emissions near fracking sites may pose health risk

Association between maternal exposure to agriculture pesticides, autism in offsprings   

Are silver nonoparticles harmful?    Scientists trace nanoparticles from plants to catepillars

Nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks are likely to reach environment

Soap antimicrobial may damage liver and raise cancer risk, mouse study shows

How to stop antibiotic- resistant superbug    What's next in the war on superbugs?

Quantitative risk assessment of human illness from exposure to marine beach sand

Sludge as new sentinel for human health risks    Risk reduction promise at World Water Forum

Protecting the public and minimizing health effects from heat    Wood-burning stoves - harmful or safe?

Even moderate air pollution can raise stroke risks

Disaster reduction critical to HIV/AIDS reduction

The drought and public health - what are the connections? 

Health and disaster risk    Health aspects of disasters

Risk communications strategies for the very worst of cases    

Heart problems increase substantially after an earthquake, new study finds

Statisticians using social media to track foodborne illness outbreaks and improve disaster response 

Disaster Risk Management for Health - water, sanitation and hygiene  DRR and Water, Sanitation, Health

Radiation exposure and the body: what you should know   Radiation in Daily Life   Radiation Dose Chart

Expert discovers simple method of dealing with harmful radioactive iodine    The radiation dangers from flying

Concerns about climate change, health - skin cancer danger in ozone loss

Descent from ancient plough-using societies linked to higher male cancer risk

Hidden tooth infections may  predispose people to heart disease

The Human Microbiome:

The intestinal microbiota: a new ally for optimal growth    Communicating with bacteria of the gut

Skin exposure to narrow band UVB light modulates the human intestinal microbiome

Your microbiome may be giving you arthritis. How can we understand it better?

How trillions of microbes affect every stage of our life - from birth to old age

Can your microbiome be genetically engineered to make you healthy? 

The story of how a worm turned ... into a bringer of medical miracles

Obesity-related gut bacteria higher in people in Northern Climes

Gut microbes' role in mammals' evolution starts to become clear

Gut bacteria's interactions with immune system mapped

Uncovering uncultivated microbes in the human gut

Microbes adapt to colonize different body parts

C-section babies are missing key microbes

Why its time to map the microbiome

The American Gut Project  

The microbiome initiative    

Microbiomes in transition


Our water pipes crawl with millions of bacteria

Researchers strategize to outsmart bacteria    

Your home, your bacteria     We are not alone    

War between bacteria and phages benefits humans


Climate model to predict malaria outbreaks in India    Mathematical models for emerging disease 

The impact of global environmental change on vector-borne disease-risk: a modelling study 

Engineers use computer models to help resource-poor nations improve allocation of limited health care resources

Modeling of regional climate change effects on ground-level ozone and childhood asthma

Trade-offs between energy cost and health impact in a regional coupled energy–air quality model: the LEAQ model 

Avoiding a cartography catastrophe



Potential impacts of climate change on the ecology of dengue and its mosquito vector the Asian tiger mosquito

Toxic waste sites cause 'healthy years of life lost' for people living in India, Philippines and Indonesia

Inclusiveness of Economic Growth in China: What do Population Health Outcomes Tell Us?

El Nino conditions in the Pacific precedes dengue fever epidemics in South Asia

Indian air pollution: loaded dice

Training manual on health and disaster preparedness in rural China

Impacts of flood on health: epidemiologic evidence from Hanoi, Vietnam

Short-term exposure to PM2.5 pollutants and cardiac arrest: Japan


Canada: Addressing the environmental, community and health impacts of resource development 

US National Health Security Preparedness Index    Agenda 2020

US using biomimicry to detect outbreaks faster

US National status of cancer 1975-2014, featuring survival

DoD, HHS, DHS should use existing coordination mechanisms to improve their pandemic preparedness

A climate-based model predicts the spatial distribution of the Lyme disease vector Ixodes scapularis in USA

Short-term exposure to low levels of air pollution linked with premature death among US seniors

Agricultural subsidies and the American obesity epidemic

Health benefits from large-scale ozone reduction in the USA

Mysterious disease rides on the winds across the Pacific Ocean

Declining air pollution levels continue to improve life expectancy in the US

The impacts of climate change on human health in the USA - a scientific assessment

Groundbreaking Study Quantifies Health Costs of Climate Change-Related Disasters in the U.S.

New model of disease contagion ranks US airports in terms of their spreading influence

USA: Half of all children will be autistic by 2025, warns senior research scientists at MIT

Potential hotspot for avian flu transmission identified in Western Alaska

Methicillin-resistant MRSA detected at 4 US wastewater treatment plants

Nitrate in drinking water raises health concerns for rural Californians

Flint water: what's in that contaminated water?


European Green Deal: a major opportunity for health improvement

Systematic assessment of climate sensitivity of important human & domestic animal pathogens in Europe

Health emergency preparedness for imported cases of high consequence infectious diseases

EU: the cost of ignoring the warning signs     Health impacts of floods in Europe

Southern Europe's coming plagues: vector-borne neglected tropical diseases   

Hazardous substances in Europe's fresh and marine waters

Netherlands: the uncertain health ipacts of climate change

Middle East:

Communicable diseases management in disasters: an analysis in the Islamic Republic of Iran


Burden of disease in francophone Africa, 1990-2017

African response to climate change critical as risk of disease outbreaks grow

A planetary health perspective on agroforestry in Sub-Saharan Africa

Rainfall, brain infection linked in sub-Sahara Africa

Malaria deaths in Africa: 2000-2014

Health initiatives:

Global consortium formed to educate leaders on climate and health

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - personal interview

Climate and Public Health: the MERIT initiative