Mapping the Universe, Star Formation, Galaxies & Galaxy Clusters, The Milky Way

Mapping the Universe:

Optimizing operations for an umprecedented view of the universe

Our Universe is too vast for even the most imaginitive sci-fi 

Master plan of the Universe revealed in galaxy maps

CosmicFlows 3: Cosmography of the local void

Faint galactic halos    The entire sky in X-rays

WiggleZ confirms the Big picture of the Universe

Universe size comparisons

The astronomer who'd rather build space cameras

New Australian telescope set to find 700,000 galaxies

A big data journey while seeking to catalog our Universe

World's largest telescope more powerful, popular after two years

South Pole Telescope (SPT) finishes 5-year survey of galaxy clusters 

Hubble paints picture of the evolving universe    Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Telescope

'Cosmic lantern' cpuld help us further understand the fate of the Universe

Unlocking cosmology    Chandrasekhar’s role in 20th-century science

Structures in the Universe    SKA update    Researchers redefine cosmic velocity web    

We're way below average! Astronomers saya Milky Way resides in a great cosmic void 

Astronomers new expression of the activity-rotation relationship  

River of hydrogen flowing through space

Cosmic environments and their influence in star formation

 An improved map of the Galactic Faraday sky

High-resolution view into the infrared Universe 

Tracing aromatic molecules in the early universe

Early opaque Universe linked to galaxy scarcity

Researchers pioneer a 'Google Street View' of galaxies

Gleamoscope - viewing the universe in multiple wavelengths

Genereative adversarial networks recover features in astrophysical images beyond deconvolutoinal limit

LEGUS high-res UV survey of local galaxies    A new map for a birthplace of stars

ABAT: Asteroid Belt Astronomical Telescope    Hubble gazes at cosmic megamaser

The physics origin of the heirarchy of bodies in space    Sculpting solar systems  

Celeste: a new model for cataloging the universe    Reproducing the large-scale Universe

Researchers propose new way to chart the cosmos in 3D    The reference catalog of galaxy SEDs

First public data released by the Hyper Su[prime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program 

How far away is that galaxy? Vast catalog has answers

The AAVSO photometric All-Sky Survey    

Astrophysics: the icing on the Big Data cake

What Hubble has seen, visualized

Gaiia data release 2 published    Gaia's map of 1.3 billion stars makes a Milky Way in a bottle

Astrophysicists draw most comprehensive map of the universe 

Novae, a type of explosive phenomenon in stars, are main source of lithium in the universe 

Gaia's billion-star map hints at treasures to come    Chinese mega-telescope obtains data on 7 million stars

Astronomers release largest digital survey of the visible universe

Pan-STARRS releases catalogue of 3 billion astronomical sources

The elements of life mapped across the Milky Way by SDSS/APOGEE

Dwarf star 200 light-years away contains life's building blocks

Astronomers map a record-braking 1.2 million galaxies to study the properties of dark energy

Physicists find clue to formation of magnetic fields around stars and galaxies

Researchers develop new parallel computing method for astronomical analysis

A new cosmic survey offers unprecedented view of galaxies    SDSS-III    Julia joins the petaflop club    

ALMA finds unexpected trove of gas around larger stars    Fermi's gamma-ray cosmos poster

A new view of the X-ray sky     New study maps space dust in 3D    The Universe in 3D

Southern Sky Mapper    Revealing the intimate lives of MASSIVE galaxies

Universe's UV background could provide clues about missing galaxies

Turbulence in space might solve outstanding astrophysical mystery 

Galactic visualization Center delivers star power

Our universe is dying


And let there be light: looking for the first stars in the universe 

Stars formed only 250 million years after the Big Bang

Magnetic waves create chaos in star-forming clouds

As clouds fall apart, a new star is born

How to spin a disk around young protostars

First detection of lithium from an exploding star

Stellar 'swarms' help astronomers understand the evolution of stars

Revolutionary camera allows scientists to predict evolution of ancient stars

Astronomers show how supergiant stars repeatedly cool and heat up again

Fiirst look at birth places of most current stars    All suns have twins when they are born?

Sizing up solitary stars    The laws of star formation challenged    When is a star not a star?

ALMA's most detailed image of a protoplanetary disc

ALMA catches stellar cocoon with curious chemistry

ALMA telescope unveils rapid formation of new stars in distant galaxies

Magnetic Fields Play Larger Role in Star Formation than Previously Thought

Astronomers witness the birth of a new star from stellar explosion

Students find foundations of galaxy's most massive stars 

A starburst reveals the formation mechanism of massive stars

The birth of massive stars is accompanied by strong luminosity bursts

This meteorite settles a question about which elements made up the early universe

Starbirth surprisingly energetic: ALMA observations give new insights into protostars

Searching the stars for clues to the Universe's origins

Second-generation stars identified, giving clues about their predecessors

Herschel reveals the hidden side of star birth    Herschel reveals how most stars formed in the Universe

Astronomers Get Sharpest View Ever of Star Factories in Distant Universe

Ultra-sharp image uncovers the shocking lives of young stars

New theory points to 'zombie vortices' as key step in star formation    The  missing brown dwarfs

New Study Shows Very First Stars Not Monstrous    The first stars, as seen by supercomputers

Gluttonous star may hold clues to planet formation

ALMA shows how young star and planets grow simultaneously

Astronomers get rare peek at early stage of star formation

SMA unveils how small cosmic seeds grow into big stars

Massive star formation study: solving a 30-year-old puzzle

New studies give boost to binary-star formation theory

Hubble's Festive View of a Grand Star-Forming Region

Tracing star formation rates in distant galaxies    Rapid formation of new stars in distant galaxies

Sharpest view ever of star formation in the distant universe

Smaller stars pack big X-ray punch for would-be planets

The surprising chemistry at the core of a white dwarf 

White dwarf lashes red dwarf with mystery ray 

Are brown dwarfs failed stars or super-planets?

ALMA disentangles complex birth of giant stars

A chemical signature of first-generation very-massive stars    Explosive growth of young star

Starless cloud cores reveal why some stars are bigger than others  Blurring the line between stars and planets

Dramatic new evidence about star, planet formation    Dark matter satellites trigger massive birth of stars 

'Cannibalism' between stars: new research shows the turbulent past of our sun 

Researchers question results obtained heretofore in the study of pulsating stars

Hubble sees massive comet pollute white dwarf atmosphere

Witnessing turbulent motion in the atmosphere of a distant star

Newly discovered star offers opportunity to explore origins of first stars sprung to life in early universe

Astronomers find best observational evidence of first-generation stars in the universe

Close-up view of galaxies prompts re-think of star formation    Galactic 'rain' could be key to star formation

Astronomers peer into the 'amniotuc sac' of a planet-hosting star

Spirals in dust around young stars may betray presence of massive planets

Sharpest view ever of dusty disc around aging star    Under the bright lights of an aging sun

Hubble finds dead stars 'polluted' with planet debris    ANU astronomer discovers oldest star

How stellar death can lead to twin celestial jets    Earth's gold came from colliding dead stars

Integral catches dead star exploding in a blaze of glory    New molecules around old stars

Sweeping X-ray imaging survey of dying stars is 'uncharted territory'

Scientists discover crucial event right before the death of a star

Close-up Photos of Dying Star Show Our Sun's Fate

Ultra-hot gas around remnants of Sun-like stars

A new way to determine the age of stars?

Dead stars can 're-ignite' and 'explode'

A new twist on stellar rotation  

Pinpointing the ages of stars    Stars' spins reveal their ages    How to Learn a Star's True Age

Investigating the early universe through 'stellar archaeology'    First cosmic web filaments detected  

X-raying the beating heart of a newborn star    Sweet building blocks of life found around young star    

A chemical signature of first generation very massive stars

When the first stars blinked on    Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth

Hubble survey unlocks clues to star birth in neighboring galaxy

Most stars are born in clusters, some leave 'home'      Birth of a star quartet

Unlocking the mysteries of 'little starlets'    Lives and deaths of sibling stars

NASA delivers new insight into star cluster formation

Our Sun came late to the Milky Way's star-birth party    Stars akin to the sun also explode when they die

Shedding light on the growth of stars and black holes    

First movie of stellar-surface evolution beyond our Solar System

Astronomers find new way to measure the pull of gravity at the surface of distant stars 

Alternative stellar lifestyle: common, curious, solved at last

Warm gas pours 'cold water' on galaxy's star-making

Study shows how stars look young when they're not

Stellar evolution infographic   Astrochemical dating of stellar nursery     

Turbulence May Promote the Birth of Massive Stars

Observatory identifies impact of cosmic chaos on star birth

Cosmic turbulences result in star and black hole formation 

Runaway stars leave infrared waves in space    Massive star makes waves   

Close-Up Movie Shows Hidden Details in the Birth of Super-Suns

AKARI far-infrared all-sky data released    USNO releases first version of newest star catalog

Hubble source catalog: one-stop shopping for astronomers    

Monitoring magnetospheres of massive stars    Cool star marked by long-lived storm

Turbulent times: when stars approach    Astronomers explain why a star is so hot right now

Why isn't the universe as bright as it should be?    

The enigma of the missing stars in space may be solved    The riddle of the missing stars    

Machines teach astronomers about stars      Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe      

NASA's 'COSmic' simulator helps fingerprint unknown matter in space

Astronomers Release Unprecedented Data Set on Celestial Objects that Brighten and Dim

'Cosmic GDP' crashes 97% as star formation slumps    Hunting high-mass stars with Herschel

Young sun's violent history solves meteorite mystery    Herschel finds a hole in space        

New way to weigh a star    How to Weigh a Star Using a Moon    

Nearest bright 'hypervelocity star' found    New kind of variable star discovered    Solar salad, anyone?    

Remarkable white dwarf star possibly coldest, dimmest ever detected 

Newly discovered celestial object defies categories 

Astronomers discover first Thorne-Zytkow object, a bizarre type of hybrid star  

Wide binary stars: long distance stellar relationships    Red explosions reveal secret life of binary stars

Bright nearby double star is actually a triple      

Discovery of binary brown dwarf at 2 parsec from the Sun    First weather map of brown dwarf

Super-dense star is first ever found suddenly slowing its spin

Herschel and Keck take census of the invisible universe    Surprising spiral structure spotted by ALMA

VLA gives deep, detailed image of distant Universe   The anatomy of stellar outflow

A hidden population of exotic neutron stars    Shining a light on cool pools of gas in the galaxy

New Candidate For Coldest ‘Star’    A Star with Spiral Arms    Mapping the exotic matter inside neutron stars

Halo of neutrinos alters physics of exploding stars     The Helix Nebula: bigger in death than in life

The brightest stars don't live alone   Turbulent relationship amongst massive stars

Overview from NASA    The Universe Does Think Small    Surprising cosmic light 

NASA's SWIFT reveals new phenomenon in a neutron star    Stars don't obliterate their planets (very often)    

Hubble movies provide unprecedented view of supersonic jets from young stars

Herschel probes the dusty history of a giant star    A cool discovery about the Sun's next-door twin

Cosmic forecast: dark clouds will give way to sunshine    Magnetic hide and seek 

Astronomers measure largest-ever magnetic field around massive star

Record-breaking stellar explosion helps understand far-off galaxy

Two Dying Stars Reborn as One    Evolved Stars Locked in Fatalistic Dance

Lopsided star deaths spew matter into the universe    

Did the ancient Egyptians record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol The Raging One?

Astronomers Discover Merging Star Systems that Might Explode 

Surprising new class of 'hypervelocity stars'  discovered escaping the galaxy 

Entire star cluster thrown out of its galaxy      Astronomers identify signature of Earth-eating stars    

Stellar behemoth self-destructs in a Type II-B supernova

In neutron stars, protons may do the heavy lifting  

Hubble zooms in on schrapnel from an exploding star    Betelgeuse braces for collision

Neutron star jets shoots down theory 


Overview from NASA

New window on the early universe

Heavy metal in the early cosmos

Stacking up a clearer picture of the Universe

Hubble helps find candidate for most distant object in the Universe

Astronomers discover invisible, starless galaxies predicted by theory

Discovery of the most distant galaxy in the cosmic dawn    Hubble farthest ever view of the Universe

Network theory used to solve the mystery of stellar initial mass function

Astronomers creates computer models to explain how galaxies formed and evolved

New study finds the early universe 'warmed up' later than previously believed 

Sudden appearance of galaxies in the early Universe

Explosion of galaxy formation lit up early universe

Ancient, highly active galaxies discovered

Looking at the earliest galaxies

Galaxies evolution in slow motion    

Unraveling the history of galaxies

Some galaxies in the early universe grew up quickly

ALMA Early Science Result Reveals Starving Galaxies

Hubble Astronomers Uncover an Overheated Early Universe

First traces of carbon 'smog' permeating interstellar atmospheres of early galaxies

Subaru's FMOS reveals the well-orchestrated growth of massive galaxies in the early universe

Astronomers unveil the farthest galaxy    Farthest galaxy detected

The Pale Red Dot: Most Distant Galaxy Ever Discovered    

Shattering the cosmic distance record, once again    Astronomers discover farthest known galaxy

The frontier fields: where primordial galaxies lurk    How far away is that galaxy? Vast catalog has answers

New observational distant record promises important tool for studying galaxies    

New type pf galaxy discovered

New spin on galaxy formation

Proof of galaxy evolution theory

Galaxies as 'cosmic cauldrons'

Large number of dwarf galaxies discovered in the early universe

Where giant galaxies are born

Cosmic rays: the key to galaxy formation

Why massive galaxies don't dance in crowds

Telescopes uncover early construction of giant galaxy

Fragile mega-galaxy is missing link in history of cosmos

Magnetic-field discovery gives clues to galaxy formation processes

Fossils' of galaxies reveal the formation and evolution of massive galaxies

Asreonomers reveal new details about 'monster' star-forming galaxies

Groundbreaking study sheds new light on galaxy evolution

First detailed look at a normal galaxy in the early universe

Galaxies consist of star-forming regions sparkling as fireworks

Star factory in the early Universe challengs galaxy evolution theory 

Discovering a new stage in the galactic lifecycle

Hubble watches star's clockwise motion in nearby galaxy

Galactic wheel of life shines in infrared

Hubble sees galaxy in a spin    Fast spinning galaxies beat the bulge

Galaxies fed by funnels of fuel    The limits to galactic growth 

Giant galaxies die from the inside out    Galaxies die by slow 'strangulation'

Powerful jets blowing material out of galaxy   Why do starburst galaxies 'burst'?

The answers blowing in the intergalactic wind   The party's over for these youthful compact galaxies  

Giant galaxy is still growing    Astronomers find runaway galaxies

Astronomers uncover a surprising trend in galaxy evolution

Astronomers Discover New Clues to Galaxy Evolution

Elliptical galaxies not formed by merging

Researchers discover distant galactic halos

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

New survey finds 'Peter Pan' radio galaxies that may never grow up

Researchers help to explain how stars are born, cosmic structures evolve

Live fast die young galaxies lose the gas that keeps them alive

NASA's Hubble Confirms that Galaxies Are the Ultimate Recyclers

Hubble sees 'ghost light' from dead galaxies    Mystery of ultra-compact, burnt-out galaxies solved

Dwarf dark galaxy hidden in ALMA gravitational lens image    New dark dwarf galaxy discovered

Astronomers observe most luminous galaxies ever observed     What spawned the jellyfish nebula?

'Wasteful' galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space

Galaxy trailed by stunning plume of gas    Undergraduates discover densest galaxies known


New insights on how spiral galaxies get their arms

Nature’s Best Magnifying Glass Views Eary Spiral Galaxy

Astronomers explain why disk galaxies eventually look alike

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope report the earliest spiral galaxy ever seen


Hubble explores the origins of modern galaxies

Keck & NASA Telescopes Reveal Surprisingly Young Galaxy

Astronomers find massive supply of fresh gas around modern galaxies


Galaxy clusters formed as 'fireworks'

 A weakened black hole allows its galaxy to awaken  

Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters

Star clusters discovery could upset the astronomical applecart    The dark side of star clusters

Hubble explores the formation and evolution of star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Dynamical age differences among coeval star clusters as revealed by blue stragglers

The stormy life of galaxy clusters    Sprawling galaxy cluster found hiding in plain sight   

Galaxies set to form enormous cluster    Galaxy-scale fountain seen in full glory   

How fast is star formation stopped in galaxy clusters in the early Universe?

Dark matter tugs the most massive spiral galaxies to breakneck speed

Massive galaxy cluster verifies predictions of cosmological theory

Our own Laniakea Supercluster

Newly found galaxy cluster could become most massive structure in Universe    

Globular clusters could nurture interstellar civilizations    Inside the fiery furnace

The transformation of Spirals into SO galaxies in the cluster environment

To flare or not to flare: the riddle of galactic thin-thick disk resolved

Qasars illuminate swiftly swirling clouds around galaxies    

Most distant gravitational lens helps weigh galaxies     



NASA'a Hubble space telescope finds source of Magellanic stream     The odd couple   

Monster galaxy may have been stirred-up by black-hole mischief

A hidden treasure in the Large Magelllanic Cloud

Massive outburst in neighboring galaxy surprises astronomers

VLT observations identify very rare new kind of galaxy 

'Cry' of a shredded star heralds a new era for testing relativity

Galaxies on FIRE: star feedback results in less massive galaxies

Scientists reveal cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field

IBEX research shows influence of galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our solar system


Giant magnetic fields in the universe

Astronomers unveil a distant protogalaxy connected to the cosmic web

's filamentary: how galaxies evolve in the cosmic web

Ghosts of the Future: First Giant Structures of the Universe

Hubble spots spiral bridge of young stars linking two ancient galaxies

Planck discovers filament of hot gas connecting linking two galaxy clusters

Stellar Winds & Stellar Streams:

Stellar winds, the source material for the Universe, are clumpy

A stellar stream in the Milky Way provides evidence of dark substructure


The tell-tale signs of a galactic merger

Early galaxies grew massive through collisions

The awsome power of galaxy cluster mergers

Monster galaxies gain weight by eating smaller neighbours

A Galactic Crash Investigation    Astronomers Pin Down Galaxy Collision Rate

Galaxy mergers defy expectations to produce disk galaxies

Best view yet of merging galaxies in distant past 

The Spitzer Photo Atlas of Galactic "Train Wrecks"

Hearts of Galaxies Close in for Cosmic Train Wreck

Why do some galactic unions lead to doom?

When galaxies eat galaxies    Galaxy's snacking habits revealed

The simultaneous merger of giant galaxies

Cosmic collision in the Bullett group


The early days of the Milky Way revealed

Stars memorize rebirth of our home galaxy

340,000 stars interrogated in search for Sun's siblings

A runaway star ejected from the galactic heart of darkness

New 3D map will help solve long-standing cosmic mysteries

New 3D map of the Milky Way reveals a warped, twisted shape  

How Typical is the Milky Way?    Milky Way - like galaxies may have existed in the early universe

How the Milky Way got its Spiral    A beast with 4 tails     Around the Milky Way galaxy in 11.5 years

Scientists close in on the true mass of the Milky Way    Is the Milky Way getting bigger?

NASA's Chandra shows Milky Way is surrounded by halo of hot gas

Astronomers discover dizzying spin of the Milky Way galaxy's 'halo'

Milky Way a Swifter Spinner, More Massive, New Measurements Show

Discovering magnetized inflow accreting to the center of the Milky Way galaxy

New stars discovery shed new light on our Galaxy's formation    Inside the Milky Way

Star formation in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies    Our galaxy is under pressure to make stars    

Milky Way filled with wandering stars    A Star as Old as the Universe Found in Milky Way

Found: oldest known stars in the Milky Way galaxy    

Hypervelocity stars in the Milky Way    Fastest star in our galaxy propelled by a thermonuclear supernova

Self-teaching neural networks help find mysterious stars tearing through the Milky Way

New hypervelocity binary star challenges dark matter, stellar acceleration models

Computer simulations shed light on the Milky Way missing red giants

Astronomers Find Giant, Previously Unseen Structure in our Galaxy

Hunt for filaments in the Milky Way    A giant stellar void in the Milky Way

A cold Milky Way stellar stream in the direction of Triangulum 

New GAIA data reveals mergers in Milky Way

The Milky Way kidnapped several tiny galaxies from its neighbor

The Gaia Sausage: the major collision that changed the Milky Way Galaxy 

New component of Milky Way discovered    Detecting dusty clouds and stars in our galaxy   

Giant gas cloud boomeranging back into Milky Way    Tracing the Milky Way's hidden reservoirs of gas

Astrobiologists discover 'sweet spots' for the formation of complex organic molecules in the galaxy 

Measuring the Milky Way: one massive problem, one new solution    

How do you weigh the Milky Way galaxy?

Color of the Milky Way Determined  

At the centre of the Milky Way:

Giant X-ray 'chimneys' are exhaust vents for vast energies produced at Milky Way's center

The Milky Way's ancient heart    The turbulent past of the black hole in the Milky Way

The Milky Way's supermassive black hole may have a dozen nomadic siblings

Canada's Largest Computer Simulation Peers into Milky Way's Center

MeerKAT peers into the centre of the Milky Way galaxy for the first time

NASA's Chandra finds Milky Way's black hole grazing on asteroids

Black hole at galaxy's heart launches planet-size 'spitballs'

Lifting the veil on the black hole at the heart of our galaxy

A glimpse of the violent past of Milky Way's black hole    

Ghostly gamma-ray beams blast from Milky Way's center    The galaxy's core is about to explode

High energy trap in our galaxy's center revealed    Study sheds light on Milky Way

Milky Way core drives wind at 2 mllion miles per hour

Chandra helps confirm evidence of jet in Milky Way's black hole

Stars Forming Just Beyond Black Hole’s Grasp at Galactic Center

Newly found pulsar helps astronpmers explore Milky Way's mysterious core

A better way to simulate accretion of the supermassiv black hole at the center of the Milky Way

A source accelerating galactic cosmic rays to unprecedented energy discovered at the centre of Milky Way

Oldest stars found near Milky Way centre    The tumultuous heart of our galaxy    Age map of the Milky Way

Milky Way's center unveils supernova 'dust factory'    "Vampire" Stars Found in Heart of Our Galaxy—A First 

Puzzle about bizarre object at the center of our galaxy solved    The Milky Way's central molecular zone

Signs of second largest black hole in the Milky Way

Maps of the Milky Way: 

ATLASGAL survey of the Milky Way completed'  A Map of the Milky Way   Milky Way-46m pixels

New Milky Way map is a spectacular billion-star atlas    A Map of the Milky Way    Milky Way in 46m pixels

Astronomers Unveil Most Complete 3-D Map of Local Universe    The far side of the Milky Way   

First age map of the halo of the Milky Way    3D visualization redefines Milky Way's local architecture

The Milky Way Atlas (Hayden Planetarium)    An Atlas of the Milky Way (Max Planck)    Milky Way Explorer 
Night Sky Atlas of the Milky Way    Charting the Milky Way from the inside out

Scientists Chart High-Precision Map of Milky Way's Magnetic Fields

X-ray chimneys in the Milky Way    

Neighbor galaxies and voids to the Milky Way:

The VPOS: a vast polar structure of satellite galaxies, globular clusters and streams around the Milky Way

List of Milky Way's satellite galaxies     A detailed video map of the nearby universe

A bridge of stars connects two dwarf galaxies    Milky Way orbitting dwarf galaxies crashed in the past   

Hubble finds relic galaxy close to home    Gaia spots a 'ghost' galaxy next door

Surprise pancake stucture in Andromeda Galaxy upends galactic understanding

Study of Andromeda's stellar disk indicates more violent history than Milky Way

Cool, new views of Andromeda galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy scanned with high-energy X-ray vision

Andromeda's bright X-ray mystery solved by NuSTAR

The violent history of the big galay next door

Greedy black hole discovered in Andromeda

Hubble finds massive halo around the Andromeda Galaxy

Distance to nearest galaxy measured

Milky Way's neighbors pick up the pace

Astronomers map vast void in our cosmic neighborhood

Newly identified galactic supercpuster is home to the Milky Way

MIlky Way is on the outskirts of 'immeasurable heaven' supercluster

Ripples in galaxy help locate dark matter satellites of Milky Way

Proxima Centauri may be more sunlike than we thought

Earth's Milky Way neighborhood gets more respect    

Earth's place in the universe amongst 'Council of Giants' 

Collision history of the Milky Way:  

Gaia hints at our Galaxy's turbulent life 

Massive cloud on collision course with the Milky Way    

Our galaxy takes its food pills    The galactic mosh pit

New evidence shows crash with Antlia 2 gace the Milky Way the ripples its ripples in its outer disc

A new stellar chemo-kinematic relation reveals the merger history of the Milky Way disc

Study details early impacts that shaped the Miiky Way

Milky Way struck 100  million years ago, still rings like a bell 

Milky Way ransacks nearby dwarf galaxies, stripping all traces of star-forming gas

Milky Way Sidelined in Galactic Tug of War      Stellar patrons of the Milky Way Bar 

Neighboring Andromeda galaxy to eat Milky Way in 5 billion years

Stars ejected from the Milky Way:   

Hyperfast Star Was Booted From Milky Way   

Rogue star ejected from the galaxy found in intergalactic space

Alpha Centauri ... nearest star to our Sun:

Closest Earth-size planet may get robot visitors - here's how