Space-Time Concepts, Gravity, Models of the Universe

Spacetime: a smoother brew than we knew    Spacetime has No Time Dimension   Inside the big wormhole

New Discovery about the Fabric of Space-Time    Space-Time crystals of trapped ions

A wrinkle in space-time      Space-Time Vortex around Earth    What is the Universe expanding into?

Structure in the fabric of space - the African Arrow    Boosting of force from empty space    

First signs of weird quantum property of empty space     How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement

Scientists discover a jewel at the heart of quantum physics

Quantum computer as detector shows space is not squeezed    Simulating extreme space-times

Bringing time, space together for universal symmetry     Visualizing 11-dimensions

New mathrmatical model links space-time theories     

Space-Time crystals on the horizon    Time crystals realize new order of space-time

Shape from sound - new methods to probe the Universe     Cosmography of the Local Universe

A robust constraint on cosmic textures from the cosmic microwave background

International collaboration replicates amplification of cosmic magnetic fields     

Superfluid turbulence through the lens of black holes

Maximum and minimum values, cosmology, a conjecture and Beckenstein bound

Expansion of space measurement improved

The mechanism that explains why our universe was born with 3 dimensions: a 40-year-old puzzle of superstring theory solved by supercomputer

NASA's Gravity Probe Spacecraft Confirms Einstein's 'Warping of SpaceTime & Frame-Dragging'

Powers of Ten    Planck results 2013     

Alternative Models of the Universe:

How the Universe works    Many universes, many theories    The Scale  of the Universe 2

Paradoxes of cosmological physics in the beginning of the 21st Century

Caught in the cosmic web    How order arises in the cosmos

Misconceptions about the universe    Reinterpreting dark matter

Astronomers discover new way to measure Universe    Universe expanding faster than expected

Recipe for a universe    Is the Universe a bubble? Let's check    Are We Living in a Hologram?

The universe is really a hologram, according to new simulations  

We are One of a Vast Universe of New Universes Constantly Being Created

Experimental limits on neutron disappearance into another braneworld

How we escaped from the Big Bang    Beyond the horizon of the Universe 

Getting the math of the universe to cancel out

Collapse of the universe is closer than ever before

Universe is older than previously thought    Planck mission explores the history of our universe

Light and Matter:

Light in a spin    A journey of light through space and time (video)    Sounds from space emr

Precise test confirms speed of light is constant    Quest to test Einstein's speed limit 

Teaching general relativity to undergraduates    Special relativity induced by granular space

NIST pair of aluminum atomic clocks reveal Eistein's relativity at a personal scale

Detection of the cosmic gamma ray horizon measures all the light in the universe since the Big Bang

Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest  Testing Einstein's E=mc2 in outer space

Simulation shows that dark energy and matter can reproduce the Universe     

A new Einstein Ring    5-dimensional black hole could 'break' general relativity

Flashes from faster-than-light spots may help illuminate astronomical secrets

Extending Einstein's theory beyond light speed   Light from galaxy clusters confirm theory of relativity

Newly discovered 3-star system to challenge Einstein's theory of General Relativity

A heavy weight for Einstein: observations of the most massive neutron star confirms Eistein's theory

Bizarre binary star system pushes study of relativity to new limits   Dead star warps light of red star

Left-handed cosmic magnetic field could explain missing antimatter

Transfer of atomic mass with a photon solves the momentum paradox of light


Magnetic wormhole created for the first time

 'Spooky action' builds a wormhole between 'entangled' particles


Square Kilometre Array (SKA)