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European approach to open access publishing:

Politicians and R&D funders 'finally pushing in the same direction' on science publishing

Big European funders flesh out plan towards immediate free access to journals

Journal papers based on EU-funded science should be free to access

European Reseach Council pulls support for radical open access plan

EU: Scientific papers must be free to access - and to reuse - by 2020

Bold plan to take European open access initiative global in 2019

Researchers to take on publishers over new EU copyright laws

Publishing costs European universities over 1B euros a year

EU science publishers urged to get serious on open access

Elsevier signs open access agreement in the Netherlands

EU Commission sets out plan to allow free data mining

Europe approves path to open science commons

Europe moves closer to open-access publishing

Dutch universities square off with Elsevier

ERC gives grant to support open access

Wellcome Trust launches new open access platform

Dutch EU presidency aims at open access to scientific journals

Frontiers CEO comments on progress of Opan Publishing movement

US approach to open access publishing:

DoE Pages 

US: a step in the right direction 

Caltech announces open access policy  

Transformative open-access deals spread to the US 

DoE offers public access to scholarly scientific publications 

Open-access advocates find DoE plan 'vague and disappointing'   

US memorandum for the heads of executive departments and agencies

Open access moves from traditional publishers:

Springer open access funding options  Springer open access journals  Nature makes all articles free to view   

Behind the paywall: Springer retracts 64 scientific papers with fake peer reviews

AGU and Wiley launch new open access journal "Earth and Space Science"

De Gruyter: "open access is part of ourcore business" 

Specific open access journals:

Earth Science is ready for preprints

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PLOS One    PLoS Open Access Collection    PLoS Currents: Disasters    Frontiers

Journal of Geoenvironmental Disasters    Earth Perspectives     GeoResJ

Copernicus Publications     Nature Conservation    Zookeys    DeGruyter Open

Google Directory    Journal of Maps    WCRP e-Zine Subscription    Yale environment 360

Hazard-Risk-Resiliece (Durham University, UK)    Astrobiology Magazine

Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES)    IGES/COLA Technical Reports

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics      Hydrology and Earth System Science     Water 

Natural Hazards and Earth System Science    Journal of Physics (Conference Series)

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan    Annales Geophysicae    Future Earth

Earth Science India    Geophysica (Finland)    Geologica Acta    GSA Today  

Cambridge Journals    HighWire (Stanford University)   Hazard Risk Resilience

The International Journal of Disaster Risk Science     Politics and Governance  

Institut Universitaire Européen de la Mer   OpenGeoSci     Open Data Compass

The Open Fuels & Energy Science Journal       OpenGeoScience


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