Visualisation, VR & Augmented Reality

2D weather charts have been the norm for many years, yet all weather systems are physically 3D in reality, involving all three coordinates axes: x,y and z (alternatively: latitude, longitude, and vertical, or 3 polar coordinates). If we add the time component 't', then weather systems are actually 4D. Likewise, climate systems are 4D as well, but with a slower evolving time component than that of weather systems. Environmental and ecological sysytems are also 4D in character, as in fact are all structures and phenomena which lie within the realm of Earth Science. Beyond the realm of Earth Science however, it makes sense to talk even of 5D, or higher dimensions, in such arenas as space science and cosmology.

There are many visual display standards currently in use within Earth-based biogeophysical studies, as well as a number of new visualization methods under development. It is a very active area, with a current snapshot of developments summarized below:

Viz for scientific communication & storytelling:

Scientific storytelling using visualization    Storytelling and the software professional

First 8K video from space - ultra HD    Morrison Planetarium - GPUs and the Story of Life

Science needs story    Audience-targeted design considerations for effective scientific storytelling

The storytelling mandate of big data    Why data visualization + storytelling is marketing gold

Meet Katie Bouman, the sensational scientist who developed the black hole image algorithm

3D Interdisciplinary Visualization: tools for scientific analysis and communication 

Designers and statisticians disagree on what makes a good information graphic

Gleaning insights in large time-varying scientific and engineering data

Putting science first - distinguishing visualizations from pretty pictures

New software helps researchers visualize science with greater fidelity

Evaluating accessible graphical interfaces for building story worlds

Reimagining the scientific visualization interaction paradigm

OpenSpace: Bringing NASA missions to the public

Camera brings unseen world to light

Visualizing physics at the nanoscale

Exploranation: a new science communicaions paradigm

The emerging genre of data comics    Goodbye Uncanny Valley

Modernizing 'cranky' rendering code for HPC-based animation

The case for teaching CG with WebGL: a 25-year perspective

Disney and the details: 400,000 hairs on a field mouse

In pursuit of the perfectly animated cloud of smoke

Improving healthcare with interactive visualization

Turning seeing into understanding and making

Exascale's potential for animation

Viz for insight and analysis:

Visual Insights    See it, touch it, feel it    Seeing things    Value of visualization

Visualizing science: how color determines what we see

A mathemmatical model unlocks the secret of vision

Building the Universe pixel by pixel    Visualization & Graphics Tutorial by Jean Favre (CSCS) 

Turning data into images to aid insight    Methods of visualizing data    The art of data visualization

Breathing life into shapes    Activity detection in scientific visualization

Rethinking visual analytics for streaming data applications

Platform combines visual analytics, vector mapping

Challenges in visual analysis of ensembles

Researchers develop 'visual Turing test'    Industrial visualization    CMap tools for organizing knowledge     

Making 3-D imaging 1,000 times better    Taking 3D visualization to new heights    CGI Moon Kit

Interactive, exascale ready, 3D rendering solutions using software defined visualization

Research challenges for visualization software    Visualization - deconstructing the PhD thesis    

Visual analysis best practice    Virtual Finger enables scientists to navigate and analyze 3D images    

Visualization-by-sketching: an artists's interface for creating multi-variate time-varying data visualizations

Multivariate network exploration and presentation: from detail to overview via selections & aggregations 

Importance-driven isosurface decimation for visualization of large simulation data based on Open CL  

JPEG changed our world    Perfecting digital imaging    Natural interaction with visualization systems

Review of stereo vision algorithms and their suitability for resource-limited systems

Semantic interaction for visual analytics: toward coupling cognition with computation

Supporting communication and coordination in collaborative sensemaking

What color is your data? Inside the science of data visualization     What killed the infographic?

The top-10 challenges in extreme-scale visual analytics    New mathematical tools

MegaMol cross-platform visualisation framework advances

Researchers develop new viz tools to explore fusion physics

Snapshots from the edge of big visualization    High-end visualization the Open Source way

The problem of evaluating CPU-GPU systems with 3D visualization applications    

Practices & technologies in computer game software engineering    Taking graphics cards beyond gaming    
CPUs sometimes best for big data visualization

A snapshot of current trends in visualization    Four ways to visualize bi streaming data now   

Ultra fast high resolution imaging in real time    UpSet: visualization of intersecting sets

Intel's Software Defined Visualization (SDVis) appliance

A transparently scalable visualization architecture for exploring the Universe 

Reducing snapshots to points: a visual analytics approach to dynamic network exploration 

Surprise! Bayesian weighting for de-biasing thematic maps    Evaluating the impact of binning 2D scalar fields

Cologorical: creating discriminable and preferable color palettes for information visualization 

Multisensor image fusion in remote sensing: concepts, methods and applications

Computer graphics is where all the elements of computer meet the user

The Third Wave in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques 

New modeling approach transforms imaging technologies

View-based 3D object retreival: challenges and approaches

Less computing time for sand and other images of granular objects 

A deep-intelligence framework for online video processing    Analyzing video, the biggext data of them all  

The history of the modern graphics processor    The technological roots of computer graphics

Realistic sounds for computer animation

Interactive online maps make satellite ocean data accessible

Researchers make movies of photochemistry in single nanoparticles

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality:    

Defining VR, AR and MR    Virtual Reality is here    Recent trends in augmented and virtual reality

Mixed Reality: computer vision killer app will change how we communicate, collaborate

Compresssing VR: fitting large virtual environments into limited physical space 

In this immersive 'dataVRse, you can explore big data using your senses

A new era fro web AR with mobile edge compuuting (MEC)

It's time for a chemistry lesson. Put on your VR goggles

How artists are shaping the future of augmented reality

Using VR to increase motivation in poststroke rehabilitation 

Spatial user interfaces for large-scale projector-based augmented reality

Being two places at once    Augmented Reality turns a sandbox into a geoscience lesson

Pixel perfect is critical in Augmented Reality    Software lets smartphones sense touch force

Japaese engineers develop headset-less VR system

360-degree virtual-reality cameras for the masses

VR StarCAVE morphs into SunCAVE at UCSD

Is 3-D visualization software the future of urban planning?

Vortex plans to open 2,500-seat dome mutiplex for headset-free VR experiences

Battery-free, eye-tracking glasses can make AR experience even more realistic 

Remote Visualization:

Visualization beyond the desktop - the next big thing

Building 3D streaming applications from the cloud     Streaming mobile image processing

Shrinking 3D technology for comfortable smart phone viewing

Does HPC's future lie in remote visualisation?

Digging Deeper, Seeing Farther: Supercomputers Alter Science

New centimeter-accurate GPS system could transform virtual reaity and mobile devices

Remote Interactive 3D Visualization and the Key to HPC Cloud Acceptance

Super multi-view 3D display technique for portable devices

Algorithm helps turn smartphones into 3D scanners

Rapidly extract medical insight with remote visualization

Inadequate data visualization leaves patients undereducated

Screens, displays, cameras, projectors & holography:

3D displays - past and present    Huge 3D displays without 3D glasses    Projecting a 3D future

A photophoretic-trap volumetric display    

New technology for dynamic projection mapping with less misalignment and quality degradation

Holography, light-field technology combo could deliver practical 3D displays   

Glass has smart potential    Scientists develop touchable holograms 

New printer creates extremely realistic colorful holograms

Waveguide metamaterial holography  

No-logram    3D without holograms

Full circle viewing: 360-degree electronic holographic display    The future of holographic video

Review of 3D holographic imaging by multiple-viewpoint-based methods

Towards a better screen    Researchers bring eyewear-free 3D capabilities to small screen

New technology enables ultra-fast steering and shaping of light beams   

The Reality Deck: an immersive gigapixel display    Reality chack: an immersive gigapixel display

NIST's light-sensing camera may help detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter 

Visual applications: 

Digital globes offer a dynamic vision    Observing a Volatile Earth    Visualization of Earth's seasons     

New web tools to improve accuracy of global land cover maps    Animated GIFs of Earth over time

Ultrascale visualization of climate data    Weather Channel uses animation to show dangers of storm surge        

New tool to visualize marine life    Seabed lithology    Perpetual Ocean Video    

GPlates webportal    Flowing Cities

In Situ Visualization for Large-Scale Combustion

Thinking out of the flat box: software renders Earth's atmosphere in 3D splendor    

Somewhere over the rainbow: how to make effective use of colors in meteorological visualizations

Earth and Mars in Virtual Reality    Astrobiology students use art to develop critical thinking skills     

Visualization challenges for radio astronomy    A flight through the universe    Infinitaas by Metanoiaa

Enhancing the gaming experience using 3D spatial user interface technologies

After millions of trials, these simulated humans learned to do perfect backflips and cartwheels 

AI and ML in computer graphics:

Application of Machine Learning to computer graphics

Viz Pioneers:

Pioneers in modern Computer Graphics

Visual systems in use:

NASA's Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio    

NASA World Wind Europa Challenge    NASA's World Wind     

NASA's Eyes on the Solar System    NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

NASA visualizations hit the Hyperwall    NASA science visualization wall     

- NASA's iPad app beams science straight to users   NASA's COVE (CEOS - Visualization Environment)

JPL's Climate Time Machine     JPL's Sea Level Viewer    Bathymetry data EOMAP

NCAR's Viz Tools    NOAA's Environmental Visualization Lab   OpenEarth Framework (OEF) 

Google Earth as a virtual globe tool for Earth science apps at the global scale: progress & perspectives  

Introducing Google Chart Tools and Google Maps API in data visualization courses    

Google's Earth Engine    Google Earth Builder   Microsoft Research Virtual 3D Globe

TACC develops visualization software for humanities researchers    Magic Leap

- The Australian Data Cube    Skybox imaging    ClimatePipes

- Dissecting Michael Bay's visual style    SERVIR: the regional visualization and monitoring system 

The CAVE   CAVE2    Scale-1 Portal   Zanimation   The Elumenati     NOAA's Science on a sphere

- Using ARCgis in 3D      NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC)

- VuePod: powerful enough for a gamer, made for an engineer

- DIVE: a graph-based visual-analytics framework for big data    Mapbox

The StarCAVE, a third-generation CAVE and virtual reality OptIPortal

- Graphics processors speed up Twitter visualizations    Scientists go eye-to-eye with research at ESIF

- Inside Metal: how Apple plans to unlock the secret graphics performance of the A7 chip

- Winners of the visualization contest at PASC14     Miraikan - Tsunagarai Project   

- OmniGlobe spherical display system      

ParaView   ParaView and AstroViz   Remore visualization with ParaView

- Hans Josling     NPP Poster Collection    Debategraph    Interactive Book    BlogMyData

Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS)Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS)

- SIO Visualization Center    Virtual 3D Globe     WebGL     World population cube

Geofusion   UN Global Pulse Sustainable Development Indicator 

Space Weather Visualization - CCMC     GPlates plate tectonics    OpenGeoPortal     

- MIT spinout exploits GPU memory for vast visualization

- Hazard Vulnerability Explorer and Data Retrieval System    Integrated Hazard Assessment Tool (IHAT)

- Application of 3D WebGIS and real-time technique in earthquake information publishing and visualization  

Johns Hopkins GAIA    Earth Knowledge Portal   Worldviews Network     Quality Positioning Services   

For the purpose of mimicing reality as close as possible, it is the intention of the ICES Foundation to develop 4D visual output from its Earth Systems modeling & simulation efforts, and to allow the viewer full navigation and exploration freedom of these visualizations (both locally and remote), as a means for improving insight, analysis and understanding - as well as for decision support in the case of planning and disaster management.