The Power of Simulation in the Sciences     The Limits of Reproducibility in Numerical Simulation

Using spatial principles to optimize distributed computing for enabling the physical science discoveries

CAPSTONE: a geaometry-centric platform to enable physics-based simulation and system design    

US DOE's INCITE open awards program results for HPC Modeling and Simulation

Introduction to modeling & simulation      Modeling & Simulation: an introduction

Models: how computers make predictions    On different approaches to modeling

The World as a Process: Simulations in the Natural and Social Sciences

ASSESS: democratization of engineering simulation (DoES)   

Our machines now have knowledge we'll never understand

ASSESS: advancing the simulation revolution

Simulation Tools:

MOOSE enables 'plug and play' simulations






Physical simulation:    

The coolest physics you've ever heard of


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Gamification textbook

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Gamification 101: an introduction to the use of game dynamics to influence behavior

Unboxing education through gaming, playing and making 

The effective use of game-based learning in education

The power of gamification in education

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