AI, Robotics, Machine Learning

We can fully expect that the world of AI, Robotics and Machine Learning will accelerate human understanding of Earth, Space & Social Sciences, and thereby massively assist in achieving the seventeen announced United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by year 2030. 

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

Definitions    AI    The problem with AI    Superintelligence: myth or pressing reality?

What's the difference between AI, ML, Deep Learning and Active Learning?

Deep learning vs. macine learning vs. data science: how do they differ?       

Machine learning, deep learning, and AI: what's the difference?

Why deep learning, and why now?    The great AI awakening    The tipping point for AI

Machine Learning - things are getting intense    

The most amazing AI milestones so far  

Does synthetic data hold the secret to AI?                            

AI system surfs web to improve its performance

Only intelligent data can power Artificial Intelligence

Humans can't scale, the data-centric learning machine can

What's fueling the Cambrian explosion? 

Deep neural networks are easily fooled

Why deep learning may not be so 'deep' after all

AI no where near the real thing, says German AI chief    

Computer program looks five minutes into the future

500 years of robots go on show in London   

The impact of AI    Beyond the 'I' in AI    AI and life in 2030 

AI Reports:     

AI Now 2019 Report    AI for ScienceReport (DoE)

Getting educated on AI:

Machine learning: education: 3 paths to get started   Four common mistakes in machine learning projects

How to make deep learning easy    The 10-step guide to mastering ML    MIT aims to ease AI programming

What is really different in engineering AI-enabled systems?

How do deep networks of AI learn?

Transparency and Explainable AI:

AI ... as I explained ...

Spotting fake videos with AI

The next generation of AI: explainable AI

Visual analytics for explainable deep learning

Dealing with deep learning's big black box problem

Machine learning confronts the elephant in the room

New theory cracks ope the black box of deep learning

The challenge of European AI: getting researchers to trust it

Transparency reports make AI decision-making accountable

AI is setting up the Internet for a huge clash with European GDPR

Other problems to be resolved within AI:

Machine learning confronts the elephant in the room

AI will do what we ask. That's a problem

The ethics of AI:

Ethically aligned design    AI ethics still in its infancy    The ethics of AI    AI for global good 

The global landscape of AI ethics guidelines    The humanity of AI    How much to trust AI?

Ignore AI fear factor at your own peril: a futurist's call for 'digital ethics' 

AI revolution will be all about humans, says Siri trailblazer

Machines taught by photos learn a sexist view of women

Calls for AI regulation gain steam

The anthropologist of AI

An open letter to the UNCCCW

Robots need 'kill switches', warn Euro MPs

Facebook disconnects two communicating robots

DARPA embraces 'common sense' approach to AI

Computers evolve a new path toward human intelligence

AI creeps into daily life    Increasing skepticism against robots

The coming techno apocolypse (dangers of transhumanism) 

World is 'astonishingly pessimistic' re AI, says EU research commissioner

Machines beat humans on a readaing test. But do they understand?

Our machines now have knowledge we'll never understand

AI and cyber-security:

The coming techno apocalypse

Machine Learning 'arms race ' ahead

AI is coming, prompting new IT security concerns

AI and Disaster Risk Management and the UN SDGs:

Machine learning for DRM

Tackling climate change with machine learning

Predicting hurricane damage with machine learning 

Disaster relief: how can AI improve humanitarian assistance

Accelerating the UN's Sustainabale Development Goals through AI 

AI technology improves critical crack detection in nuclear reactors, bridges, buildings

AI and global platforms:

Global AI research council launches

How countries are pursuing an AI advantage

Apple joins group devoted to keeping AI nice

Tech titans join forces to stop AI from behaving badly

Machine Learning's adoption gap: assessing the consequences 

Step by step, world leaders strive to find consensus on AI development


Algorithms might be everywhere, but like us, they are deeply flawed

Sent to prison by a software program's secret algorithms

Data hungry algorithms and the thirst for AI

Who controls our algorithmic future?

Game-based AI:

OpenAI will train AI through video game 'Universe'

AI beats humans in multi-player shooter    New AI poker bot humbles the pros again

Where does AlphGo go: from Church-Turing to AlphaGo thesis and beyond

Demis Hassabis speaks about AlphaGo and its defeat of world champion Lee Sedol

AlphaGo proves its mettle against a team of five    Computer out-plays humans in 'Doom'

Pittsburgh supercomputer to debut in poker tournament    Libratus is beating the poker pros

Carnegie Mellon AI takes on Chinese poker players    Latest poker program wins in China

Researchers attach $1 million prize to famous chess puzzle

Brain-based AI:

In the future, machines will borrow our brain's best tricks

Foundations built for a general theory of neural networks

What intelligent machines need to learn from the neocortex

Why cracking the 'brain code' is our best chance for true AI

Future of invasive neural interfaces & uploading consciousness

Intelligent predictions: an empirical study of the cortical learning algorithm

Real-time intelligent decision making:

The next data revolution: intelligent real-time decisions

Real-time anomaly detection from streaming analytics

AI could help drones ride air currents like birds

Robots in education:

When robots go to art school

Curiosity driven AI - how effective is it?

Robot teachers invade Chinese kindergartens

ARTIE: an integrated environment for the development of affective robot tutors

Assistive robots:

How to make AI human friendly

Robot saved, people take the hit

Jarvis software butler for the home

A toolbox for building robots aware of their surroundings

AI-powered bots gearing up to serve you    Service robotics

'iPal' robot companion for China's lonely children

Are we ready for robots to care for us? Socaiily assistive robots

Rise of the social media bots    Robots take over    Social and telepresence robots

Robots help us understand humans    Scientists attempt to teach robots human values

Suffering-focused AI safety: why 'faillsafe' measures might be our top innovation

Sex and marriage with robots: science fiction or new reality?

Exoskeletons in the workplace

Delivery robots:

Delivery robots heading to Mountain View

'Neural Lander' uses AI to land drones smoothly

Job replacement issues:

The 5 jobs robots will take first

Whose jobs will be automated?

Are robots taking over the world?

How AI could reshape economies

Machine Learning will change jobs

Does 'cognitive era' mean fewer jobs? 

AI end game: the automation of all work

Why robots will not decimate human jobs

How to make America's robots great again

As AI begets IA, wither tomorrow's workers?

AI vs. Humans: upending the division of labor

Better together: humans and robot co-workers

Middle managers wary of machine intelligence

Does the human touch + AI = the future of work?

Treating robots like electronic people is a bad idea

The AI threatisn't Skynet. It's the end of the middle class

When robots take all the work, what'll be left for us to do?

For white-collar workers, AI threatens new workplace revolution

 How game theory can bring humans and robots closer together

When will AI exceed human performance? Evidence from AI experts 

Haunted by a future work shortage, Europe grapples with robots laws      

Risks and job losses of the 4th industrial revolution: the future of work 

'My robot is capable of evolving, but it does not pose an existential risk' 

Cheery robots may make creepy companions, but could be intelligenat assistants

Passing Go: augmented intelligence and the improvement, not replacement, of us

Automation should complement professional expertise, not replace it

The Age of Em review - the horrific future when robots rule the world  

Stephen Hawking launches Centre for the Future of Intelligence    

EU is not ready for the rise of the robots, data suggest

Making computers explain themselves

Driverless cars:

How will driverless cars and other AI applications affect society?    Driverless platoons    

Our autonomous future: how driverless cars will be the first robots we learn to trust

AI controls are likely in your next car    The emergence of AutoX

Embedded AI: 

AI attracts embedded chip veteran    Applied AI in embedded systems

A taxonomy of AI approaches for adaptive distributive real-time embedded sytems

Developing smart machines    Unlocking the power of AI for all developers

AI-on-a-chip soon will make phones, drones and more a lot smarter

The path to embedded vision & AI using a low power vision DSP

An efficient hardware implementation of AI applications

Complex AI on small embedded systems: humanoid robots using mobile phones

Implementing embedded AI rules within algorithmic programmig langusges

Proliferation of data driving machine learning     Will hardware drive data innovation now?   

AI for sotware development    How Spark illuminates deep learning

Scripting game AI: an alternative approach using embedded languages

Embed, encode, attend, predict: the new deep learning formula for state-of-the-art NLP models

Scrutinizing the inscrutability of deep learning

Generative Design:

Software mimics Nature's approach to design    Optimization and creativity at their best

Hello Robogngnt exhibition: design between human and machine

How generative design will change architecture forever

ASSESS theme paper on Generative Design

The incredible inventions of intuitive AI

The bizarre, bony-looking future of algorthmic design    9 groundbreaking examples of generative design  

Embedded AI for structural optimization    Crumbling infrastructure gets an AI assist        

Mindful algorthms: the new role of the designer in generative design    The future of CAD - generative design

Generative modelling:

How AI is changing science

Robot teams:

NASA tests AI for autonomous exploration

Swarm of underwater robots mimics ocean life

Team of robots learns to work together, without colliding

Growing bio-inspired shapes with hundreds of tiny robots

Robot-ants that can jump, communicate and work together

Evolution of self-organized task specialization in robot swarms 

Automatic programming makes swarm robots safer and more reliable

A hardware-baseed modeling approach for real world collaborative multi-robot tasks

Robots in sports:

The new bionic sports of the future transhumanist Olympics

At the world's first Cybathon , proud cyborg atheletes raced for the gold

Watch out Messi, here comes the footballers at RoboCup    RoboCup 2017 video

A double victory at teh RoboCup World Championship in Japan 2017

Deep learning is about to revolutionize sports analytics. Here's how

Flying robots & drones:

Bird-like drone uses feathers for a more precise flight path    Flight of the RoboBee

Flying robots: birds flying through laser light reveal faults in flight research

Jumping spiders and flying bees. The rise of bio-inspired micrprobots

Drones in humanitarian action

The RoboBee flies solo

Medical & Biomed applications:

The robo-doctor is (in)

Social robots in advanced dementia

Robot co-workers in the operating room

Soft robotics in minimally invasive surgery

Researchers build a soft robot with neurological capabilities

World-first robotic surgical system with sense of touch

AI and its implications for future suffering    

New causes of autism found in junk DNA with AI

AI technology can identify genetic diseases by looking at your face

Deep learning, PET scans combined to spot Alzheimers

Deep learning robotic guidance for autonomous vascular access

Chemists develop world's first light-seeking synthetic nanorobot for potential biomedical applications

Prosthetic arm technology that detects spinal nerve signals

Restoring the sense of where your hand is 

Machine learning cracks quatum chemistry conundrum

What is neural lace? How can neural lace be used?

Training artificial intelligence with artificial X-rays

AI used to convert brain signals to speech

Machine learning for image restoration

DeepMind predicts protein structure

Visualizing deep learning networks

His AI sees inside of living cells

Research robots:

Deep learning for science

AI: An experimentalist's experience

AI speeds astrophysics image analysis by 10,000x 

Biophysicists take small step in quest for 'robot scientist'

Robotic research: are we applying the scientific method

Can AI predict earthquakes?     Machine learning predicts laboratory earthquakes

Robotics Innovation Center (Bremen)    Research makes robots better at following instructions

Computers should be named on patents as inventors, for creativity to flourish

NSF project sets up machine learning cyberinfrastructure

AI to speed up clean energy 

Robots in space:

DARPA creating industry/government group for safe operation of space robotics

NASA awards $750K in sample return robot challenge

German robot team simulates Mars mission in Utah

Russia to test humanoid robot at ISS in 2020

Machine learning and space telescopes

Marine robots:

Aquatic robot braves volcanoes and typhoons to detect tsunamis

Transparent eel-like soft robot can swim silently underwater

Soft robotic grippers for biological sampling of deep reefs

Europe's underwater robots are ready to rumble

Swarm of underwater robots mimics ocean life

No motor, no battery, no problem

Rise of the seabots

Bi-ped robots:


Insect, animal and bird robots:

A cockroach-inspired robot    Roach-inspired robot nearly as fast as real thing, unsquashable

Robotic birds

Micro-robots: bigger than they seem

The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off

Snake-inspired robot slithers even better than predecessor 

Arthrobots    Videos    Scientists invent new, faster gait for six-legged robots

Robot inspired by real-life spider can transform into a speedy rolling wheel

MIT's Cheetah 3 robot avoids obstcles without the help of vision

In Japan, a Buddhist funeral service for robot dogs

Molecular machines:

On the path toward molecular robots    2016 Chemistry Nobel for molecular machines

DNA origami joins forces with molecular motors to build nanoscale machines

Shape-shifting molecular robots respond to DNA signals

Physicists create world's smallest engine

Exoskeleton & Prosthetics:

Bio-inspired lower-limb 'wearing robotic exoskeleton'for human gait rehab    

Living with a prothesis that learns

Soft robots that mimic human muscles

People can control robots with their minds

Robots in industry:

A remote-controlled construction robot capable of fine manipulation developed

New patrolling robots to eradicate petrol plant explosions

How robotics is changing the mining industry

Robots in agriculture:

Robotic agriculture Part I    Part II

Machine learning in finacial markets:

AI and deep learning come to Wall Street

The 3 quants runninng a hedge fund making $1B of trades daily

Robot hardware technology: 

Top 10 AI technologies

Simplifying soft robots

An artificial skin for rehabilitation and VR

Multimaterial 3D printing for microrobotic mechanisms 

Omnidiirectional mobile robot has just two moving parts

The robotization of extreme automation: the balance between fear and courage

Scientists unveil first tetherless hopping robot    Wall-jumping robot is most vertically agile ever built

Research team develops new ultrasound powered actuator to develop micro robot

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot     The future is squishy    Shape-programmable miniscule robots

Metallic glass gears make for graceful robots    A robot that grows 

Walking cars  

Neural networks:

Convolutional neural networks

Artificial synapse created that can learn autonomously

Mixed-signal neural net leverages memristive technology

Embedded NN and expert systems in the diagnostic microbiology laboratory

Researchers use artificial neural network to simulate a quantum many-body system

A study of complex deep learning networks on high performance, neuromorphic and quantum computers

A deep neural network of light

The leading edge:

How AI is changing science

Deep learning drives new science

In pursuit of new technology for human augmentation

'Hyperdimensional' AI might lead to big steps in robotic abilities

Machine learning's amazing ability to predict chaos

In search of a common deep learning stack

Inference emerges as the next AI challenge

Machine learning for science proving problematic

AI's cool new thing: Capsule networks (explained)

AI device identifies objects at the speed of light

How AI can help handle sever weather

'Robotic skins' turn everyday objects into robots

Giving robots a better feel for object manipulation

Researchers help robots think and plan in the abstract

The world's first demonstration of spintronics-based AI

What happens when computers program themselves?

Software engineering for Machine Learning apps

The quest to make a bot that can smell as well as a dog

Ultimate precision for sensor technology using qubits and machine learning

Results of deep learning collaboration announced    5G meets deep learning

New system allows optical 'deep learning'    Helping robots learn to see in 3D

Human interaction dynamics for its use in mobile robotics: impedance control for leader-follower formation

Semi-situated learning of verbal and nonverbal content for repeated human-robot interaction

Mind controlled toys: the next generation of Christmas presents?    

Automating development and optimization of machine learning models

How three start-ups are tackling machine learning challenges

Can Markov Logic take machine learning to the next level?

AI update: OECD reports surge in patents

Deep learning comes full circle

Humans and humanoids:

Robot epigenetics: adding complexity to embodied robot evolution

Emergent consciousness decoded    Humans can emphasize with robots

Putting humanoid robots in touch with their environment

Towards machines that improve with experience 

Humans & Humanoids - an emerging partnership

AI produces realistic sounds that fool humans

An extension of Asimov's Robotic Laws

Baby X can now play the piano

Can a robot fall in love?

AI meets HPC:

The machine learning hype cycle and HPC

Top ten ways in which AI effects HPC in 2019 

HPC meets AI and creates new Grand Challenges

NERSC scales scientific deep learning to 15 petaflops

Deep learning: the confluence of big data, big models, big compute

ORNL reserachers turn to deep learning to solve science's big data problems

From models of galaxies to atoms, simple AI shortcuts speed up simulations by billions of times

Up to two billion times acceleration of scientific simulations with deep neural architectural search

Vendor specific AI:

AI hardwaree: harder than it looks

Which machine learning platforms perform best?

Building a language and compiler for machine learning

Google pulls back the covers of its first machine learning chip

AI experiments: visualizing high-dimensional space

New AI chips to give GPUs a run for deep learning money

Wave Computing close to unveling its first AI system

Graphcore readies launch of 16nm Colussus-IPU chip

'Cloud TPU' bolsters Google's 'AI-first' strategy

Google mimics human brain with unified deep learning model

IBM wants to be the 'Red Hat' of AI     

Watson deal targets industrial apps    Inside IBM's rejiggered Watson lineup

IBM raises the bar for distributed deep learning

MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab targets algorithms, AI physics

IBM develops 'brain-like' supercomputer for US Airforce Research Lab 

The artificial brain built by IBM now has 64M neurons and will have 10B by 2020 

NVidia's Huang sees AI 'Cambrian Explosion'    nVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute        

NVidia goes all-in with AI for the 'goodness of mankind'       

With Isaac, NVidia trains robots in virtual environments

Bosch announces AI self-driving computer with nVIDIA

Inside Intel's nGraph, a Universal Deep Learning Compiler

How Intel's 'Knights Mill' gets its deep learning flops

Intel unveils USB toolkit for AI prototyping

Intel weighs in on convergence of AI and HPC challenges

MIPS-based platform targets AI app developers

Apple puts 'Neural Engine' inside the iPhone

Microsoft, Intel unveil FPGA-driven Project Brainwave

Microsoft investing $1B in OpenAI Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Scaling neural networks thriugh cost-effective memory expansion

Toyota funds AI research to make vehicles emission-free

Propelling deep learning at scale at Baidu AI lab

HPE hails new frontier of scalable learning

Fujitsu to build RIKEN's learning system    NEC claims vector CPU outperforms Spark

Caffe deep learning framework    ML toolkit aims to ease dara scientists' pain

AWS Sagemaker is a nifty tool

Neurala enables developers to add AI into drones, self-driving cars 

D-Wave launches machine learning services business  

Startup patents 'whole brain' approach

Optalysys announces first implementation of CNN using their optical processing technology

Keeping your models on the straight and narrow

Vision is the next big challenge for chips

MIT aims to ease AI programming

New research creates a computer chip that emulates human cognition

Data management at NERSC in the era of petascale deep learning

A national machine intelligence strategy for the US

Benchmarking & ML Data Catalogs:

MLPerf - will new machine learning benchmark help propel AI forward?

The Forester Wave: ML Data Catalogs, Q2 2018

Three ways biased data can ruin your ML models