Open Source Software/Hardware

Open Source Movement    Overview of the Open Source Movement    Short History of Open Source 

Licensing reform movement gathers steam     The innovations of open source 

Open Source Initiative    The rise of the Open Source platform    Critical infrastructure goes open source

The White House releases policy to help US government agencies go open source   

Tech leaders launch OpenCAPI ´╗┐consortium and release new specification    Open BOM 

'API economy' gets boost with open spec initiative    Did Amazon just kill open source?

Communities of communities: the next era of open source software

'Community-based' open source on the rise

Open source flaws found in security software    Open source driving Devops automation

Doubts surface in Open Source survey

EU Open Source software project launches

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation    FOSS4G

How to fix the Internet of Broken Things

NASA's open access software library

OSC releases open source HPC access portal

'Open season on opensource,'  supply chain suvey warns


HPC leadrers unite to develop Open Source framework

Risc V and PULP platform

ARM will be part of OpenHPC 1.2 Release

AMD promoting freedom of choice in HPC

Quantun computing is real, and D-Wave just open-sourced it


OpenACC expands community, reveals roadmap details


Postgre overview    PostgreSQL website    PostgreSQL manual

MySQL overview    MySQL website    MySQL manual    SQL Server supports Linux

AWS, others seenmoving off Oracle databases

ArongoDB reaping fruits from multi-modal labor

Apple's FoundationDB goes open source

Kafka spawns open-sourced KarelDB


Linux overview     Linux website     Linux Foundation    The Linux kernel archives

Estimating the total development cost of Linux Foundation's collaborative projects

What does IBM's acquisition of Red Hat mean for Open Source?

Microsoft's embrace of Linux draws ire


Banks, tech firms back open transaction framework

Linux Foundation open source hyperbvisor for IoT devices


Apache CloudStack    GitHub/apache/cloudstack

OpenStack    What is OpenStack?    The Open Stack Foundation    In defense of OpenStack

Open Stack Newton seeks scale, easier deployment

The progress of Open Stack in technical computing

The Eucalyptus open source private cloud    What HP gains in Eucalyptus cloud deal

Stack wars: OpenStack v. CloudStack v. Eucalyptus

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service):

Cloud backlash grows as open source gets less open


Open HPC pushes to prove its openness and value at SC'16

Altair to open source PBS Professional HPC technology

Univa contributes Universal Resources Broke to the Open Source community

Yelp open souces data pipeline that saved it $10M

Yahoo's new Pulsar: a Kafka competitor?


Details from W3C

Dive into HTML5

HTML5 developers guide

HTML5 test - how well does your browser support HTML5?


WebGL overview and specifications

WebGL developers guide

Helloracer demo


Python eats into R as SAS dominance fades

Java EE finds open source home´╗┐

Cavium joins OpenMP effort


AT&T networking code goes open source


NASA's World Wind


Democratizing analytics    The Linux Foundation announces big data platform for network annalytics

Can Hadoop be simple again?    Charting a course out of the big data doldrums

Dremio data preparation tools


Linux Foundation launches open AI effort

Databricks open sources MLflow to simplify machine learning cycle


Sahana EDEN


Open-source software tracks neural actvity in real-time

Open collaboration for farm and field data to advance sustainable food production


Proprietry versus open instruction sets

Microsoft releases cloud hardware specs

Open compute switches flood datacenters 

RISC-V startup aims to democratize custom silicon

IBM OpenPOWER to join Linux Foundation    Open Power reboot