Human Brain Projects

Grand project to unify global efforts to understand the brain

Worldwide brain-mapping project sparks excitement - and concern

A neuroscientist explains a concept at five different levels

EU Human Brain Project     HBP specifies its research goals     Blue Brain Project     

Israeli scientists help digitize brain    'Latest spoke in the wheel' drives brain-mapping advances

US BRAIN Initiative   NIH Human Connectome Project    The Brain Forum   

The Harvarrd whole brain atlas    A neuron's hardy bunch    The Allen Brain Atlas

High;y realistic virtual neurons fruit of an Allen Institute and Blue Brain project collaboration

A roundtable with the Kavli Institute for Fundamental Neuroscience  Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (UCSD)

Japan Brain/MINDS Project    China brain project to be launched    Russia's 2045 initiative

Australian Brain Initiative

A call for 'brain observatories'    Hierarchical models in the brain 

Neuroimaging reveals detailed semantic maps across human cerebral cortex

Revolutionary method to map the brain at single-neuron resolution is successfully demonstrated

New 'moonshot' effort to understand the brain brings artificial intelligence closer to reality    

Brain anatomical network and intelligence    The glass brain

The human connectome:  a structural description of the human brain 

Organization for human brain mapping     3-D Map of the brain   

Mapping the brain to build better machines    Brain-like computing

Mathematics of chaos and modeling the dynamical brain

Qualia: the geometry of integrated information

Boosting synaptic plasticity to facilitate learning (DARPA)

Identifying the brain's essential elements    Are humans the new supercomputer?

New research replicates the folding of a fetal human brain

Protein imaging reveals detailed brain architecture 

An accessible approach to making a mini-brain

To digitize a brain, first slice 2000 times with a very sharp blade

CraMs: Craniometric Analysis application using using 3D skull models

Minimally invasive 'stentrode' shows potential as neural interface for brain

Robotic cleaning technique could automate neuroscience research

Reliable Neural Interface Technolgy (RE-NET) 

Comparative mammalian brain collections    How did primate brains get so big?

Jawless fish brains more similar to ours than previously thought