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Solar Cycle    Solar Cycle Prediction    The shape of the sunspot cycle    The sunspot cycle

Sunspots    400 years of Sunspots    Travelling Sunspots    NASA Part 1   Part 2

New sunspot analysis shows rising global temperatures not linked to solar activity

The sun's coronal tail wags its photospheric dog    New model for speed and motion of solar flares

Sun's magnetic fields best at forecasting solar cycle peaks

No evidence for planetary influence on solar activity 

Corrected sunspot history suggests climate change since the Industrial Revolution not due to natural solar trends

Observing the quiet sun: a weak cycle offers the opportunity to expanding solar understanding

Calm solar cycle prompts questions about impact on Earth   Sun not a key driver of climate change 

Large solar storms 'dodge' detection systems on Earth

Influences of the 11-year solar cycle on the tropical atmosphere and oceans   

The Mystery of the Absent Sunspots     Here Comes the Sun    Scientist explains sun's magnetic reversal

On the effect of a new grand minimum of solar activity on the future climate on Earth

A grand solar minimum would barely make a dent in human caused global warming

Th weak solar cycle 24 and its consequences    Rare 2014 solar flare and CME

The sun also flips: 11-year solar cycle wimpy, but peaking

Polarity flip: physicists monitoring huge solar event

Coming around again: giant sunspot makes third trip across the Sun

Evidence for a Solar Flare Cause of the Pleistocene Mass Extinction

Massive solar flare could have caused 8th Century radiation burst     

What does it take to be an X-class flare?    SDO sees massive filament erupt from the Sun

Solar storms trigger surprising phenomena close to Earth    Scientists probe the calm after solar storms

A first for NASA's IRIS: observing a giant eruption of solar material

Sun's loops are displaying an optical illusion    The Secret Lives of Solar Flares    

New system could predict solar flares, give advanced warning       

NASA is tracking electron beams from the Sun     Evolution of Solar Flux    Coronal Mass Ejections

The difference between flares and CMEs    Mapping the journey of a giant CME

New tools for predicting arrival, impact of solar storms       

Astronomers find solar storms behave like supernovae     Solar explosions inside a computer

SDO provides first sightings of CME formation   Link  between CMEs and the Sun's interior motion

Scientists shed light on how solar blasts accelerate particles to nearly the speed of light 

VLA yields new insights on solar flares

Multiradionuclide evidence for the solar origin of the cosmic-ray events of AD 774/5 and 993/4

Solar wind     New insights into Solar Wind    Why the solar wind is rhombic-shaped

New solar wind model could improve space weather forecasts    Spotting the source of slow solar wind

NASA decyphering the mysterious math of the Solar Wind    Solar wind energy source discovered

Observational Quantification of the Energy Dissipated by Alfven Waves in a Polar Coronal Hole: Evidence that Waves Drive the Fast Solar Wind 

Magnetic turbulence trumps collisions to heat solar wind    Turbulent eddies may warm the solar wind

Cluster mission indicates turbulent eddies may warm the solar wind    Electric moon jolts the solar wind   

Solar weather event modelling and prediction   Space weather reports on Internet radio from NASA's LRO

Lunar orbiters discover source of space weather near Earth

First sightings of solar flare phenomena confirm 3D models of space weather

Space_Weather    The heart of space weather observed in action

New insights into the physics of stormy space weather that can create havoc on Earth

DSCOVR: first operational satellite in deep space reaches final orbit

The effects of space weather on aviation   internet radio provides musical space-weather reports

Space weather's effects on satellites     Several NASA spacecraft track energy through space   Video

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center     NOAA space weather scales    Dashboard     Space weather

ESA Space Stuational Awareness     Protecting Earth from space weather

UK Met Office opens 'solar storm' centre    UK Space Weather Centre

New NASA Van Allen probes observations helping to improve space weather models

Warning system to protect astronaughts from solar storms      Solar storm near Earth caused by fast CM

Space weather and geomagnnetic storms      Storms from the Sun     Solar Storms

2012 near miss solar storm should be a wake up call    Preparing for solar storms

Near miss, the solar superstorm of July 2012    Protective storm in space

Solar storms: regional forecasts set to begin

Who turned out the lights? The coming mega sun storm      Looking into the heart of a solar storm

Fierce 'superflares' from the Sun zapped an infant Earth

New tool couldtrack space weather 24 hours before reaching Earth

Norwegian study of interaction of solar wind and Earth's upper atmosphere

A river of plasma, guarding against the sun   

THEMIS discovers new process that protects Earth from space weather

For the first time, spacecraft catch a solar shockwave in the act

Electromagnetic waves linked to particle fallout in Earth's atmosphere

Space weather gains national and international attention

Turulence brings together Germany, Ukraine,  and Russia

Researchers in the Antarctic discover new facets of space weather

Stormy space weather puts equatorial regions' power at risk

Geomagnetic Induced Currents (GICs): the bane of technolgy-dependent societies

Wayward field lines challenge solar radiation models

US prepares for extreme space weather

Space weather from a Southern point of view

EU: Space weather and critica infrastruictures - findings and outlook

Electric 'tornadoes' in space drive disturbances down to Earth    Space weather and rail    

Discovering a previously unknown mechanism that halts solar eruptions before they blast into space

Solar storm researchers prepare for the 'Big One' with new urgency

Carrington Event:

Influence of a Carrington-like event on the atmospheric chemistry, temperature and dynamics: revised

Concern grows over possibility of a massive power surge

Gleissberg Cycle:

Gleissberg Cycle    The Solar Wolf-Gleissberg Cycle  and its influence on the Earth

Long-period cycles of the Sun's activity recorded in direct solar data and proxies

Signature of Hale and Gleissberg solar cycles in the geomagnetic actvity

Maunder Minimum: 

 Maunder minimum    BBC - Real risk of Maunder Minimum 'Little Ice Age'

Maunder Minimum and climate change: have historical records aided current research?