Science as Art

Finding art in science    Science is the poetry of reality    The intersection of art and technology      

Poetry is like music to the mind    The Diatomist     Abstract beauty meets scientific truth

Putting science first - distinguishing visualizations from pretty pictures

When science meets art: Fabian Oefner at TEDx Warwick 2013

Art & Space:

Cosmic photo album earns astronomer AAS prize    Nebulae: a cosmic meditation

See the bright lights and spectacular colours of our shining universe

The sky captured from multiple locations on the planet

Milky Way Photos    Other Galaxies    Spitzer 16

The Sun as art    Van Gogh Sun    

Spaceweather Image Gallery

Mars as art    Martian scars

Lunar love: when science meets artistry    

The Poseidon Ensemble - 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

Art & Earth:   

Earth from above    Seeing Earth as Modern Art    Earth as art    Earth as art  

IEDA image gallery    The Field Museum       

Iceland - land of fire and ice   NHKWorld Great Nature series

Ten mesmerizing geophysical maps that double as works of art

Art & Biology:

Hybrid forms: cell differentiation    A photographic exploration of the microbial world

Using art to visualize cellular environments: an interview with David Goodsell  

Ancient trees    Trees that refuse to die    How to photograph an orchid

Slow-moving sea creatures come alive in time-lapse     

Giving voice to coral reefs in crisis

Spineless beauty

DNA animations by for science-art exhibition

These X-rays of seeds turn biology into art

The human brain as art 

Art & Nature:

Snow flakes falling on cameras    NASA 'Let it snow' photo winners    Deep Sky Colors

These beautiful maps capture the rivers that pulse through our world

Hidden miracles of the natural world    The hidden beauty of pollination

Flower patterns and Fibonacci numbers    Sunflower Seeds

Heading camera first into the storm

Realtme Aurora Gallery    The Sky

Art & Physics:

You have to see these soundwaves

Twisted Sifter    Google eclair orage images

The beauty and anatomy of what constitutes AI 

Karman Vortex Street: a collaboration between fluid mechanics and chorography

Art through the microscope:

Best microscope photos of the year bring tiny, amazing worlds to light 

Art on Location:      

UCL science as art    Art at CMS

Mathematics & Art:    

Beautiful Math - aesthetic patterns based on logarihtmic spirals

Hyperbolic aesthetic patterns based on conformal mappings

The Age of Stupid   Powers of Ten (1977) 

Science from the Individual Artist: 

Genesis: a call to arms with Sebastiao Salgado  

Terry Kirby undersea illustrations    Borrego Stardance    Aaron Koblin

Emanuela Lucaci - Universe    Emanuela Lucaci - Science

Eric J. Heller Gallery     Ryoji Tanaka's elements    Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms 

The work of Edward Tufte     Bernardo Cesare

Public art and preparedness: lessons from Katrina

Art & Science as Performance:

CO2 - at La Scala    Teatro alla Scala

El Nino, John Adams - live from the Theatre Musical de Paris - Chatelet, 2000

New POV video of Baumgartner's epic skydive