Key Staff

Dr. Michel Speiser - Chief Data Scientist Switzerland

Michel's favorite activity is to uncover patterns in large datasets. He strives to bring the advantages of AI & Machine Learning to bear on Earth Systems Modeling, Simulation & Visualisation. He spent 6+ years at IBM Research, pushing the limits of data science, and unlocking the value hidden in large, complex data, drawing on techniques in probabilistic and statistical modeling, Machine Learning and Data Mining, and developing new tools and methods as needed. Michel likes to think laterally, and has applied his analytical skills to different domains such as finance, web traffic, immunology, power electronics, neuroscience, holographic microscopy, ecology & robotics. He also worked as an consultant in Geneva for 2.5 years, mainly in the banking sector. Michel holds a PhD in Information Systems and Operations Research (ETH Zurich), and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Complex Systems, and Mathematical Sciences. He has lived in Switzerland, Canada, Sweden and Japan