Oil, Gas, Mining & Chemical Leaks

UN Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents

Oil Spills:

Policy recommendations

How to clean up oil spills

'Oleo Sponge' mops up oil spills

Toxic dispersant used to clean oil spill

The immediate aftermath of an oil spill 

Can bacteria combat oil spill disasters?

Oil residues accelerate coastal wetland losses

Oil spill leaves 100,000 Mexicans without waterl

Shedding light on oil behaviors before the next spill

Leaks prompt concern over bitumen extraction methods

A new paradigm in oil spill modelling for decision making

Scientists explore oil clean-up properties of aquatic ferns

A case study of consensus modelling for tracking oil spills

Oil spill response knowledge grows, but new risks emerge

Oil spill in Alabama spreads as mucked cleanup persists Part 1

Mapping Southern California's history of oil extraction and spills

Can sound science guide dispersant use during subsea oil spills

Scientists develop mesh that captures oil - but let's water through

Countries with poor marine safety records linked to oil spill vessels

Cleanup underway, but cause of oilsands pipeline spill undetermined

Hydraulic fracturing chemical spills on agricultural land need scrutiny

New study finds a natural oil dispersion mechanism for deep-ocean blowout

Sea surface oil slick light component vaporization and heavy residue sinking

Arctic standards: recommendations on oil spill prevention, response and safety 

Researcher create virtual wall to stop the spread of oil and could build an invisible barrier to oi spills

For offshore drilling & production, government to modify oversight practices, focus on 'culture and safety'

Deepwater Horizon:

The Deepwater Horizon aftermath

Where did Deepwater Horizon oil go? 

Deepwater Horizon and the rise of omics

Clean-up makes 2010 spill 52-times more toxic

US court upholds BP settlement for Gulf oil spill

BP to pay record $20.8 bin Gulf of Mexico oil spill

BP's $4.5 bn deal over US oil spill approved by judge

'Dirty blizzard' sent 2010 Gulf oil spill pollution to seafloor

The weathering of oil after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill 

Dirty blizzard: new theory may explain missing oil in Gulf spill

Study on impact to coral communities from Deepwater Horizon spill

Gulf Coast residents say BP oil spill changed their environmental views

Deepwater Horizon oil spill exposure and child health: a longitudonal analysis

Footprint of Deepwater Horizon blowout impact to deep-water coral communities

US National Academy of Sciences Response Program to $4 Billion Court Settlement

At least 200,000 tons of oil and gas from Deepwater Horizon Spill consumed by Gulf bacteria

In Deep Water: Weak Governance and the Gulf Oil Spill - a 30 year timeline Gulf Oil Spill: One Year Later

Other oil spils:

S. Korea cleans up after oil spill

Oil spil hits popular Thai tourist island

Emergency declared after Husky oil spill

NOAA responds to Santa Barbara oil spill

Dead fish after huge oil spill in Philippines

Russia battles to contain Black Sea oil spill

Public water contaminated by Montana oil spill

Oil spill leaves 100,000 Mexicans without water

Chevron to pay $155 million for oil spill in Brazil

Oil spill in Hood Canal larger than first estimated  

West Virginia train derails: fires, oil tanker into river

S. Korea sets $694 minimum payout for 2007 oil spill

Shell compensates Nigerians over 'devastating' oil spills

Following marine oil leakge, Thailand tightens regulations

UN sees 'limited' impact of Bangladesh's Sundarbansoil spill

Oil spill in Alabama spreads as mucked cleanup persists Part 1

Cleanup underway, but cause of oilsands pipeline spill undetermined

Arctic standards: recommendations on oil spill prevention, response and safety   

Water emergency in Peruvian Amazon after 3,000 barrel oil spill contaminates 2 rivers

Gas Leaks:

The dangers underneath

America's natural gas system is leaky and in need of a fix

Probe blames Sinopec, Qingdao city for China pipeline blast

Why engineers ca't stop Los Angeles enormous methane leak 

Atmospheric pressure impacts greenhouse gas emissions from leaky oil & gas wells

Barometric-pumping controls fugitive gas emissions from a vadose zone natural gas release

Mining Spills:

Toxic mine leak turns Mexico river orange

DR Congo's second city poisoned by years of mining

Emergency declared in Canada over mine tailings spill

Brazil police accuse 7 of murder over Samarco dam burst

Mine spill causes 'extensive pollution' in Kruger Park river

Toxic spill from Colorado mine creeps through US southwest

Massive breach of toxic waste pond at Mt Polleymine, Canada

ICMM commits to create an international standdard for tailings dams

Mining dam disasters, lessons from the past for reducing current and future risks

Remotely monitoring safety of mine tailing dams: a joint effort of Brazil and the Netherlands

Chemical spills:

Elk River chemical spill one year later

West Virginia's message to the nation

West Virginia chemical spill triggers tap water ban

The crude MCHM chemical spill investigation and recovery in West Virginia, USA

NaTech risk in production plants in regions subjected to high seismicity, tornado or flooding hazard

Toxic orange chemical cloud forces over 60,000 people to stay indoors in Spain after factory accident