Evapotranspiration & photosynthesis in vegetation & plants

Evolution of plants & vegetation:

Listen to slime mold sing a song

The origin of photosynthesis revealed

This little amoeba committed grand theft

Green algae and the origin of land plants 

Greening of the Earth pushed way back in time

Evolutionary stepping stone to land plants, animals

Atmospheric nitrogen leads to loss of plant diversity

Fundamental plant chemicals trace back to bacteria

Early Archean origin of heterodimeric Photosystem I 

Plant roots began following gravity 350 million years ago

How bacteria build hyper-efficient photosynthesis machines

Ancestors of land plants were wired to make the leap to shore

Ancient plant-fungal partnerships reveal how the world became green

Study provides framework for one billion years of green plant evolution

Photosynthesis more ancient than thought, and most things could do it

Unusual structures in bacteria suggest photosynthesis older than thought

A new picture emerges on the origins of photosynthesis in a sun-loving bacteria

Plants crawled onto land earlier than we give them credit, genetic evidence suggests    

Flowering plants:  

Deceptive flowers

Oldest evidence of sex in flowering plants 

How flowering plants conquered the world

What flowers looked like 100 million years ago

Study finds how flowering plants cope with cold

An ecological rule for animals applies to flowers

Paleobotanist identifies what could be the mythical 'first flower' 

Molecular feedback loop gives clue to how flowers drop their petals   

Scientists identify how they believe flowering plants evolved to weather the cold

Genome downsizing, physiological novelty, and the global dominance of the flowering plants

Global mapping of plants & vegetation:

Seeing photosynthesis from space

Mapping vegetation health around the world

Earth's northern biomass mapped and measured

A look at the world explains 90% of changes in vegetation

Map shows how Earth's vegetation has changed since 1980s

Land cover mapping applications with MODIS: a literature review

Very-high-resolution time-lapse photography for plant and ecosystems research

Vegetation & plant dynamics:



The minds of plants

Plants, stress and proteins

Plants also suffer from stress

Botany and a changing world 

A wax shield to conquer Earth

Land cover dynamics revealed

Glowing plants a sign of health

How plants learned to save water

Tracking sugar movement in plants

Checking the planet's respiration rate

Scientists learn how to predict plant size

The Earth has lungs. Watch them breathe

Outwitting climate change with a plant 'dimmer'

Scientists probe water inside leaves via satellite

How plants cope with stress at a molecular level 

Scientists identify how plants sense temperature

Better plant data at the root of ecosystem models

Can plants teach us something about longetivity?

Scientists crack the code to regenerate plant tissues

Breakthrough study shows how plants sense the world

In vegetation growth studies, what you measure matters

Plant diversity is key to maintaining productive vegetation

New research on why plant tissues have a sense of direction

Plant seeds protect their genetic material against dehydration

Researchers develop equation that helps to explain plant growth

Gene identified that will help develop plants to fight climate change

Continued destruction of Earth's plant life places humankind in jeopardy

Plants drought alert system has unlikely evolutionary origin: underwater algae

New understanding of plant growth brings promise of tailored products for industry

Scientists unveil a molecular mechanism that controls plant growth and development

Fast-slow continuum and reproductive strategies structure plant-life history variation worldwide

Plant geometry:

Secret of plant geometry revealed

Leaf mysteries revealed through the computer's eye    

The secret math of plants: biologists uncover rules that govern leaf design

Plant intelligence:

The search for intelligent plant life    

Are plants more intelligent than we assumed?

Theory of 'smart' plants may explain the evolution of global ecosystems

Plants actively direct their seeds via wind or water towards suitable sites 

Plant consciousness: the fascinating evidence showing plants have human level intelligence, felings, pain+ 

Threat detection in plants: 

Plant immunity against viruses

Plant defense as a biotech tool

Biosecurity seen from the inside  

Why plants are so sensitive to gravity

Atomic-level defense secrets revealed

Why we need insects - even 'pesky' ones

Plant stress paints early picture of drought 

Plants can smell, now researchers know how

How plants protect photosynthesis from oxygen

How plants evolved to make ants their servants

Plants respond to leaf vibrations caused by insect chew

Plants adapt  their defenses to the local pest community

Plants recognize pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms

Predicting invasions of nonindigenous plants and plant pests         

Plant's defensive response against herbivores have downstream effects on nearby ecosystems

EMF detection & protection in plants:    

How plants sense electric fields

Plants use hydrogen peroxide as sunscreen

How do plants protect themselves against sunburn

Ultraviolet Protection Molecule in Plants Yields Its Secrets

Scientiists discover key factors in how some algae harness solar energy

UV-B receptor recycling is needed for balanced plants' sunscreen synthesis 

Time detection in plants:

Sunflowers move by the clock

Researchers show how plants tell the time

Plants 'do maths' to control overnight food supplies

Plants use a molecular clock to predict when they'll be infected

Genetic switch regulates a plant's internal clock based on temperature

Plant's morning calls to prepare for the night - discovery of clock genes in plants regulate circadian rythm

Plant roots, impact of soils:

How roots grow

How salt stops plant growth

Pinpointing the effect of fertilizer

How plants can grow on salt-affected soils

How plants harness microbes to get nutrients

The scramble for nutirents intensifies as the soil ages

A community of soil bacteria saves plants from root rot

Revealed in accurate detail, the underground world of plants

Fungus enhances crop roots and could be a future 'bio-fertilizer' 


Eating air, making fuel

The last link in the chain

Understanding photosynthesis

New insights into photosynthesis

Cellular sensor helps plants find light

How plants function in shade and light

New insight into global photosynthesis

The dual role of CO2 in photosynthesis

X-ray laser sees photosynthesis in action 

New study shines light on photosynthesis  

Photosynthesis has a unique isotopic signature

Scientists stitch up photosynthetic megacomplex

Reserch shows global photosynthesis on the rise

Urban warming slows tree growth, photosynthesis

A little coherence in photosynthetic light harvesting

How do plants rest photosynthesis activity at night?

Scientists unlock some key secrets of photosynthesis

Photosynthesis hack needed to feed the world by 2050

Shedding light on the energy-efficiency of photosynthesis

Ideal temperatures for carbon uptake by subtropical plants

New light shone on photosynthetic supercomplex structure

Molecular snapshots of oxygen formation in photosynthesis

Scientists use X-ray laser to probe engines of photosynthesis   

Photosynthesis discovery could help next-gen biotechnologies

Tiny algae shed light on photosynthesis as a dynamic property

X-rays capture unprecedented images of photosynthesis in action

Deep within spinach leaves, vibrations enhance efficiency of photosynthesis

Tricking plants to see the light may control the most important twitch on Earth

New analysis of plant proteins advances our understanding of photosynthesis

Experts unlock key to photosynthesis, a find that could help us meet food security demands                   

Synchronized leaf aging in the Amazon responsible for seasonal increases in photosynthesis

Photosynthesis as a quantum physics phenomenon:

Plants 'seen doing quantum physics' 

Uncovering nature's quantum secrets

Blowin' in the wind - a source of energy

Organisms might be quantum machines

Plants convert energy at lightning speed 

Energy hijacking pathway found within photosynthesis  

Quantum mechanics explains efficiency of photosynthesis

First movie of energy transfer in photosynthesis solves decades-old debate 

Artificial photosynthesis:

Mimicking the ingenuity of nature

The path to artificial photosynthesis

On the road to artificial photosynthesis

Postcards from the photosynthetic edge

Going green with artificial photosynthesis

A new leaf: scientists turn CO2 back into fuel 

Amoeba may offer key clue to photosynthetic evolution

Seeing the big picture in photosynthetic light harvesting

Controlling light: new protection for photosynthetic organisms

New clues could help scientists harness the power of photosynthesis

Artificial photosynthesis: new, stable photocathode with great potential    

How could artificial photosynthesis constitute to limiting global warming

New discoveries about photosynthesis may lead to solar cells of the future

Major advance in artificial photosynthesis poses win/win for the environment 

Vibronic origin of long-lived coherence in an artificial molecular light harvester   

Study IDs link between sugar signaling and regulation of oil production in plants  

Advance in re-engineering photosynthesis to make drugs, compunds or ingredients                      

Special plants:

The sneaky life of the world's most mysterious plant    

Plant discovered that neither photosynthsizes nor blooms    

Special plant environments: 

Carnivora gardinum  

Demographic miracle in the deserts    

Cacti among world's most threatened species

Explaining the history of Australia's vegetation

How ferns adapted to one of Earth's most extreme environments

Competition in a rough neighborhood: plant success in a desert environment

Plant reproduction and genetics:

Splash down

Sex at zero gravity

The gene of autumn colours

Tracking pollen with quantum dots

Revolutionary new view on heritability in plants

New light shed on Darwin's 'abominable mystery'

Scientists reprogram plants for drought tolerance

What is the function of non-coding RNA in plants?

Dandelion seeds are optimized for wind-based travel

Plants prepackage beneficial microbes in their seeds

Vast library of master genetic switches in plants created

Patterns of RNA regulation in the nuclei of plants identified

Revealing the workings of a master switch for plant growth

Crop wild relatives and their potential for crop improvement

New discovery about how plants make sex cells fo reproduction

Smoke signals: how burning plants tell seeds to rise from the ashes

One thousand plant transcriptomes and phylogenomics of green plants

The production of plant pollen is regulated by several signalling pathways

Biology, not just physics, controls release of scent compounds from plants

Hidden layer of genome unveils how plants may adapt to environments throughout the world

New online learning tool - International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Genome-wide network model for seed germination coordinated regulation of plant cellular phase transitions

Plants and Climate Change:

Plants moderate climate warming

Hybrid grass 'could reduce flooding impact' 

Plants do not respond to warming as thought

Ice age extinction shaped Australian plant diversity

Which plants will survive droughts, climate change? 

Extensive leaf growth worldwide due to global warming

Plants absorb CO2 more slowly than previously thought

Rising sea levels threaten Everglades freshwater plants

Adaptability in local climate helps invasive species thrive

Genetic diversity a hidden tool in coping with climate change

Climate change is altering mountain vegetation at large scale

Too little nitogen may restrain plant's carbon storage capability

Experiments underestimate plant responses to climate change

Plant growth responses to high CO2 depend on symbiotic fungi

How tropical cyclones influence photosynthesis in the US Southeast

Increased CO2 has altered photosynthesis of plants over the 20th Century

Without plants, Earth would cook under billions of tons of additional carbon

Including plant acclimation to temperature change improves climate models

Satellite observations show global plant growth is not keeping up with CO2 emissions

New approach can predict impact of climate change on species that can't get out of the way 

Elevation gradient of successful plant traits for colonizing alpine summits under climate change 

New plant research:

Plant organ development breakthrough

A new tool to study plant cell biomechanics

Scientists join forces to bring plant movement to light 

The future of plant science - a technological perspective       

'Time is ripe' to use big data for planet-sized' plant questions

New insights could indicate how to break apart cellulose for biofuels

Discovery opens up new areas of microbiology, evolutionary biology

MRI imaging shows how plants can inspire new engineering materials

New framework unlocks secret life of plants, with land management to benefit