Complexity Theory


Complex Systems

Why complexity is different        

Quantifying complexity theory

Bubble experiment finds universal laws

Chaos reigns even in simple electronics

Simple models of complex chaotic systems

A scale-dependent measure of system dimensionality

An introduction to complex systems science and its applications

How cybernetics connects computing, counterculture and design

The Universe's ultimate complexity revealed by simple quantum games

New approaches to promoting flexible and forward-looking decision making

Identifying causal gateways and mediators in complex spatio-temporal systems

Stabiliy, equilibrium & resilience:    

Quantifying stability

Want to  build resilience? Kill the complexity

Spontaneous system follows rules of equilibrium

Taming chaos: calculating probability in complex systems

Humans control complex objects by exploiting their stability

On the resilience and stability of banks and systems of banks

Coupled catastrophes: sudden shifts cascade and hop among interdependent systems

Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems

Pattern formation in complexity:

Pattern formation in multiplex networks

Finding the simple patterns in a complex world

In mysterious pattern, math and Nature converge

Universal pattern explains why materials conduct

Mathematics of complexity:

Statistical theory of adaptation

This equation will change how you see the world

Surprising limits discovered in quest for optimal solutions 

Entropy-based generating Markov partitions for complex systems  

Researcher devises method to untangle, analyze 'controlled chaos'

From power grids to heartbeat: using mathematics to restore rhythm

A tale of two cultures: phase transitions in physics and computer science

Phase transitions in NP-Complete problems: a challenge for probability, combinatorics, and computer science

Systemic risk and the butterfly effect in the real world:

Scalar nests and butterfly effects

Aspects of complexity in life and science   

Coexistence and chaos in complex ecologies

The complexity, simplicity and unity of life - from cells to cities 

Complexity and determining dangerous levels of climate impacts

From the Amazon rain forest to human body cells: quantifying stability

The emergence of environmental homeostasis in complex ecosystems  

Systemic risks: a homomorphic approach on the basis of complexity science

Collapse in a complex world of interconnected ecosystems overlaid with biodiversity 

Asynchronous exposure to global warming: freshwater resources and terrestrial ecosystems

A new method for studying the vulnerability of civial aviation netwok systems to spatially localized hazards

A model for the interoperability of multiple emergency response agencies in large-scale disasters:Persian Gulf