Governance, Security, Migration, Law, Policy

Governance is the exercise of political, economic and administrative authority in the management of a country's affairs at all levels


Crowding Our Planet 

Environmental migration

World Population Growth

Number of people living on Earth

Mapping our global human footprint

The evolution of human cooperation

World population likely to surpass 11 billion in 2100 

IUCN: A strategy of innovative approaches and recommendations to support human life in the next decade


Global governance — the rise of non-state actors 

Disaster governance and vulnerability: the case of Chile  

Bad governance has accentuated the environment crisis

Exploring climate change and disaster governance issues

Disaster risk governance - unlocking progress and reducing risk

Transboundary water governance and climate change adaptation

Institutional vulnerability and governance of disaster risk reduction

Disaster policies and governance: promoting community resilience

How can local governance systems strengthen community resilience?

An opportunity for governance reform or another layer of dysfunction?

Decentralised local governance and poverty reduction in post-1991 Ethiopia

Governance through economic paradigms: addressing climate change by accounting for health 

Post-disaster governance, complexity and network theory; Aceh, the Indonesian Ocean Tsunami 2004

Multi-dimensional Security:

Livlihood security 

Towards a safer world

Shelter from the storm? 

The climate-nuclear nexus 

Community early warning systems

Conflict, climate change and politics

Social protection and climate resilience 

Nontraditional security challenges in india

Comprehensive security of built structures  

Planning for the future: an emerging agenda

Water scarcity is helping radicalze the Middle East 

Mediterranean civil protection: programme at a glance

Natural disasters: what is the role for social safety nets?

European Forum for Urban Security - security, democracy for cities

Climate extremes: recent trends with implications for national security

Disaster risk management: Australian, Japanese & US defence forces

Warmer climate strongly affects human conflict and violence worldwide

On climate, defense could preserve and protect, rather than kill and destroy

Climate change and conflict: findings and lessons learned from 5 case studies in 7 countries

Shifting bases, shifting perils: security implications of climate change in the OSCE region and beyond

International Migration, Internal Displacement & Relocation:

The next migrant wave

Addressing drivers of migration

International migrant stock 2019

Disaster displacement 'chronic' in Asia

50,000 lives lost during migration: 2014-2022

Disasters and displacement: gaps in protection

Preventive resettlement of populations at risk of disaster

Migration transforms the conditions for the achievement of the SDGs

IOM progress report on DRR and resilience 2018 - taking Sendai forward

Guidance on protecting people from disasters and environmental change through planned relocation

The number of international migrants reached 272 million, continuing an upward trend in all world regions

Internal displacement: 

Project on internal displacement

Environmental migration in Morocco

Global internal displacement database

Targeting in urban displacement contexts 

Global report on internal displacement 2018

Urban planning following humanitarian crises

Internal displacement in 2018: mid-year figures

Focus on migration: how best to rebuild after disaster

New climate maps show a transformed United States

Climate change driving population shifts to urban areas

Displacement triggered by water stress in the south of Iraq

Mega-disasters and urbanisation spur spike in displacement

Lost production due to internal displacement: Cuba 2008, Hurricane Ike

Environmental migration in Brazil: current context and systemic challenges

Labour migration as a response strategy to water hazards in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas

The consequences of relocating in response to drought: human mobility & conflict in contemporary Kenya

Spatial data potential for resettlement programmes in local communities vulnerable to debri-flow disasters 

Climate displacement:

The Sahel

Where the rain falls 

Future of the human climate niche

Climate, conflict and forced migration

What will happen with climate refugees?

Acting on internal climate migration Vol 2

Migration, agriculture and climate change

Migration and global environmental change

Climate change and migration in Bangladesh

Heat, not flood, causes Pakistani's to migrate

UNHCR, the environment and climate change

Migration, climate change and the environment

Should the UNFCCC recognize climate migrants?

How 'climate migrants' are roiling American politics

Policy options to support climate-induced migration

Migration due to climate change demands attention

Displacement on the global climate change agenda

Human migration: the glaring omission of emissions

Climate-induced migration creates perils, possibilities

Climate migrants risk more harm in new surroundings

Migration as an adaptation strategy to climate change

Vulnerable nations urged to craft climate migration policy

Climate-threatened Soloman Islanders prepare for evacuation

Vulnerability and climate change induced human displacement

Experts warn governments to plan for climate change migrants

Addressing climate change and migration in Asia and the Pacific

Climate played big role in Vikings' disappearance from Greenland

Extreme weather events and internal migration: evidence from Mongolia

Bangaladesh: 5 key actions for ensuring rights of climate displaced people

With climate change, heat more than natural disasters will drive people away 

Climate change, migration and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

Meeting the looming policy challenge of sea-level change and human migration

Indonesia: livelihood adlustments to climate changes and foreign migrant worker

Climate change and migration: rethinking policies for adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Migration and natural resource scarcity within the context of climate variability in West Africa

Climate change, migration, and conflict - addressing complex crisis scenarios in the 21st Century

Disasters, displacement, and climate change: common challenges facing the north and the south

SLR & the Freely Associated States: addressing environmental migration & compacts of free association

The effects of climate change on internal and international migration: implications for developing countries

Displacement from other causes:

Mobility and DRR

Migration and water

Wikileaks, drought and Syria

Population mobility and DRR

Natural disasters and human mobility

The state of environmental migration 2010 

The state of environmental migration 2014

Linking human mobility, disasters, and DRR

India's record-breaking diaspora in numbers

Human mobility in the Sendai framework for DRR

Compendium of IOM actvities in DRR and resilience

People displaced by disasters: global estimates 2015

2014 global estimates of people displaced by disaster

42 million displaced by sudden natural disasters in 2010

Natural disasters forced 20 million from their homes in 2014

Focus on migration:  disaster plans should minimize relocations

Norway, Switzerland in push to protect 'environmental refugees'  

World disasters report 2012 - focus on forced migration and displacement 

Global estimates 2011: people displaced by natural hazard-induced disasters

Disaster-related displacement risk: measuring the risk and addressing its drivers

Migrants and natural disasters: national law, policy and practices in the Americas 

Guidelines to protect migrants in countries experiencing conflict or natural disasters

Millions of Venezuelans are fleeing to the south - through South Americas poetic heart 

 Estimating the lost economic production caused by internal displacement because of disasters

The forced migration of the population of Manan Island PNG, due to volcanic eruptions 2004-2005

Human Rights:

Socially just adaptation to climate change

2014 Global humanitarian assistance report

New interational rights standard for climate displaced people

Human rights, climate change and cross-border displacement

Bringing rights into resilience: revealing complexities of climate risks and social conflict

The slow onset effects of climate change and human rights protection for cross-border migrants


World happiness report

Ethical principles on DRR and people's resilience    

Ethical principles relating to DRR and contributing to people’s resilience to disasters 

Law & Policy:

Disaster laws

Eradicating ecocide

Disaster law programme

Fact sheet: DRR legislation

The checklist on law and DRR 

The handbook on law and DRR    

Better laws, safer communities?     

The global climate legislation study

Ecocie: should killing Nature be a crime?

Environmental justice: a criminological perspective

The impact of law on adaptation in the private sector

Effective law and regulation for disaster risk reduction

Law and disaster risk reduction at the community level

Environmental legislation for disaster risk management

Disaster risk management in post-2015 policy frameworks

Should international refugee law accomodate climate change?

Instituting Integration: comparative groundwater law and policy

Good practice principles for cross programming in the drylands

New global policy effort to tackle crisis of plastic litter in oceans 

Damage caused by tsunami is an insurable risk, rules high court

Tackling the world water crisis: reshaping the future of foreign policy

Guide to the 2010 HAP standard in accountability and quality standard

The fighting has begun over who owns land drowned by climate change

International disaster response laws, rules and principles (IDRL) programme

A study on strengthening legal preparedness for international disaster response (Italy)

The laws of global warming: how to regulate geo-engineering efforts to fight climate change

The relationship human rights and DRR revisited: bringing the legal perspective into the discussion  

Humanitarian crises, emergency preparedness and response: the role of business and the private sector

Regional specific:


IDRL in Nepal

Disaster law in Southeast Asia

Bangladesh: legal and Institutional arrangements - framework guidebook

Beyond the disaster: a call for Japanese leadership in international disaster response law


Disasters in Africa: the case for legal preparedness

Analysis of legislation related to DRR in South Africa

The role of land policies and laws for environmental migration in Kenya 

Exploring politicaland socio-economic drivers of transformational climate policy - Ethiopia

Middle East:

Water pacts  re-examined amid Arab Spring


Water policy and law in the Mediterranean  


Analysis of legislation related to DRR in Brazil

The Oso landslide: disaster management law in the space age 


IDRL in Haiti 

Analysis of legislation related to DRR in the Dominican Republic