Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, History & Language

Culture largely comprises of three domains: intellectual, artistc & religious; political, economic & social; and science, commerce & industry. It is the historic weighting of these domains that determines the 'culture' of each nation state.


Native Land


Catalogues of culture

Who was Confuscius?

Social inequality leaves a genetic mark

Time capsules: news that can last a million years

Ritual and the evolution of the divergent modes of cohesion

When time became regular and universal, it changed history

First signs: unlocking the mysteries of the world's oldest symbols

Latitude adjustment: distance from the equator shapes our thinking

Culture is a group's characteristic way of perceiving its environment 

Collapse of world cultures and civilisations:

These 5 cites vanished without a trace

1177 BC: The year civiization collapsed

Why did the Harappan civilization vanish?

The ethnosphere - dreams from endangered cultures

Drought, not war, felled some ancient Asian civilizations

What rteallycaused the collapse of the Maya civilization?

Anthropologist Wade Davis on disappearing world cultures

Ancient DNA shows European wipe-out of early Americans

Location-based data raise ethical issues for cultural heritage

Satellite-based damage assessment of cultural heritage sites

Severe cyclones may have played a role in the Maya collapse

Cultures and disasters: understanding cultural framings in DRR

The Hopewell airburst event, 1699-1567 years ago (252-383 CE)

Aerial photographs uncover Bogota's indigenous hydraulic system

Are cultural heritage and resources threatened by climate change?

The Mayan indians: A great civilization brought low by climate change

Archaeologists discover mysterious Guatemalan monument in plain sight 

Climate change likely caused migration, demise of ancient Indus Valley civilization

Scientists believe they may have discovered the disease that wiped out 80% of Aztecs

Widespread population decline in South America correlated with mid-Holocene climate change

The great dying of the indigenous peoples of the Americas caused global cooling in the 17th century

The construction of the pre-Hispanic agriculture landscape i the Columbian Andes: Sabana de Bogota


Swiss yodelling as a language

Language alters our experience of time

Giving new ife to old languages in Australia

A Turkish origin for Indo-European languages

The mysterious Rongorongo writing of Easter Island

This language is only used when collecting nits in New Guinea

World's languages traced back to single African mother tongue

Indigenous Peoples:

Map of native lands

When whales and humans talk

Finding our human ancestor Part 1   2   3

Life beyond death in the driest place on Earth

Indigenous knowledges key to 'Healing Country'

Humans wore necklaces more than 120,000 years ago

Think everyone died young in ancient societies? Think again

More than a quarter of the globe is controlled by indigenous groups

The indigenous lands of North America and historical treaties - interactive map

Anthropology & Archaeology:

How do fossils form?

Complexity in big history

SESHAT: global history databank

536 AD - the worst year in history     

Mapping a world of human activity

The longetivity of human civilizations     

Cyber-archaeology at UC San Diego

Why 536 was 'theworst year to be alive'

What did people do before toilet paper?

A time-line of human impact on the planet 

The scientific sorcery of radiocarbon dating

Lasers are driving a revolution in archeology

World's oldest coin factory discovered in China

Dimensions of cultural differene and their effect

An historical database of sociocultural evolution

Rice or wheat? How grains define cultural identity

What archaeology is telling us about the real Jesus

Humans evolved by sharing technology and culture

Applied geometry engraved on 3,700-year-old tablet

Saudi Arabia camel carvings dated to prehistoric era

45,500-year-old pig painting is the world's olkdest animal art

Genomic tracks migration from lost empires to modern cities

Pollution is thfreatening some of the world's oldes rock carvings

Research reveals new clues about how humans become tool users

Can there be a quantitative theory for the history of life and society?

Novel microstructural marker for malting in the archaeological record 

Erasing history: ISIS, Balkans, US Civil War statues, and Saddam Hussein

We think we are the first advanced earthlings - but how do we really know?

Gold & silver tubes in a Russian museum are the oldest known drinking straws

Geometry guided construction of earliest known temple, built 6,000 years before Stonehenge

Crowdsourced archaeology shows how humans have influenced Earth for thousands of years

'Magicians of the Gods' - global flood - Younger-Dryas cataclysm - Clovis comet impact - prior civilization

Out of Africa:

The earliiest human ancestor revealed

Retracing our ancestor's global migration 

Three times tectonics changed the climate

Did a chaotic climate drive human evolution?

Homo Naledi - a new limb to the Human Tree

Human origins: leaving Africa, ancient humans

DNA reveals first look at enigmatic human relative

Out of Africa and into an archaic human melting pot

The astonishing vision and focus of Namibia's nomads

Fossil DNA reveals new twists in modern human origins

World's oldest camp bedding found in South African cave

Cold climate contributed to the extinction of the Neanderthals

Homo Naledi: fossil trove adds a new limb to human family tree 

700,000-year-old stone tools point to mysterious human relative

AI-powered genomic analysis reveals unknown human ancestor

Controversial new study pinpoints where all modern humans arose

These early humans lived 300,000 years ago - but had modern faces

Pleitocene climate variability in eastern Africa influenced hominin evolution

Fossil found in Israel suggests Homo sapiens left Africa 180,000 years ago

Dispersals and genetic adaptation of Bantu-speaking populations in Africa and North America

African genetic diversity provides novel insights into evolutionary history and local adaptations

Into Egypt:

ScanPyramids 2017

Out of Africa via Egypt

Nefertiti was more than a pretty face

Egypt unearths 7,000-year-old lost city

Pristine 4400-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt

Dive beneath the pyramids of Egypt's black pharaohs

Ancient DNA may reveal origin of the Bibical Philistines

How Egypt's ancient city of divine cats was rediscovered

8,000 years ago, 17 women reproduced for every one man

Egypt's pharaohs welcomed summer with this fabulous festival

Archeologists discover earliest monumental Egyptian hieroglyphs

This ancient diary reveals how Egyptians built the Great Pyramid 

Cosmic-ray particles reveal secret chamber in Egypt's Great Pyramid

Colorful paintings of daily life uncovered in 4,300-tear-old Egyptian tomb

Ancient mummy DNA reveals surprises about genetic origins of Egyptians

This wonder of the ancient world shone brightly for more than one thousand years

Discovery of ancient restoration using a rare mud carapace on a mumified individual New Kingdom Egypt  

Into the Middle East:

'Cyber-archeology' salvages lost Iraqui art

The original 'Assassins': medieva, warriors of Alamut

Is Saudi Arabia the next big heritage tourism destination?

Role of climate in the rise and fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Rome brought pomp and prosperity to this ancient outpost of Jordan

Researchers decipher ancient Dead Sea Scrolls with the help of advanced imaging

DNA of 6,500-year-old human remains in Israeli cave points to origin of ancient Calcolithic culture

Into Europe:


The dental proteome of Homo Antecessor

The first Europeans weren't who you might think

Agriculture linked to DNA changes in ancient Europe

An incredibly details map of Europe's population shifts

Mysterious 'ghost population' of ancient humans discovered

6,000 yars of arrows emerge from melting Norwegian ice patch

Enigmatic skull could be the oldest modern human outside Africa

World's oldest human DNA found in 800,000-year-old tooth of a cannibal

Córdoba's stunning mosque-cathedral showcases Spain's Muslim heritage

'Fourth strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age

Scientists find new evidence: early human moved through the Mediterranean much earlier than believed



Genetics spills secrets from Neanderthal's lost history

Ancient DNA reveals new twists in Neanderthal migration

The astonishing age of a Neanderthal cave construction site

Teeth reveal details about a Neanderthal who fell down a well 

All modern humans have Neanderthal DNA, new research finds

Neanderthal DNA has subtle but significant impact on human traits

Neanderthals and modern humans diverged at least 800.000 years ago

A world map of Neanderthal and Devisovan ancestry in modern humans

The astonishing - and accidental - Ice Age discovery made by Spanish spelunkers

Impacts of Neanderthal-introgressed sequences on the landscape of human gene expression

New research finds surprising early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in Southern Spain

Turkey, Greece & Bulgaria:

Secret tunnel reveals procession of ancient gods

This tomb held the treasures of Greece's 'Griffin Warrior'

Advanced plumbing and metalwork found on ancient Greek island

This 2,400-year-old royal tomb was found by accident during WWII

This stone age settlement took humanity's first steps towards city life


Emblems and spaces of power during the Argaric Bronze Age at La Almoloya, Murcia

Neolithic Britons:

3-ton parts of Stonehenge may have been carried from earlier monuments

Italians, Romans & others:

The diet of Pompeii revealed

The first sack of Rome wasn't when you think it was

How was Rome founded? Not in a day, and not by twins

Thamugadi: the ancient Roman city buried by the Sahara sands

A Roman-era 'superhighway' is disappearing. Italy has a plan to save it

Julius Caeser came. He saw. He conquered. Here's how Rome celebrated

Hidden temple in a buried Roman city discovered by ground-penetrating radar

Eruption of Alaska's Okmok volcano linked to mysterious period of extreme cold in ancient Rome


Why do we know so little about the Druids?

Were. the Azores home to an ancient civilisation?


Lost Viking 'highway' revealed by melting ice

Scientists raid DNA to explore Vikings' genetic roots

Jelling Stone: 3D scans reveal power of Viking queen.

After pillaging France and Spain, Viking raiders set their sights on Rome

England, Ireland & France:

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Britain's stone age building boom

Mary Rose shipwreck skulls go online in 3D

Inside the Irish 'hell caves' where Halloween was born

The Irish DNA atlas: revealing fine-scale population structure and history within Ireland

Into Central Asia:


When modern Eurasia was born

What happened 4,000 years ago in the Urals?

The controversy behind this Silk Road city's ancient wonders

Heading North: late Pleistocene environments and human dispersals in Central and Eastern Asia

Into South Asia:

Nallanda: the university that changed the world

The 'cartographic nightmare' of the Kashmir region explained

The Buddha's birthplace grants insightsnabout his life and times

75 years after Partition: these maps show how the British split India

After Alexander the Great's death, this Indian empire filled the vacuum

This ancient Himalayan kingdom has been isolated from the world - until now

Why the Partition of India and Pakistan still casts a long shadow over the region

Into East and South Asia:

Seeking the hidden temples of Cambodia

Stone tools age Asia's first Homo presence

Buddha's birthplace yields clues about his mysterious life

New species of early human found in cave in the Philippines

Ancient DNA reveals prehistoric population of Southeast Asia

Early modern humans and morphological variation in Southeast Asia 

100,000-year-old human skulls from East Asia reveal complex mix of trends in time, space

Sulawesi: world's oldest cave art: half-animal, half-human hybrids depicted on oldest discovered cave art

Archaeological evidence that late 14th-century tsunami devastated Northern Sumatra & redirected history 

Into China:

The Song Dynasty built an early Industrial Revolution

Who was the Chinese emporer behind the terra-cotta warriors?

Ancient DNA reveals intriguing details about a 6th century Chinese emporrer

DNA reveals unexpected origins of enigmatic mummies buried in a Chinese desert

Into Japan:

The three samurai who unified Madieval Japan

Kofuns: the ancient tombs kept under lock and key

An ethereal forest where Japanese commit suicide

Japan confronts a stark reality: a nation of old people

The Japanese warrior who founded the Tokugawa shogunate 

Into Australia:

How did aborigines get to Australia? DNA helps solve a mystery

The forgotten story of Tupaia, the star navigator who helped James Cook reach Australia

Researchers have uncovered an ancient Aboriginal archaelogical site preserved on the seabed

Aborigonal artefacts on the continental shelf reveal ancient drowned cultural landscapes in NW Australia

Into the Americas:

Vikings in North America? Here's what we really know

Evidence grows for the early peopling of the Americas

It was America's first English colony. Then it was gone

Old copper culture: North America's forgotten metal workers

Archeologists discover a mystery at the bottom of Lake Huron

An indigenous 'metropolis' may be hidden under this Wisconsin lake

15,000 year-old Idaho archaeology site now among America's oldest

Evidence of human occupation in Mexico around the last glacial maximum

'Astounding new finds' suggest ancient empire may be hiding in plain sight

These 5 ancient cities once ruled North America - what happened to them?

Surprise cave discoveries may double the time people lived in the Americas

Thee new DNA studies are shaking up the history of humans in the Americas

Fossil footprints prove humans populated the Americas around 23,000 years ago

Surprise discoveries in Mexico cave may double time of peopling of the Americas

New DNA evidence provides unprecedented insight into the mysterious Chaco culture

The current genomic landscape of western South America: Andes, Amazonia, and Pacific Coast 

The persistence of ancient Beothuk and Maritime Archaic mitochondrial DNA in modern Native Americans


Ancient Maya 101

Lidar uncovers thousands of new Maya structures

What really caused the collapse of the Mayan civilization?

Laser techology discovers over 60,000 structures from Mayan civilization

Massive 3,000 year-old Mayan ceremonial complex discovered in 'plain sight'

Why was the ancient city of Cahokia abandoned? New clues rule out one theory


Aztec moral philosophy: life on the slippery Earth

Nonlinearity and distance of ancient routes in the Aztec empire


Rare underwater Inca offering pulled from Lake Titicaca

Ancient mass child sacrifice in Peru may be world's largest

The context and meaning of an intact Inca underwater offering from Lake Titicaca


The astonishing Paracus (Peru) elongated skulls

Two ancient populations that diverged later reconverged in the Americas

Crash and rebound of indigineous populations in lowland South America

Modern America:

The city at the center of the Cosmos

How the gold rush transformed California

Sequoyah, the US state that almost existed

How white planters usurped Hawaii's last queen

Gettysburg was no ordinary battle. These maps reveal how Lee lost the fight

Antigua (Guatemala): a vibrant colonial UNESCO World Heritage city is in a volcanic hotspot

Into Polynesia:

A short scan of Maori joureys to Antarctica

Native South Americans reached Polynesia early

Why ancient Pacific mariners were the NASA scientists of their day

Settlement of East Polynesia earlier, incremental, and and coincident with prolonged South Pacific drought

Formation of the USA: 

The history of US territorial expansion

How a 'forgotten' 600-year-old tsunami changed history

400 years ago, enslaved Africans first arrived in Virginia

The unlikely story of the map that helped create the USA

This radical religious sect had an outsize impact on American culture

Testing theories of American politics: elites, interest groups, average citizens

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean:

These pirates leftthe Caribbean behind - and stole the biggest booty ever