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Free electrons

The power of salt

How to fry a planet

The base-load myth

The energy commons

Waste-to-energy plants

Our high-energy planet

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Can coal ever be clean?

Open source energy video

Harnessing the sun for fuel 

World energy outlook 2014

A revolutionary fuel process

Why lithium-ion batteries fail

A tipping point for fossil fuels

Turning wastewater into power

Low carbon portfolio standards

Energy and the social sciences

Considering future energy options

Oil from a raw material perspective

From peak oi to energy abundance

Physics, fracking, fuel and the future

Extreme energy, extreme implications

Climate change: Effects on our energy

Global fossil fuel subsidies remain large

Ditching coal a major step to climate goal

Could we harness power from a black hole

Renewable energy technology cost review

The economics of renewable energy supply

The grand challenge of the energy transition

Scientists push boundaries to find new energy

NREL 2016 annual technology baseline (ATB)

2014 international energy efficiency scorecard

Achieving 100% renewable energy production

New fabric uses Sun and wind to power devices

Oil, gas giants could waste trillions in a 2C world

Renewable energy and jobs : annual report 2018

Trends, persistence & volatility in energy markets

Global energy growth is outpacing decarbonization

Solar and wind are now the cheapest powersource

A nanophotonic comeback for incandescent bulbs?

Size-energy relationships in ecological communities

More clean energy does not mean less dirty energy

World's energy systems at risk from global warming

Engendering the energy transition: setting the scene

Examining the limits of 'energy return on investment'

Designing successful energy demonstration projects

New report raises concern about electricity and watei

Technology funding makes climate protection cheaper

Below zero: carbon removal and the climate challenge

Energy pick n'mix: are hybrid systems the next big thing?

The great transition: from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Net energy analysis should become a standard policy tool 

Next generation wind and solar power - from cost to value

Can a divestment campaign move the fossil fuel industry?

Percentage of electricity from renewable resources in 2012

The ACEEE 2012 International energy efficiency scoreboard

Transforming society through pilot and demonstration projects

Sustainable energy recovery from thermal processes: a review

Carbon dioxide 'sponge' could ease transition to cleaner energy

Affective influences on energy-related decisions and behaviours

Climate change could put $6 trillion in fossil fuel reserves at risk

Energy independence is nothing but an illusion in the modern world

Scientists devise new, lower cost method to create more usable fuel 

How the shape and structure of nanoparticles affects energy storage 

'Hydricity' concept uses solar energy to produce power round-the-clock

Special report on renewable energy sources and climate change itigation

New technique both enhances oil recovery and sequesters carbon dioxide

Where you live could mean 'greener' alternatives do more harm than good

Move over, solar: the next big renewable energy source could be at our feet

The long goodbye to fossil fuel: what's the best strategy for renewable energy?

Linking science, innovation, and policy to transform the world's energy systems

Cooled coal emissions would clean air and lower health and climate-change costs

Thermodynamic analysis of a novel thermoelectric generator in the built environment

Technology to harness energy from mixing of freshwater and seawater now available

Storage requirements and costs of shaping renewable energy toward grid decarbonization

Assessment report from the GCEP Workshop on energy supply with negative carbon emissions

Narrowing the emissions gap: contributions from renewable energy and energy efficient activities

The case of the renewable energy ecosystem: weaving an innovation network from the middle out 

On a low-carbon planet: implications of climate policy for the phase-out of coal-based power plants

$674B annual spend on 'unburnable' fossil fuel assets signals failure to recognise huge financial risk

Exploring energy citizenship in the urban heating system with the 'waliking with energy' methodology  

IEA report: perspectives for the energy transition - investment needs for a low-carbon energy system

Sustainability assessments of energy scenarios: citizens' preferances for and sustainability indicators

Burning all fossil energy would raise sea-level by more than 50 meters - and eliminate all ice of Antarctica

Low carbon futures: assessing the status of decarbonisatin efforts at universities with an 2050 perspective

The world is locking itself into an unsustainable energy future which would have far-reaching consequences 

Green energy choices: the benefits, risks and trade-offs of low-carbon technologies for electricity production

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Global perspectives: 

Accelerating the global coal transition

UN emissions market needs urgent reform

Global energy network and information systems

The role of critical minerals in clean energy transitions

Global inequality in energy consumption from 1980 to 2010

Study is first to measure global population/energy relationship?

Delivering clean, reliable, and affordable power in the devloping world

Blueprint and 'golden rules' for increasing sustainable electricity in developing countries

Cap and Trade programs do not provide sufficient incentives for energy technology innovation

100% clean and renewable wind, water & sunlight all-sector energy roadmaps for 139 countries

Is natural gas a feasible transition to a greener world?:

A global natural gas boom alone won't slow climate change

Coal killer: how natural gas fuels the clean energy revolution

From coal to gas: how the shift can help stabilize climate change

Pathways to decarbonization: natural gas and renewable energies

Asserting the climate benefits for the coal-to-gas shift across temporal ans spatial scales

Bringing variable renewable energy to scale - options for grid integration of natural gas and energy storage

Is nuclear energy 'green'?:

Nuclear power as climate change solution

Nuclear, coal power face climate change risk-study

Pro-nuclear countries making slower progress on climate targets


USA & Canada:

US energy policy

The Equinox communique

US energy solutions project

US/Saudi oil play is economic warfare

Energy usage in the US for 2018 - visualized

US Western Region: renewable energy in the 50 States

Americans continue to use more renewable energy sources

US: drought, water and energy - a national survey of attitudes

Study shows how to power California with wind, water and sun

Researchers create citywide building energy model for Boston

US moves up to second most attractive renewables market after China

US: New data shows carbon emissions falling as shale gas debate is rising

US renewable energy consumption surpasses coal for the first time in over 130 years

America's increasing refliance on natural gas: benefits and risks of a methane economy

Climate change and the US energy sector - regional vulnerabilities and resilent solutions

Deep decarbonization in the US NE states and expanded coordination with Hydro-Quebec

Americans high energy costs - can advanced energy solve problems, strengthen economy?

Most energy execs indicate potential for US energy independence by 2030, some say 2020

Divide on energy issues Is a myth, strong bipartisan support seen for shift to cleaner energy 


Asia's energy challenge

Asian markets have renewable energy edge


China's energy industrial revolution

China urges global energy cooperation

Towards a water and energy secure China

China wants to make a splash in ocean energy

Guide to Chinese climate policy re synthetic natural gas

Despite pledges to cut emissions, China goes on a coal spree

China targets 1.8% cut in average coal use at power plants by 2025

China's synthetic natural gas plants will have heavy environmental toll

Synthetic gas would cut air pollution but worsen climate damage in China 

China must shut '600 coal-fired plants' to hit its net zero emissions target by 2060

Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG): technology, environmental implications, the economy

A high ambition coal phaseout in China: feasible strategies through a plant-by-plant  assessment 

Orderly retirement of  China's coal-fired capacity via ccapacity payments to support renewable energy


Japan extracts 'fire ice' gas from seabed   

Japan boasts top growth in 2013 clean energy

How is 100% renewable energy possible in Japan by 2020?

South Korea:

How is 100% renewable energy possible in South Korea by 2020?


BBC energy briefing

North Sea power-to gas platform 

The EU energy challenge - can innovation fill the gap?

New studies offer roadmaps for Europe to shed Russian gas

How is 100% renewable energy possible in Turkey by 2020?

German Village Achieves Energy Independence … And Then Some 

Huge renewable energy growth this decade, if EU countries meet projections


Saudi's role in global energy markets is changing


Australia's untapped 'solar superpower' potential

The continuing saga of Australian carbon emissions

Australia: Energy, climate and poverty - time to broaden the conversation

A comprehensive, up-to-date indication of key electricity trends in Australia

The economic argument for adopting a zero emissions energy policy in Australia

CSIRO says wind & solar much cheaper than nuclear, even with added integration costs

Solar PV and wind are on track to replace all Australian coal, oil and gas within two decades