Galaxy formation, evolution, dynamics, clusters; the Cosmic Web

Overview from NASA

Surprising cosmic light 

Inside the fiery furnace

The Universe does think small

Stacking up a clearer picture of the Universe

Galactic census reaffirms standard model of cosmology

Early Universe, early galaxies:

Looking at the earliest galaxies

New window on the early Universe

Explosion of galaxy formation lit up early Universe

VLA gives deep, detailed image of distant Universe

Some galaxies in the early universe grew up quickly

Sudden appearance of galaxies in the early Universe

Ghosts of the future: first giant structures of the Universe

First detailed look at a normal galaxy in the early universe

Hubble astronomers uncover an overheated early Universe

The most ancient galaxies in the Universe are coming into view

Network theory used to solve the mystery of stellar initial mass function

New study finds the early Universe 'warmed up' later than previously believed

First traces of carbon 'smog' permeating interstellar atmospheres of early galaxies

Formation, evolution & dynamics of galaxies:

New spin on galaxy formation

The anatomy of stellar outflow

Galaxies fed by funnels of fuel 

Galaxies as 'cosmic cauldrons'

New type of galaxy discovered

Proof of galaxy evolution theory

Galaxies evolution in slow motion

Unraveling the history of galaxies

Why do starburst galaxies 'burst'?

Galaxies die by slow 'strangulation'

Astronomers find runaway galaxies

Galactic wheel of life shines in infrared

Galaxy-scale fountain seen in full glory

Galaxy trailed by stunning plume of gas

Elliptical galaxies not formed by merging

Cosmic rays: the key to galaxy formation

Powerful jets blowing material out of galaxy

Surprising spiral structure spotted by ALMA

Hubble sees 'ghost light' from dead galaxies

Discovering a new stage in the galactic lifecycle

A hidden treasure in the Large Magelllanic Cloud

Undergraduates discover densest galaxies known

A weakened black hole allows its galaxy to awaken

Most distant gravitational lens helps weigh galaxies

ALMA early science result reveals starving galaxies

Astronomers discover new clues to galaxy evolution

VLT observations identify very rare new kind of galaxy

Qasars illuminate swiftly swirling clouds around galaxies

Groundbreaking study sheds new light on galaxy evolution

Astronomers uncover a surprising trend in galaxy evolution

Fast galaxy bars continue to challenge standard cosmology

Astronomers observe most luminous galaxies ever observed

Galaxies consist of star-forming regions sparkling as fireworks

NASA's Hubble confirms that galaxies are the ultimate recyclers

Star factory in the early Universe challengs galaxy evolution theory

NASA'a Hubble space telescope finds source of Magellanic stream

New survey finds 'Peter Pan' radio galaxies that may never grow up

Astronomers discover invisible, starless galaxies predicted by theory

Astronomers creates computer models to explain how galaxies formed and evolved

Massive & giant galaxies:

Giant galaxy is still growing

The limits to galactic growth

Where giant galaxies are born

Giant galaxies die from the inside out

Why massive galaxies don't dance in crowds

Revealing the intimate lives of massive galaxies

Telescopes uncover early construction of giant galaxy

Fragile mega-galaxy is missing link in history of cosmos

Monster galaxy may have been stirred-up by black-hole mischief

Galaxies on FIRE: star feedback results in less massive galaxies

Astronomers reveal new details about 'monster' star-forming galaxies

Weight-Watchers guide to the Universe: obese galaxies aren’t dieting

Fossils' of galaxies reveal the formation and evolution of massive galaxies

'Wasteful' galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space

Subaru's FMOS reveals the well-orchestrated growth of massive galaxies in the early universe

Dwarf & compact galaxies:

New dark dwarf galaxy discovered

The party's over for these youthful compact galaxies

Mystery of ultra-compact, burnt-out galaxies solved

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

Dwarf dark galaxy hidden in ALMA gravitational lens image

Large number of dwarf galaxies discovered in the early universe

Spiral & spinning galaxies:

Hubble sees galaxy in a spin

Fast spinning galaxies beat the bulge

New insights on how spiral galaxies get their arms

Nature’s best magnifying glass views early spiral galaxy

Hubble watches star's clockwise motion in nearby galaxy

Dark matter tugs the most massive spiral galaxies to breakneck speed

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope report the earliest spiral galaxy ever seen

Disk galaxies:

Astronomers explain why disk galaxies eventually look alike

To flare or not to flare: the riddle of galactic thin-thick disk resolved

Farthest galaxies:

Farthest galaxy detected

Astronomers unveil the farthest galaxy

Hubble farthest ever view of the Universe

Ancient, highly active galaxies discovered

Researchers discover distant galactic halos 

Astronomers discover farthest known galaxy

The frontier fields: where primordial galaxies lurk  

Shattering the cosmic distance record, once again

How far away is that galaxy? Vast catalog has answers  

The Pale Red Dot: most distant galaxy ever discovered

Discovery of the most distant galaxy in the cosmic dawn

Hubble helps find candidate for most distant object in the Universe

New observational distant record promises important tool for studying galaxies

Modern (Young) galaxies:    

Hubble explores the origins of modern galaxies

Keck & NASA telescopes reveal surprisingly young galaxy

Live fast die young galaxies lose the gas that keeps them alive

Astronomers find massive supply of fresh gas around modern galaxies

Galaxy clusters & nebula:

Our own Laniakea Supercluster

The stormy life of galaxy clusters

What spawned the jellyfish nebula? 

Galaxy clusters formed as 'fireworks'

Galaxies set to form enormous cluster

The Helix Nebula: bigger in death than in life

Sprawling galaxy cluster found hiding in plain sight 

NASA study distinguishes most distant galaxy cluster

Uncovering the secret law of the evolution of galaxy clusters

Massive galaxy cluster verifies predictions of cosmological theory

The transformation of Spirals into SO galaxies in the cluster environment

How fast is star formation stopped in galaxy clusters in the early Universe?

Newly found galaxy cluster could become most massive structure in Universe

Clustering of photometric luminous galaxies: measurement & cosmological implications

Galaxy collisions & mergers:

Cosmic gravity dance   

When galaxies eat galaxies

A galactic crash Investigation

Betelgeuse braces for collision

Galaxy's snacking habits revealed

Cosmic collision in the Bullett group

The Universe is hotter than expected

The tell-tale signs of a galactic merger

Cosmic dance helps galaxies lose weight

The simultaneous merger of giant galaxies

Astronomers pin down galaxy collision rate

Why do some galactic unions lead to doom?

The awsome power of galaxy cluster mergers

Early galaxies grew massive through collisions

Best view yet of merging galaxies in distant past

The Spitzer Photo Atlas of galactic "train wrecks"

Hearts of galaxies close in for cosmic train wreck

These oddball galaxies are missing their dark matter

Monster galaxies gain weight by eating smaller neighbours

Galaxy mergers defy expectations to produce disk galaxies 

Galactic magnetic fields:

Giant magnetic fields in the universe

A 3D map of galactic magnetic fields

Scientists reveal cosmic roadmap to galactic magnetic field

Magnetic-field discovery gives clues to galaxy formation processes

IBEX research shows influence of galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our Solar System

Cosmic Web, filaments, voids & winds:

Herschel finds a hole in space

First cosmic web filaments detected 

The answers blowing in the intergalactic wind

A new cosmic tension: the Universe might be too thin

It's filamentary: how galaxies evolve in the cosmic web

Possible observational evidence for cosmic filament spin

First images of the 'cosmic web' reveal  hidden dwarf galaxies

First detection of stacked X-ray emissiom from cosmic web filaments

Hubble spots spiral bridge of young stars linking two ancient galaxies

Astronomers unveil a distant protogalaxy connected to the cosmic web

Planck discovers filament of hot gas connecting linking two galaxy clusters

Scientists find more evidence that galaxies are synced up in a 'cosmic web'

The MUSE extremely deep field: the cosmic web in emission at high redshift

There is growing evidence that the Universe is connected by giant structures

Mysterious coherence in several mega-parsec scales between galaxy rotation and neighbor motion