Star formation, types, dynamics, evolution, supernovae

Star formation:

The laws of star formation challenged

Astrochemical dating of stellar nursery

As clouds fall apart, a new star is born

All suns have twins when they are born?

Galactic 'rain' could be key to star formation

X-raying the beating heart of a newborn star

Herschel reveals the hidden side of star birth

Fiirst look at birth places of most current stars 

Tracing star formation rates in distant galaxies

Rapid formation of new stars in distant galaxies

Dark matter satellites trigger massive birth of stars

Turbulence may promote the birth of massive stars

ALMA catches stellar cocoon with curious chemistry 

Hubble's festive view of a grand star-forming region

Warm gas pours 'cold water' on galaxy's star-making

'Cosmic GDP' crashes 97% as star formation slumps

Our neighborhood cosmic bubble drives star formation

Herschel reveals how most stars formed in the Universe

Cosmic environments and their influence in star formation

Intense bursts of star formation drive fierce galactic winds

Astronomers get rare peek at early stage of star formation

Cosmic turbulences result in star and black hole formation

Observatory identifies impact of cosmic chaos on star birth

Close-up view of galaxies prompts re-think of star formation

Hubble survey unlocks clues to star birth in neighboring galaxy

Ten billion years ago, galaxies were already running out of gas

Astronomers witness the birth of a new star from stellar explosion

New theory points to 'zombie vortices' as key step in star formation

Researchers help to explain how stars are born, cosmic structures evolve

Starbirth surprisingly energetic: ALMA observations give new insights into protostars

First stars:

When the first stars blinked on

ANU astronomer discovers oldest star

First of missing primitive stars discovered

New study shows very first stars not monstrous

Large water reservoirs at the dawn of stellar birth

Searching the stars for clues to the Universe's origins

Stars formed only 250 million years after the Big Bang

A chemical signature of first generation very massive stars

Sharpest view ever of star formation in the distant Universe

Investigating the early universe through 'stellar archaeology'

And let there be light: looking for the first stars in the Universe

ALMA telescope unveils rapid formation of new stars in distant galaxies

Astronomers get sharpest view ever of star factories in distant Universe

Astronomers find best observational evidence of first-generation stars in the Universe

Newly discovered star offers opportunity to explore origins of first stars sprung to life in early Universe

Massive stars:

Massive star makes waves

Hunting high-mass stars with Herschel

Outbursts from a Milky Way hypergiant

Turbulent relationship amongst massive stars

ALMA disentangles complex birth of giant stars

Herschel probes the dusty history of a giant star

SMA unveils how small cosmic seeds grow into big stars

Students find foundations of galaxy's most massive stars

Massive star formation study: solving a 30-year-old puzzle

A chemical signature of first-generation very-massive stars

A starburst reveals the formation mechanism of massive stars

Close-Up movie shows hidden details in the birth of Super-Suns

Starless cloud cores reveal why some stars are bigger than others

The birth of massive stars is accompanied by strong luminosity bursts

Astronomers show how supergiant stars repeatedly cool and heat up again

Bright/cold stars & gas pools:

New candidate for coldest ‘star’

The brightest stars don't live alone

Cool star marked by long-lived storm

Shining a light on cool pools of gas in the galaxy

Astronomers explain why a star is so hot right now

Missing stars:

The riddle of the missing stars 

Why isn't the Universe as bright as it should be?

Cosmic forecast: dark clouds will give way to sunshine

The enigma of the missing stars in space may be solved

High-velocity stars: 

The fastest star ever observed

Nearest bright 'hypervelocity star' found

Surprising new class of 'hypervelocity stars'  discovered escaping the galaxy

Brown Dwarfs:

The  missing brown dwarfs

First weather map of brown dwarf

Are brown dwarfs failed stars or super-planets?

Smaller stars pack big X-ray punch for would-be planets

Dwarf star 200 light-years away contains life's building blocks

Red & White Darfs:

White dwarf lashes red dwarf with mystery ray

The surprising chemistry at the core of a white dwarf

Hubble sees massive comet pollute white dwarf atmosphere

Remarkable white dwarf star possibly coldest, dimmest ever detected

Dead planets around white dwarfs can 'broadcast' for up to a billion years 

Aging, dying and dead stars:

Pinpointing the ages of stars

Stars' spins reveal their ages

A new twist on stellar rotation

How to Learn a star's true age

Two dying stars reborn as one

New molecules around old stars

Under the bright lights of an aging sun

A new way to determine the age of stars?

How stellar death can lead to twin celestial jets

Ultra-hot gas around remnants of Sun-like stars

Lopsided star deaths spew matter into the universe

Hubble finds dead stars 'polluted' with planet debris

'Cry' of a shredded star heralds a new era for testing relativity

Scientists discover crucial event right before the death of a star

Sweeping X-ray imaging survey of dying stars is 'uncharted territory'

Exploding stars:

A blast from the past 

What happens when stars explode?

Dead stars can 're-ignite' and 'explode'

Astronomers find rare beast by new means

Origin of key cosmic explosions still a mystery

Astronomers find a new class of stellar explosion

Ghosts of ancient explosions live on in stars today

Halo of neutrinos alters physics of exploding stars

Hubble zooms in on schrapnel from an exploding star

Integral catches dead star exploding in a blaze of glory

Record-breaking stellar explosion helps understand far-off galaxy

Supercomputer time allocation to boost simulations of exploding stars


The new science of novae

A baffling, long-lived supernova

Honing in on supernovae origins

Supernovas help 'clean' galaxies

Lasers create table-top supernova

A supernova cocoon breakthrough

Forecasting a supernova explosion

Nearby supernova factory ramps up

Meet the workaholic star, Betelgeuse

Supernova cleans up its surroundings

Supernova ignition surprises scientists

Peering into the heart of a supernovae

Cosmic dust forms in supernovae blasts

Spectacular supernova's mysteries revealed

How to see a recently discovered supernova

Astronomers discover new kind of supernova

A massive stellar burst, before the supernova

A new way to peer inside supernova remnants

New 3D model could solve supernova mystery

Supernova reserve fuel tank clue to big parents

Mach 1000 shock wave lights supernova remnant

Predicting a supernova precursor (on SN2010mc)

Keck telescope images super-luminous supernova

Magnetorotational core-collapse supernovae in 3D 

Supernovae showered Earth with radioactive debris

Short, sharp shocks let slip the stories of supernovae

Evidence of nearby supernovae affecting life on Earth

Gravitational lens brings an ancient spernova into view

Astronomers see historical supernova from a new angle  

Stellar behemoth self-destructs in a Type II-B supernova 

Astronomers discover origin of thermonuclear supernova

Supernova explosion provides clues into expansion of cosmos

NASA's Swift narrows down origin of important supernova class

Astrophysicists catch two supernovae at the moment of explosion

Astronomers observe a supernova colliding with its companion star

Could a Milky Way supernova be visible from Earth in nexr 50 years?

Captured at last: the tiny stars that spark fierce supernovae explosions

New study sheds light on conditions that trigger supernovae explosions

Machine learning helps discover the most luminous supernovs in history

Important clue uncovered for the origins of a type of supernovae explosion

Massive computation for understanding core-collapse supernova explosions

The White Widow Model: a new scenario for the birth of Type 1a supernovae

Japan OISTER collaboration uncovers the origin of extraordinary supernovae

New findings on type 1A supernovae: non-standard birth for a standard candle

Scientists observe the explosion of a monster star requiring new supernova mechanism 

A large-scale dynamo and magnetoturbulence in rapidly rotating core-collapse supernovae

Record-shattering cosmic blast coud help crack the case of extreme supernova explosions

The delay of shock breakout due to circumstellar material evident in most type II supernovae

Rapidly rotating white dwarf stars can solve the missing companion problem for type 1A supernovae     

Neutron stars:

Neutron star jets shoots down theory

The mystery of neutron stars heats up

A hidden population of exotic neutron stars

Neutron star bites off more than it can chew

Mapping the exotic matter inside neutron stars

When a neutron star may not be a neutron star

In neutron stars, protons may do the heavy lifting

NASA's SWIFT reveals new phenomenon in a neutron star

Fledgling supernova remnant reveals neutron star's secrets

Afterglow sheds light on the nature, origin of neutron star collisions

Astronomers observe first-ever 'kilonova' - collision of two neutron stars

Discovery of 2 types of neutron stars points to 2 different classes of supernovae

Magnetic fields around stars: 

Magnetic hide and seek

Monitoring magnetospheres of massive stars

Magnetic waves create chaos in star-forming clouds

Astronomers peer inside stars, finding giant magnets

Astronomers measure largest-ever magnetic field around massive star

Magnetic fields play larger role in star formation than previously thought


What are megnetars?

Why magnetars shoulld freak you out

The most magnetic stars in the Universe 

Massive glitch moves magnetar modelling forward

Biggest explosions in the universe powered by strongest magnets

The most magnetic-objects in the Universe attract new controversy

Pulsating stars (Pulsars)

A new kind of pulsar

Hidden in plain sight 

The magnetic wake of pulsars

Brightest pulsar ever recorded

The mystery of part-time pulsars

How pulsars slow down with age

A pulsar with a tremendous hiccup

Astronomers find missing link pulsar 

Chameleon star baffles astronomers

New kind of variable star discovered

Pulsars: the Universe's gift to physics

Has the speediest pulsar been found?

Pulsar timing uncovers a massive neutron star

NuSTAR helps find universe's brightest pulsars

Scientists discover a new type of pulsating star 

Astronomers uncover a 'transformational' pulsar

Modeled plasma discharges produce pulsar emission

Why pulsars shine bright: a half-century-old mystery solved

Researchers question results obtained heretofore in the study of pulsating stars

Young stars:

Explosive growth of young star

JWST images the disk around a young star

Study shows how stars look young when they're not

Young sun's violent history solves meteorite mystery

Sweet building blocks of life found around young star 

Ultra-sharp image uncovers the shocking lives of young stars

Hubble movies provide unprecedented view of supersonic jets from young stars

Solitary & runaway stars:

Sizing up solitary stars

Runaway stars leave infrared waves in space

Oddball stars & cosmic objects:

Solar salad, anyone?

A Star with Spiral Arms

Hypergiant star Canis Majoris

Hubble solves mystery of monster star's dimming 

Newly discovered celestial object defies categories

Mystery object blotted out a giant star for 200 day

What is causing these massive, mysterious explosions in space?

Astronomers discover first Thorne-Zytkow object, a bizarre type of hybrid star

Bizarre object hotter than our Sun is orbiting a distant star at breakneck speed

Colliding stars:

Turbulent times: when stars approach

Evolved stars locked in fatalistic dance

Astronomers identify signature of Earth-eating stars

Astronomers discover merging star systems that might explode 

Binary stars:

The odd couple

Bright nearby double star is actually a triple

Red explosions reveal secret life of binary stars

Wide binary stars: long distance stellar relationships

New studies give boost to binary-star formation theory

Discovery of binary brown dwarf at 2 parsec from the Sun

Utilizing supercomputers to understand binary neutron star mergers

Did the ancient Egyptians record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol The Raging One?

Star clusters:

Birth of a star quartet

The dark side of star clusters

Lives and deaths of sibling stars

Unlocking the mysteries of 'little starlets' 

Entire star cluster thrown out of its galaxy 

Most stars are born in clusters, some leave 'home'

NASA delivers new insight into star cluster formation

Globular clusters could nurture interstellar civilizations

Star clusters discovery could upset the astronomical applecart

Dynamical age differences among coeval star clusters as revealed by blue stragglers

Hubble explores the formation and evolution of star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Evolution of stars:

Stellar evolution infographic

Shedding light on the growth of stars and black holes

Alternative stellar lifestyle: common, curious, solved at last

Super-dense star is first ever found suddenly slowing its spin

Witnessing turbulent motion in the atmosphere of a distant star

First movie of stellar-surface evolution beyond our Solar System

Stellar 'swarms' help astronomers understand the evolution of stars

Second-generation stars identified, giving clues about their predecessors

Revolutionary camera allows scientists to predict evolution of ancient stars

Astronomers find new way to measure the pull of gravity at the surface of distant stars

Weight & specific gravity of stars:

New way to weigh a star

How to weigh a star using a moon

A brighter method for measuring the surface gravity of distant stars

Planetary disks:

Sculpting solar systems

When is a star not a star?

Blurring the line between stars and planets

How to spin a disk around young protostars

Stars don't obliterate their planets (very often)

Gluttonous star may hold clues to planet formation

Sharpest view ever of dusty disc around aging star

Dramatic new evidence about star, planet formation

ALMA's most detailed image of a protoplanetary disc

ALMA shows how young star and planets grow simultaneously

Astronomers peer into the 'amniotic sac' of a planet-hosting star

Spirals in dust around young stars may betray presence of massive planets

Understanding the turbulence of gases in planet-forming protoplanetary disk

Cosmic origin of the elements:

NASA: On the origin of lthium

Cosmic origin of the elements

Heavy metal in the early cosmos

Supernova iron found on the moon

The Universe has a lthium problem

Lithium-beryllium-boron: origin and evolution 

Lithium created in exploding stars, not Big Bang

Piercing the mystery of the cosmic origins of gold

Earth's heavy metals result of supernova explosion

Ocean floor dust gives new insight into supernovae

Heavy-metal mysteries in the midst of exploding star

Astronomers finally find the cosmic source of gold & silver

Possible new type of supernovae puts calcium in your bones

Galactic 'gold mine' explains the origins of Nature's heaviest elements

Elements of surprise: neutron stars contribute little, butsomething's making gold, research finds

Suzaku  reveals average chemical composition of Universe on largest scales the same as that of our Sun

Simulation of stars, supernovae and other cosmic objects:

Machines teach astronomers about stars

The first stars, as seen by supercomputers

Secret ingredient found to power supernovas