Negative Emissions

Direct-from-air CO2 Capture, Negative Carbon Emissions:

Negative carbon not on

Negative CO2 emissions

Enabling direct carbon capture

Harvesting electricity from CO2

The role of direct air capture (DAC)

Direct air capture of CO2 with chemicals

'Solar Sponge' soaks up CO2 emissions

Research priorities for negative emissions

The Mechanical Tree' is a 2019 top technology

New method developed to remove CO2 from air

Pulling CO2 from air vital to curb global warming

Converting CO2 into methane or ethane selectively

This machine just started sucking CO2 out of the air

New biochar model scrubs CO2 from the atmosphere

Going negative: removal of CO2 from the atmosphere

Nano-spike catalysts convert CO2 directly into ethanol 

Engineering a more efficient system for harnessing CO2

Spreading rock dust on farms - an idea how to lock up CO2

Negative emissions - Part 1: research landscape and synthesis

The urgency of the development of CO2 capture from ambient air

Chemists demonstrate sustainable approach to CO2 capture from air    

A case for separate targets for emissions reduction and negative emissions

Crystalization method offers new option for carbon capture from ambient air

The role of negative emission technologies in addressingg our climate goals

The world's first 'negative emissions' plant has begun operation - turning CO2 into stone

Research team discover a way to make mineral which can remove CO2 from atmosphere      

Assessment report from the GCEP Workshop on energy supply with negative carbon emissions

Ocean-based CCS:

'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification

3500 years of ocean alkalinization with an annually constant dissolution of 5 Pg of olivine

The potential for Ocean-based climate action: negative missions technologies and beyond

Regional Programs:

Capture alone isn't sufficient to bottle up CO2