ICES Biennial Workshop IV, 5th December 2017

Modelling the whole Earth System, a challenge whose time has come
(and its relevance to the UN SDGs) 

08:30-09:00 Introduction to the ICES Foundation
Bob Bishop – President & Founder, ICES Foundation

09:00-09:45 Panel session 1: 
Open Data – portals, sources, quality control, formats – official vs. crowd-sourcing?
Panelists: Dr. Barbara Ryan, Secretariat Director, Intergovt. Group Earth Obs.(GEO) 
Dr. Massimo Craglia, Senior Scientist, EC-JRC, Digital Earth Reference Data
Moderator: Bob Bishop 

09:45-10:30 Panel session 2: 
UN goals – SDGs, NDCs, Habitat III, Sendai – cohesion, impact and public support?
Panelists: Prof. Peter Head, Chief Executive, The Ecological Sequestration Trust(UK)
Dr. Ghassem Asrar, Director, Joint Global Change Research Institute (USA)
Moderator: Prof. Jean-Claude Badoux, ICES Ambassador-at-Large, FormerPresEPFL 

11:00-11:45 Panel session 3:
Extreme events - hurricane/typhoons and floods – SE Asia, China, Africa, Americas 
– what is attributable to global warming?
Panelists: Distinguished Prof. Jagadish Shukla, George Mason University (USA)
Life Tenured Prof. Guoxiong Wu, Chinese Academy of Science
Moderator: Hans Derksen, ICES Advisor for Industries

11:45-12:30 Panel session 4:
Recent earthquake events – Himalayas, China, Greece, Mexico – how to prepare?
Panelists: Dr. Philippe Rosset, Director, Earth-in-Motion (France)
Dr. Stavros Tolis, Geo-technical Earthquake Engineer (Greece)
Moderator: Prof. Emeritus Max Wyss, Univ. of Alaska; ICES Expert for Seismology

12:30-13:30 Panel session 5:
G4: Greater Geneva for Global Goals – a local plan to kick-start a global movement
Panelists: Raymond Morel, Philip Koenig. Moderator: Bob Bishop

14:00-14:45 Special presentation:
Modelling and Simulating Sustainable Development
Dr. Eric Gerelle, Director IBEX Project Services
Mike Horner, ICES Advisor for Integrated Modelling

14:45-15:30 Panel session 6:
The new space business – space agencies and entrepreneurs – rules of the game? 
Panelists: Prof. Scott Hubbard, Dept Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford Univ.
Prof. Michael Rast, Head, Science Strategy, Coordination & Planning Office, ESA
Moderator: Ghassem Asrar, Director, Joint Global Change Research Institute USA 

16:00-16:45 Panel session 7
The new fusion: AI & Machine Learning with Modelling, Simulation & Visualisation
Panelists: Dr. Marie-C Sawley, Director, Exascale Laboratory, Paris, Intel Corporation
Dr. Thomas Ludwig, Director, German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ)
Moderator: Dr. Michel Speiser, ICES Chief Data Scientist 

16:45-17:30 Panel session 8:
Is AI a threat to society or will Intelligence Augmentation (IA) be our saviour?
Panelists: Prof. Henry Markram, Founder & Director of EPFL Blue Brain Project, &
Founder of the EC Human Brain Project.
Bob Bishop, President & Founder of the ICES Foundation
Moderator: Michael McKay, Principal, McKay’s Communications and Public Affairs