Weather Forecasting


Send in the Weathermen    The dueling weathermen of the 1800s    The Science of Weather (RMS)

Carl-Gustaf Rossby: theorist, institution  builder, bon vivant    Inventing atmospheric science

Ten-years of weather history in 3 minutes    How weather affects marketing

Inside the weather wars that may threaten the daily forecast you depend on

How atmospheric sounding transformed weather prediction


Old weather 'time machine' opens a treasure trove for researchers

Weather time machine

Icebound: the climate-change secrets of 19th century ship's logs

Extreme weather attribution:

Mapped: how climate change affects extreme weather around the world


A year along the geostationary orbit of Himawari-8

Deep Learning at 15 Pflops enables training for extreme weather identification at scale

Extreme weather: a large scale climate dataset for semi-supervised detection, localization & understanding 

A novel probabilistic forecast system predicting anomalously warm 2018-2022

Decomposition of a new proper score for verification of ensemble forecasts

Weather visualization is powered by big data    GPS  improves weather forecasting

Focusing computational power for more accurate, efficient weather forecasts

How modeling weather forecasts improves business decisions

Supercomputer and space-based laser to help predict extreme weather events

Japan breakthrough could improve weather forecasts and save lives

Great American Eclipse data may fine-tune weather forecasts

HPC, weather prediction, and how you know it's going to rain

Forecasting the weather with big data and the fourth dimension

Study highlights ways to boost weather and climate predictions 

Radar better than weather-balloon for measuring boundary layer 

For weather forecasting, precise observations matter more than butterflies

Could your next phone call wreck our weather forecasts?

Transforming satellite data into weather forecasts

The data science behind weather prediction

How AI can help handle sever weather

Predicting storms:

Seeking greater accuracy in predicting storm intensity

Collaboration uses machine learning to predict storm damage

The storm that never was: why the weatherman is often wrong

Bad weather warnings most effective if probability included, new research suggests

The Cry Wolf effect and weather-related decision making   

Hurricane coming? You'd bettter believe it this time

Predicting severe hailstorms

Climate change intensifying African weather systems   

Long-range forecasting:

Want weather forecasts more than 15 days away? Not possible, say researchers

Weather and chaos: the work of Edward N. Lorenz

Predicting Seasonal Weather    Ocean temps predict US heat waves 50 days out

Enhanced long-range forecast skill in boreal winter following stratospheric strong vortex conditions

Longer-term weather and environmental forecasts will provide enormous benefit - need more research

Bridging the weather-to-climate prediction gap

Decadal prediction skill in a  multi-model ensemble

Weather forecasting and climate change:

Local weather forecasyers have become the unsung heroes of the climate crisis 

Forecasting rainfall:

NASA study projects warming-driven changes in global rainfall

Rising temperature differences between hemispheres could dramatically shift rainfall patterns in tropics

Scientiists explore roots of future tropical rainfall    Predicting severe hail storms

K computer and high-tech radar come together to prerdict sudden torrential rains

Atmospheric rivers caused the UK's worst floods   Atmospheric river may submerge much of California

Toward an object-based assessment of high-resolution forecasts of long-lived convective precipitation in central US

Forecasting weather to fight fires:

How forecasring models are changing the way we fight fires

Forecasting weather for aviation:

How 'subtle changes' to flight paths will save Qantas millions a year

Forecasting weather for sailors:

Weather routing software for sailors

Forecasting hail:

Fine-tuning severe hail forecasting with machine learning


Introduction to Tropical Meteorology

NOAA upgrades the US global weather forecast model    FV3: Finite Volume Cubed-Sphere dynamical core

The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here 

US weather alert systems must modernize, say new reports

Latest US weather satellite highlights forecasting challenges

Global warming and extreme cold: how one leads to the other

Researchers find pathway to give advanced notice for hailstorms

New supercomputer to extend NOAA's weather predictions by six days

Optimized Arctic observations for improving weather forecast in the Northern Sea Route (NSR)

SMOS joins forces with top weather forecasting system

Weather anomalies accelerate the melting of sea ice

UK regionsl weather forecasts could be improved using jet stream data

Rare weather phenomenon amassing in Southern Hemisphere - souther stratospheric warming (SSW)

SpaceX rocket to carry satellites that will improve Australia's weather forecasting

Australian BOMer retires after 49 'magnificent' years

Building a value proposition for climate and weather services in Africa

Leading forecast systems:

IBM's new global weather forecasting system GRAF runs on GPUs

From insurers to traders to retailers, more industries depend on weathertracking

Panasonic Global 4D Weather: the world's most advanced global weather forecasting platform

GPUs. Power9, figure prominently in IBM's bet on weather forecasting

US cloud-based weather network launched

US scientists improve quality of global weather satellite data

The Weather Company absorbs Deep Thunder to bolster modeling

Accuweather's compute strategy takes forecasting to the cloud at scale

NOAA's premier forecast model goes 4D

Europeans shine in weather forecasting    The history and commentary on the UK Met 

UK Met Office research increases skill in predicting winter outlook

COSMO: GPU-accelerated weather forecasting  

Australia: trends in the skill of weather prediction at lead times of 1 to 14 days