Rock and Soil Science

Soil is the bridge between geology and biology

The value of land

Hello people, goodbye soil

International Year of Soils 2015

Writing an equation for soil success

Taking the pulse of the Earth's surface systems

Human pressure on land is increasing shows world map

World's soil resources: human pressure reaching critical limits     

Soil minerology:

Soil & soil dynamics

Global lithography map

In a grain, a glimpse of the Cosmos

Earth's minerology is unique to the cosmos

Study tracks 'memory' of soil moisture    Smog-forming soils

New mineral classification system captures Earth's complex past

Research links soil mineral surfaces to key atmospheric processes

How much soil goes down the drain - new data on soil lost due to wate

Soil production breaks geologic speed record    Remote sensing of soils

Fingerprints of Earth's original building blocks discovered in diamond-bearing rocks

Links between physical and chemical and weathering inferred from a borehole through the CZ         

We've created 208 new minerals: time for a new, human-influenced Anthropocene epoch?

Numerical analysis of the failure process of soil-rock mixtures through CT and PFC3D models

Teaching sedimentary geology    An online guide to sequence stratigraphy

Shedding a light on soil contaminants

Soil bacteria:

Bacteria under your feet

Soil bugs fight to survive climate change

Risks for biogeochemical cycles in the soil

Compost key to sequestering carbon in the soil

What a CERN for agricultural science could look like

The unbelievable underworld and its impact on all of us

What makes soil, soil? Researchers find hidden clues in DNA

Molecular microbiology methods for environmental diagnosis

Transparency and reproducibility in soil and ecosystem science

Soil bacteria networks are less stable under drought than fungal networks 

Immense species richness of bacterial-eating microorganisms discovered in soil

Paradigm shifts in soil organic matter research affect interpretations of aquatic carbon cycling

Temperature and soil organic matter decomposition rates    

As temperatures rise, soil will relinquish less carbon to the atmosphere than currently predicted    

Work on barren soils bears fruit   Will grassland soil weather a change    A tale of two (soil) cities

Soil and climate:

Soil biodiversity crucial to land management and response to climate change

Climate change and land degradation    Soils could aid climate change fight 

Soil science, regeneration and its impact on local climate - John D. Liu

Biologist, soil scientists collaborate to refine climate change modeling tools

Soil biogenic volatile organic compound flux in a mixed hardwood forest

Soils could release much more carbon than expected as climate warms

Soil structure is an important omission in Earth System Models

Growth rings on rocks give up North American climate secrets

Hardwood forest floors are sinks for plant-produced volatiles

Loss of soil carbon due to climate change will be 'huge'

'Climate-smart' soils may help balance carbon budget 

Newly discovered microbe is key in climate change

How soil feedbacks could affect climate change

The global land rush and climate change


Weathering of rocks by mosses may explain climate effects during the Late Ordovician

Meteorite bombardment likely to have created the Earth's oldest rocks

Ancient rocks record first evidence for photosynthesis that made oxygen

New technique tracks rock deformation at a micrometric scale

Found: ancient, primitive mantle from deep Earth

Feeling the force between sand grains

Sculpting of rocks by reactive fluids

Pressure alters rock magnetization    


Earth recycles ocean floor into diamonds

An inside look at carbon in Earth's interior

Scientists reveal origin of Earth's oldest crystals

4-billion-year-old crystals offer clues to the origins of life

Imperfect diamonds paved way to historic new deep Earth discoveries


Yosemite granite 'tells a different story' about geologic history

Continental-scale assessment of provisioning soil functions in Europe

Preserving Swiss soil quality in the long term