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Wind analysis links West Antarctic ice loss to humans

Antarctic ice shelf 'sings' as winds whip across its surface

Hidden beneath a half-mle ofice, Antarctic lake tems with life

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How do the deep waters of the Antarctic form?

Antarctic sea ice - a polar opposite?    Wind-blown Antarctic sea ice helps drive ocean circuation

Researchers map oceanic troughs below ice sheets in West Antarctica    Cryosat reveals Antarctica in 3D

Melt rate of West Antarctic Ice Sheet highly sensitive to changes in ocean temperatures

Slowdown in Antarctic mas loss from solid Earth and sea-level feedbacks

Antarctic images reveal decades of ice loss    Antarctic ice cap melting faster and faster           

Earliest maps of Antarctic and Arctic sea-ice    Study helps explain sea ice differences at Earth's poles

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New mission boosts understanding of how ocean melts Antarctic ice sheet   

Ice sheets in Antartica    Ice shelves in Antarctica    Ice streams in Antarctica

West Antarctica ice shelf breaking up from the inside out    Ice apocalypse

Wind analysis links West Antarctic ice loss to humans

Accelerated glacier melting in West Antacrtica

International Antartica glacier study to focus on sea level changes

The Warming of Antarctica: A Citadel of Ice Begins to Melt    Warming ocean thawing Antarctica glacier

The current enviironmental situation and proposals for the management of the Fildes Peninsula Region

Widespread riifting and retreat of ice-shelf margins in the eastern Amudsen Embayment between 1972 and 2011    

Summer melt season is getting longer on the Antarctic Peninsula, new data show

Stunning time-lapse brings Antartica ice breaking adventure to life

Scientists cast doubt on what triggered Antarctica glaciation    Development and dynamics of ice sheets

Strong sensitivity of Pine Island ice-shelf melting to climatic variability

Giant Antarctica glacier beyond point of no return    'Tiger stripes' underneath Antarctica glaciers slow the flow

International Antarctic glacier study to focus on sea level changes 

West Antarctica ice-sheet existed 20 million years earlier than previously thought

East Antarctic ice sheet has stayed frozen for 14 million years    Geophysics could slow Antarctic ice retreat

33.6 million years ago Earth got the Antarctic Polar Icecap - and a plankton food web

Researchers decipher climate paradox from the Miocene: growth of Antarctic ice sheet triggered warming in the Southern Ocean   

Local destabilization can cause complete loss of West Antarctica ice    Antarctic ice safety bands at risk

Stidy finds surprisingly high geothermal heating beneath West Antarctic ice sheet    Heat comes from the deep

Ice-loss moves the Earth 250 miles beneath our feet    Antartica's ice losses on the rise

Researchers find major West Antarctic glacier melting from gethermal sources

Spring-summer albedo variations of Antarctic sea ice from 1982 to 2009

Gravity data show that Antarctica ice sheet is melting increasingly faster

NASA study: mass gains of Antacrtic Ice Sheet greater than losses

Giant trench under Antarctica ice deeper than Grand Canyon

Cryosat finds sharp increase in Antarctica's ice losses

Current ice melt rate in Pine Island Glacier may go for decades

El Nino tied to melting of Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier

Antarctica's ice loss on the rise   Coastal Antarctica permafrost melting faster than we expected

Cryosat detects sudden ice loss in Southern Antarctic Peninsula    West Antarctic melt rate has tripled

More ice loss through snowfall on Antarctica   Is Antarctica Melting?    Flow of Ice across Antarctica

Seismic waves will measure the effects of ocean waves on Antarctic ice shelves

Researchers find Antarctic ice-sheet less stable than previously assumed

Antarctic ices sheet is result of CO2 decrease, not continental breakup

Giant atmospheric rivers add mass to Antarctica's ice sheet    Powerful winds carving away Antarctic snow

NASA-USGS Landsat 8 satellite pinpoints coldest spots on Earth    East Antarctica is sliding sideways

The geography of Antarctica's underside    Cryosat maps largest-ever flood beneath Antartica

Bedmap2 gives scientists a more detailed view of Antarctics's landmass

Bedmap2: NASA's Icebridge mission contributes to new map of Antarctica

Drilling team reaches convergence of ice sheet, ocean and land in Antarctic

Scientists just drilled through thousands of feet of ice into a 'lost' Antarctic lake

First estuary found under Antarctica ice -- the prospects are fascinating

Study suggests large methane reservoirs beneath Antarctic ice sheet

Scientists find Grand Canyon-sized rift under Antarctic ice    

Giant channels discovered beneath Antarctica ice shelf    Ice sheet retreat controlled by the landscape

Massive crevasses and bendable ice affect stability of Antarctic ice shelf    

Antarctic aquifers may support microbial life    The fate of bioavailable iron in Antarctic coastal seas

Glass sponges take advantage of retreating Antarctic ice shelves

Shimmering water reveals cold volcanic vent in Antarctic waters

Volcano discovery hints at fire below ice in Antarctica    What lies beneath West Antarctica?

Antartica ice sheet preserves invisible mountain range    

Antarctica's supersized icebergs shut down currents

Academics track Manhattan-sized iceberg to prevent maritime hazard    

A 308 year record of climate variablility in West Antartica  

Coastal Antarctic permafrost melting faster than expected  

Ocean circulation in the coastal waters around Antarctica

Warming ocean could start big shift of Antarctic ice    Warm ocean drives most Antarctic ice shelf loss

Antarctic seawater temperatures rising    East Antarctica mellting could be explained by oceanic gateways  

Geoscientist studies Antarctic ice shelf ocean-interaction     Cracking the ice code

Warm ocean currents cause majority of ice loss from Antarctica

The International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean   The making of Antarctica's hidden fjords

Scientists image vast subglacial water system underpinning West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

Evidence for a water system transition beneath Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica

New Antarctica geological timeline aids future sea-level predictions

Antarctic Ice core contains unrivaled detail of past climate

Ancient ice melt unearthed in Antarctica mud    Clues to climate cycles dug from South Pole snow pit

Tiny fosslis hold answers to big questions on climate change 

Coldest, deepest ocean water mysteriously disappears

Tropical sea temperatures influence melting in Antarctica

Tropical air circulation drives fall warming on Antarctic Peninsula 

Antarctic expedition checks CryoSat down-under   Poles apart: a record breaking summer and winter

Simultaneous ice melt in Antarctic and Arctic  Opposite behavior: Arctic sea ice shrinks, Antarctica grows!           

NASA Airborne Mission Maps Remote, Deteriorating Glaciers   Watching the Birth of an Iceberg

Researchers refine assessment of tipping elements of the climate system

Antarctic's hidden world revealed   New Map Reveals Giant Fjords Beneath East Antarctic Ice Sheet

Gamburtsev Mountains enigma unraveled in interior East Antarctica

Breaking through the ice at Lake Vostok   Russian drilling at South Pole opens new doors

Anatomy of a meltwater drainage system beneath the ancestral East Antarctica ice sheet

Subglacial Lake Vostok accretion ice contains a diverse set of sequences from aquatic, marine and sediment-inhabiting bacteria and eukarya 

International Team to Drill Beneath Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf    Australian Antarctic Division    

The US South Pole Station    At South Pole, World's Most Extreme Scientific Construction Project

Researchers find evidence of fire in Antarctic ice    Plunge in CO2 put the freeze on Antarctica

The dominant role of extreme precipitation events in Antarctic snowfall variability