The Arctic Region

Definition of Actic Circle    Definition of Arctic Region

Map provides high-res look at nearly entire Arctic Region

Scientists harness indigenous knowledge to combat Arctic disasters    

The Arctic Environment - European perspectives on a changing Arctic

Arctic report card emphasizes continued dramatic change to the region 

The State of Polar Research IPY 2007-2008    NOAA's Arctic report card 2013

Low Temperatures Enhance Ozone Degradation above the Arctic

Drying Arctic soils could accelerate greenhouse gas emissions    

2016 Arctic report card highlights dramatic changes in region  

The Arctic Report Card 2017    The Arctic Report Card 2018    

'Archived' heat has reached deep into the Arctic interior

More ships and more clouds mean cooling in the Arctic

Satellite data reveal rapid darkening of the Arctic

What satellites show about Arctic climate change

Is a sleeping climate giant stirring in the Arctic?

New driver identified behind Arctic warming

The Arctic heads for 'unchartered territory'

Unpresedented wildfires in the Arctic

The Arctic shifts to a new normal

Storing carbon in the Arctic

Warm climate - cold Arctic

Vast cost of Arctic change

Who owns the North Pole? 

Arctic Colors project 

Into the Arctic 

A chilling read

Arctic Sea-ice:

Ice in motion

The ice is melting

The Melting Arctic

Variability of Arctic Sea Ice

Measuring sea ice thickness

Older Arctic sea ice disappearing

The cloudy future of Arctic sea ice

Ice-free Arctic may be in our future

Snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice

Polar politics and the melting Arctic

How Arctic cyclones change the sea-ice

Development and dynamic of ice sheets

Tracking the breakup of Arctic summer ice

Warm rivers play role in Arctic sea ice melt

NASA monitors the 'new normal' of sea ice

Arctic sea ice reaches 2015 minimum extent

Predicting sea-ice changes years in advance

Cracked sea ice stirs up Arctic mercury concern

Effects of Arctic sea ice decline on weather & climate

NASA begins new season of Arctic ice science flights

Arctic sea ice helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Arctic sea-ice volume showed strong recovery in 2013

ESA's Cryosat sees Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back

2013 wintertime Arctic sea ice maximum fifth lowest on record

ESA's Cryosat mission observes continuing Arctic winter ice decline

Scientists have never observed so little ice in the Bering Strait in spring

Recent changes of Arctic multiyear sea-ice coverage and the likely causes

Melting sea ice increases Arctic precipitation, compllicates climate predictions

Models show natural swings in the Earth's climate contribute to Arctic sea ice loss

Arctic sea ice update: unlikely to break new records, but continuiing downward trend

Researchers predict summer Arctic ice might disappear by 2016, 84 years ahead of schedule

Long-term interactions between ice sheets and climate under anthropogenic greenhouse forcing

The Arctic Ocean, Seas and Freshwater systems:

Definition of Arctic Ocean

The Arctic freshwater synthesis

Why are Arctic rivers rising in winter?

Arctic Ocean freshwater bulge detected

Climate change is intensifying Arctic Ocean currents

Satellites accurately capture ocean salinity in the Arctic

Climate-cooling Arctic lakes soak up greenhouse gases

State of the Arctic Coast 2010: Scientific Review and Outlook

Certain Arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release

Arctic Ocean freshwater will cause 'unpredictable changes on climate

Evidence suggests potential transformation of the Pacific Arctic ecosystem is underway

New actors in the Arctic ecosystem: Atlantic amphipods are now reproducing in Arctic waters

Super salty lakes discovered in Canadian Arctic could provide a window into life beyond Earth    

Changes in Arctic environment & biosystems:

Record-low primary productivity and high plant damage in the Nordic Arctic Region in 2012

Greening of the land surface in the world's cold regions consistent with recent warming

Preparing for a thaw: how Arctic microbes respond to a warming world

New study links dust to increased glacier melting, ocean productivity

Climate change is reducing Arctic ocean biodiversity: $40M study

Exploratory hydrocarbon drilling impacts to Arctic lake ecosystems

Global warming alters Arctic food chain, with unforseeable results

New models predict drastically greener Arctic in coming decades

Environmental changes in the Arctic: an Italian perspective

Pioneering study calculates Arctic Ocean nutrient budget    

Arctic sea-ice loss has widespread effects on wildlife    

A new way to study the changing Arctic ecosystem

Sea ice decline spurs the greening of the Arctic

Declining sea ice strands baby harp seals

Warm water is mixing up life in the Arctic

Arctic Getting Greener

Greening of the Arctic   

Monitoring, measuring & modelling Artic Region:

2020 Arctic summer seasonal  climate outlook along with a summary of 2020 Arctic winter season 

The integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System (iAOOS): an AOSB-CliC Observing Plan for the IPY

Influence of projected Arctic sea ice loss on polar stratospheric ozone and circulation in spring

Strategic Environmental Assessment and monitoring: Arctic key gaps and bridging pathways

Norwegian-Chinese cooperation yields more reliiable thermal readings of Arctic sea ice

Modeling the influence of snow cover on low Arctic net ecosystem exchange

New study provides baseline measurements of carbon in Arctic Ocean

Satellites measure increase of Sun's energy absorbed in the Arctic

High levels of molecular chlorine found in Arctic atmosphere

Map reveals hot spots for Arctic greenhouse gas emissions

Sources of multi-decadal variability in Arctic sea ice extent

NASA finds thickest parts of Arctic icecap melting faster

An Arctic ice cap's shockingly rapid slide into the sea

Huge waves measured for first time in Arctic Ocean

An Arctic mercury meltdown

Top officials meet at ONR as Arctic changes quicken

    Predictions are in for Arctic sea ice low point

Predicting sea ice - ensemble skill of the Search Sea Ice Outlook 2008-2013

Ocean currents play a role in predicting extent of Arctic sea ice    The Predictability of Arctic Sea-Ice

SMOS verstility offers sea ice mapping   Projected regime shift in Arctic cloud and water vapor feedbacks

CU-Boulder study shows global glaciers, ice caps, shedding billions of tons of mass annually

Improvement in simulation of Eurasian winter climate variability with a realiistic Arctic sea ice condition in an atmospheric GCM

Shifts in Arctic phenology in response to climate and anthropogenic factors as detected from multiple satellite time series

Arctic Dynamics


The great challenges in Arctic Ocean paleoceanography    Reconstructing past sea ice

Reconstructing 150 million years of Arctic Ocean climate

The late Mesozoic-Cenozoic Artic Ocean climate and sea-ice history

Application of Visible/near Infrared derivative spectroscopy to Arctic paleoceanography

Traces of immense prehistoric ice sheets: the climate history of the Arctic Ocean needs to be rewritten

Megascale icebergs run aground: finding the deepest iceberg scours provides new insights to Arctic's past

The Arctic: interglacial period with a break    Sea ice strongly linked to climate chnage in past 90,000 years

Sea ice and millenial-scale climate variability in the Nordic seas 90,000 years ago until present 

Past periodic warmth in Arctic may be related to melting Antarctic ice sheets

Six to ten million years ago: ice-free summers at the North Pole

The emergence of modern sea-ice in the Arctic Ocean, 2.6 million years ago

Ancient forest emerges mummified from the Arctic   Underwater 'tree rings;' show 650 years of sea ice change

Methane seeps:

Pan-Arctic land-atmospheric fluxes of methane and CO2 in response to climate change over the 21C

Cost of Arctic methane release     Don't panic: Arctic methane emissions have been going on for ages

Surface water inundation in the boreal-Arctic: potential impacts on regional methane emissions

Arctic Methane Emergency Group    Fireballs in the Arctic as methane seeps uncovered

Scientists discover an entirely new reason for methane venting from the Arctic Shelf

Small thaw ponds: an unaccounted source of methane in the Canadian High-Arctic

Spreading atmospheric Arctic methane heat wave and surface firestorm

Geologists identifies new source of methane for gas hydrates in Arctic

Large and increasing methane emissions from northern lakes

Sea ice plays a pivotal role in the Arctic methane cycle

Exceptional view of deep Arctic Ocean methane seeps

Methane not escaping into the atmosphere from Arctic Ocean


Widespread release of old carbon across the Siberian Arctic echoed by its large rivers

Russian Arctic Resources    East Siberian Sea, an Arctic region of very high biogeochemical activity

Recent ice cap snowmelt in Russian High Arctic and anti-correlation with late summer sea ice extent


At this Arctic science base, life is anything but lonely


US isues ambitious Artic research plan

US releases first military strategy for the Arctic

Cloud-free photo of Alaska    New digital maps depict Alaska in unprecedented detail

The first decade of the new century: a cooling trend for most of Alaska

Remote sensing study quantifies permafrost degradation in Arctic Alaskan wetlands 

Northwest & Northeast Passages:

Expansion of World-Wide Navigational Warning System into Arctic waters marked by IMO, WMO and IHO chiefs

As Canada takes Arctic Council helm, experts stress north's vulnerability to spills, emergencies

Global warming will open unexpected new shipping routes in the Artic

The coming Arctic boom    North-East Passage soon free from ice again?

Meet the world's first ice-busting Arctic yachts


Retreating sea ice linked to ocean circulation, European climate change

Why build-up of fresh water in Arctic could spell trouble for Britain

Arctic sea-ice loss linked to colder, drier UK winters

Netherlands: Arctic energy rules needed